Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i wish~


i wish i have a pet dragon named toothless~

i wish i can ride dragon~

i wish i can get 4 flat this sem~

i wish i can work as an engineer by tomorrow~

i wish to wish for 3 wishes that the 3rd wish will be wished on another 3 wishes..hehe~

ok..end of the impossible~

here the reality~

i wish i had more time to study power sys..huhu..paper just now was disappointing!! huhuhuhu~
i wish i can be loved~
i wish i can get 3.5 again..huhu~
i wish i can sleep now..yes i am going to sleep rite after this~ ^_^

ok2..done with wishes..haha~

i went to alamanda with ita for some brain wash out..haha..formatting my brain..clear things..yey! now its cleaned..but still have paper on friday~

mara is late.. AGAIN! but thanks my dearest ita n eda for being there..hehehe..u know what i mean~

somebody told me i look decent..sopan santun..hmm..thats not the first time..but actually i hate being one..because to me..those just make me look helpless..and i hate that..i hate girls that depend on guys..we girls have our own strength to be it if i wasnt fated to have a husband..i will later in heaven maybe..insyaallah~ i being emotional? haha..a bit maybe..why? because i keep on seeing people like him..and i hate that..i want to move on..i need to move my dearest friends keep on reminding me..i deserve someone better..he is believed to have few weaknesses that i shouldnt tolerate..but my heart keep on saying..maybe i can change that..but but but..haish..azy..MOVE ON! ok..huhu~

what i know now..i cant wait for my internship to begin..and with pesanan n tips from k azua..i will try my best..hehe..yosh!! oh..speaking bout that..i have another blog for my it is a requirement to be graded..luckily i have no problem do visit this too~ ^_^

i watched this movie..and it was superb!

omg! i am so in love with toothless!!! ^_^

ok2..enough for now..eyes are screaming for bantal~

does this heart ready for another try?

peace n out ^_^

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