Thursday, July 30, 2009

lagu lagu lagi..tagged by cik diza ^_^

tagged by cik diza..machih ye ^_^

Letak favourite lagu anda currently dan sila bagitahu kenapa anda suka.

1.dan sebenarnya by yuna
~ idup indie!!

2.sempurna by andra n the backbone
~ sempurna bangat~

3.i did it my way by pcik sinatra
~ love doing things my way ^_^

4.bidadari by preetyugly
~ sbb sy suke neves!!! song eva!!

5.more than words
~sbb ramai sgt yg nyanyi..cenderung tuk compare justeru terhafal..hehe~

6.u r not alone by MJ
~ touching2 sobs2..rse nk nagis ble dgr lagu ni..

7.good girl gone bad by rihanna
~lagu yg dilayan ble trasa nk jd jahat bcos of sumone..dont be the reason

8.cry by rihanna
~best layan ble kesadisan melanda..sobs2~ u till the end by the pougues
~ love this song ever since i heard on ps i luv in luv~

10.way back into love by hugh grant n sp tah
~so in luv..jiwang2..ble la org nk tuju lagu begini kt aku..haish..berangan la~

well think i was way behind when coming to songs..cos i hardly listen to radio now..only when i'm in the car..then plus the fact that i'm so kampong and things grabbed are hard to be me ;p

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to be or not to be~


yey!! finally i can update my blog again...not because uniten internet was no no..just the fact that i kidnap abah's broadband..haha..yes2..but just for this 2 days..huhu..i really dont get it why does uniten block blogspot..haish..jeles la my next entry few months from now..huhu..

ok..back to the monthly report(huhu..supposed to be daily isnt it?) still having grudge with uniten for stopping us..well..stopping me from updating my blog..this is kinda like my only channel to put my memories that i think not supposed to be told because its not very much informative..just my boring words and sigh..hahaha..crazy..

since i am back in uniten..its all about class..class class class..not much..but the input is getting heavier..haish...the work load is increasing..yet..i'm spending most of my time reading manga on now i'm trying to finish death note before this weekend...i watched the movie...but the 2nd one was 'cetak rompak' so i was abit after afiza told me bout the site..i started to become not having life...since that particular one dissappear last weekend felt so empty and my housmates went i end up fiiling my 2 days weekend reading those...i know i need to start study since test are coming in 2 weeks week b4 the test i'm going for a holiday in bali! yey!! haha..ep2..test2...ok..thats pretty much all happened and going to happen this month..oh..and abah's last day working was yesterday...and today..he and mama are here in kl..spending their retired first mission: who know...just pray they wont leave me behind...hehe...

this week...i felt so hard in the heart..was so strict...with others not me..maybe those things inside make me like this..ignoring things is hard..but i just need to do that for my own said something about offspring..hope that didnt run in my no never..none of others have..just its 99% avoidable..insyaallah...

well...kursus kahwin this weekend might be postpone...sad..haha..well..but what shock me..the fact that he can't even say that word kinda dissappoint me..not that i wanted to get married this soon...but just need to know..there's hope toward it..will be sufficient enough for me..i'm kinda girl whose not hard to please..words of comfort even lies is fine by long as the lie didnt kantoi right away..haha..

ok..thats all for now..thought i would write longer..weird..haha..ok..adois for now..

peace out~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

weird day~


daily report for today..hehe..well started as expected as last night i slept at i asked eda to wake me up at i made it just in time to 'tumpang' eda to class..but suddenly was shocked by sudden security wave..cewah..suddenly all entrance to the college was today was 'skema' day..everyone was wearing id all day..including i need the lanyard to maintain my tudung..but kembang i was volunteerily wore id today..haha..tmorow? just wait n see..ekeke~

arrived at class with so much sweat..panas gile!! plus blackout~ huhu..luckily numec was canceled so agony was went back to hostel straight find my tornado-like-fan..haha..lucky we have those..hehe..then went out with kak main intention was to buy another calculator..but end up buying all sort of not really necessary stationary..haish..hard being me..haha~

evening...went to malaysian studies...first time ever..i felf that history do have something to do with me..lucky mr md noor passed the class to mr azizul hakim..hope i got that right hehe~he was much better..enjoyed listening to history n current issues even it all related with i'm looking at politic in a bit different perspective than yesterday...well lets wait till the end of sem ok? ;p

tonight was kinda ok..started being recharged in the evening ^_^thanx darl~..then numec..sangkut a bit but never mind..try again tomorrow..then having eda the whole night was a ' hari ini dalam sejarah' hahaha..she was not usually in so..i was shocked..haha..not really..but she said she wont be around tomorow night...alone again..sad being me~

oh yea..i did few quizzes again today..(as usual ;p) among all i like this the most

Bulan kelahiran Islam anda adalah pada 13 Jamadil Akhir 1406 Hijrah iaitu jatuh pada hari Ahad.

Maksud : Bulan kedua musim panas. Jamada, juga bulan yang lain juga lebih sejuk, yang membawa maksud telaga menyejuk adalah suatu yang biasa ketika itu.

Sifat : Mempunyai watak yang berani, menghormati orang lain. Anda mempunyai pelbagai kebolehan dan kebijakan. Apabila anda tahu bahawa anda salah atau keliru, maka anda mudah mengakuinya. Tetapi, bila anda tahu yang anda benar, anda akan tetap mempertahankan pendirian anda dan tidak akan mengaku kalah. Semasa kecil, ibu bapa anda perlu mendidik anda dengan baik agar sifat-sifat anda yang baik itu terserlah. Jika betul didikannya, semasa dewasa nanti anda akan menyenangkan kedua orang tuan anda.

wording was ok..but i need to remember this date just for the sake of islam..i am a muslim but i hardly know what the date today in islamic calendar..pathetic me..i trying to verbessern..huhu..i remember earlier this year..ajoy did told me about this date..but i didnt really remember yet..i did note on the calender but time goes birthday this year(2009) was on 23 feb and again on 7th june(13th jamadilakhir 1406)..hehe..well..think we all should be celebrating our birthday twice...even merrier isnt it? haha..ajoy's was on 2nd jan and 5th april(9th rabiulakhir 1405)

OMG this was his?
Bulan kelahiran Islam anda adalah pada 9 Rabiul Akhir 1405 Hijrah iaitu jatuh pada hari Rabu.

Maksud : Bulan kedua musim bunga.

Sifat : Mempunyai perwatakan yang jahat dan hati anda tidak tetap. Fikiran dan kemahuan anda yang lemah, buruk nafsu, mempunyai perwatakan yang kasar serta mudah "datang tangan" (nak melempang orang ler tuhh). Kehidupan anda menjadi sukar kerana tabiat buruk anda itu. Ibu bapa anda menempuh kesukaran dalam mendidik anda.

ps: haha..gile extreme~ mintak jauh2~ ;p

ok2..enough for today..hope tmorrow i can get everything done..need to be faster! zag zag zag bak kata Frau Lenz ;p

bis bald!!

peace out ^_^

Sunday, July 19, 2009



huhu..just mourning over my scary little first assignment about politic in Manek friend just told me that she asked mr md noor that day..n it was due not untill he told us again..haha..what a relief~

ok..just finished emd's assignment..tmorrow planned for numec's and emf..hmm..really need to get another calculator for numec..kinda easier with 2..ita 'goda' me for another shopping spree at mines tmorrow..might join her..haha..just this one..last2! i hope..hehe..oh gosh..i really hope this mega sale thingy will stop..need is spent so unwisely..haish...but calculator is a might as well look for it at mines ^_^ *alasan*

big prob arise..those words keep on ringing in my this the best choice for him? hope so~ just cant think of any other way..if we keep on letting him be.. might get this is the right way..let's just pray for his well being..ameen~

classes~ all still ok...worries arise for emd and emf..emd started to look hard..asked few seniors they say emf is way it seems that the real deal havent coming into frame just need to get ready for the tmorrow or the next trip to mines with ita will be the last time for 'ronggeng'..hehe.. at this very moment..even blogging seem such a waste of time..i should be doing the manek urai essay!! haish...wateva~ hahaha still doing this entry while listening to sejarah mungkin berulang by tomok...hahaha...still wondering why i even have this song inside my playlist? hahaha..dont ask me again please!! ;p

okies...thats all for tonight

peace out~ ^_^

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



just came back from berendam ;p even dont really feel well today..i still want to berendam..and now..i felt somehow 'masuk air' hahaha..not sure how..these few days i wasnt really had my mind's the worst..last night had a terrible fever..only after 2 panadol i was sweating like mad..luckily its rained last night..felt better in the morning..but right before going to class i felt sick again..but thank God i felt better now..hopefully for good..can't stand any fever anymore..last night being alone with fever..haish..wish mama was here..boley manja2..nobody was here..eda pon xde..sadis2..hmm..why suddenly i miss mama..felt like going home this weekend..sound go to me..think i would..we'll see..well..nothing much to say...almost 2 weeks rutine..wake up at 6am..breakfast at 7.30am..sembang2 with eda untill 9am..our class usually end at 4pm...every tuesday and wednesday me and idalia will go for swimming..well...she swims i each n everynight mainly i spend with surfing the internet..calling mama..some reading..maybe assignments a bit later..then sleepsss...endless sleep..oh..last night was the best..slept after isyak till 6am..hehehe..heaven!
so that's my boring life..think i should have life..hmm..what to join? silat? haha..takot la~ capoera..lagi la takot..karate? ley jmp syafiq tanya rijal ni..hahaha...clubs? hmm...oh...met bak today..he said they wanted to form backpackers..sound superb!!! might join that if not so costy~ tomorrow is timetable full from 9am till 2pm..haish...busy2 the baju kurung..haish~ ok2..positive2!! yosh!!

bis bald!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

hello new sem!!


like always..nite time here i am..tmorrow will go back to kl back to beloved uniten(beloved ke?) thank Allah i got ilmu sharing room so can save for a new start..eventhough last few sems were not so 'bright' as i wish so i hope next sem would..i'm praying hard for a more positive mind n more negitive thoughts.hate myself when that part of my came into frame.haish..wish i could stop it..

ok..thats my class'schedule for the coming semester..not so full so i hope i have plenty of time studying..cewah...i hope..was planning to take german but sadly german wasnt offered next sem..huhu..thinking of changing few subjects..but still considering..hate the fact that i need to be by myself..but till when i wanted to be with friends..looking at the positive side..i can make new friends..if i never try i would never continues~

since its fasting month within next sem so..i really hope i can do it better this year..plan to buy sport shoes so that i can jog..hehe..plan~ looking at the timetable guess the pool can see me quite regularly if cik idalia's timetable permits it..*praying hard* hehe..jom la jom laaa...;p

another part: doesnt go well this time..suddenly felt jealousy rising..lemas2..i dont want us to be like regular couple but looking at those pics..haish..really made me thinking..i know what i want..but those obstacles that came in between was just making things harder..still..i hope for the is super crucial at this time..*pasrah*

today: woke up when the sun still havent reach the top..tahniah2 4 kenduri...went for kenduri..menyambut..had 2 big meals! super full..went back super tired..tuuttuutt..(haish) eat again..adib came..penat2..some tvs..reading abah's retirement notes..(yikes..long way there for me~) i am..marriage..again..listening to that word..give multiple reaction inside..happy: to have someone to call your husband.. excited: to think of when my BIG day will come..scary: to head for a new clueless life..the life is imaginable..just kept on getting bad imagination when it came to the in-laws...thats why i always avoid watching malay's dramas..always the scary drama..conflicts..scary~

so..after a month time at home..i conclude that..when with mama...we need to "whateva" her (inside of cos!) each time she gets us annoyed..haha..sorry mama..sengaja2...i love u more than anyone..i know u know abah too..i was touched when i read abah's retirement's resolution/goals..wanting to spend time more with kind to us..and go on holiday with us..proud to have u as my abah!! uhu..abah is coming to his retirement next month..his birthday on 1st august...thats why the bali trip is set on play for me this july so that i can enjoy th august holiday..hopefully..looks impossible for me to avoid the play..hehe..ok..enjoy the remaining moment of this holiday...

mind set: super positive, yes i can do it!! dL please!!! cgpa up up up!! insyallah! smile always!!

ps: those who r going to the taman negara...enjoy!! cant wait for the pics! :D

peace out!