Saturday, May 30, 2009

::29052009 :: haish~

today: doing the night shift..i was so shock when en bos said that there's noone there xcept me, acap n ijat..haish..the last name i would rather not hear to be in the shift with..sorry ijat..not that i hate u..but having u around just make me hate u more without even knowing why..haha...ask urself..i'm very glad i'll only last 3 more days there!! yey!!!

today: they say petronas ppl are coming to out of sudden..i'm the new cleaner of the day..haish!! alias was laughing me at me when he saw me angkat sampah..each n every tong sampah kot..huu~~ xpe2..once a lifetime!! haha~ it was not that bad..lucky me its all just dry n no odour...*sigh* but till the end petronas ppl came..ampes..pity acap..he's the one who's doing the most job..sorry kiddo~ :D

today: after k ani n aziah of the day shift went back..felt like thousand ppl came today..n my sale reached rm10++..1st time ever!! even en boss was shock to see that..hoho..i'm shocked too..i never handdle that much money b4..hehe..another precious xperience~ :D

tonight: i think i did tell about the 'stalker'...when i told acap bout him..he said i got 'peminat' but why i turn scarier just at the thought of him..ngeri2...he's not bad looking..but i just not use to having peminat..haha..sorry..not that obvious..tonight..he came 3times...i remembered his face since the last time..when he asked why i went missing for 2 days? i was mc that 2 days..but having him asking that made me think..why on earth did he go there everyday? scary..frends said mayb his a long traveller...need to refuel averyday..but coming to the same kedai 3times buying the same thing..istn it sumthing? scary!! i'll continue my observation again tomorrow..scary2~

tonight: acap belanja burger...he said he made it himself..just ate it..was ok...a bit banjir...but the vege was perfect! love it!! n acap said ayam special only rm2.80..super cheap kot!! hoho...he said it was his frens's mayb i can get discount again next time..hehehe~

tonight: i still dislike en penyelia..acap said g la akak...fist n last time..haha..funny acap..pang satg the end..i did go cause we need more change..haish..hate it!! hate him!! lucky me tomorrow n the day after he wont be there..hahaha..heaven!!

morning: i woke up 6.30am this morning...then i cant sleep again...mayb i was so used to morning shift...hehe...ariund 8 i fell asleep again..hahaha..

perut2: kesian my perut...i only had maggi n burger today..wonder why i'm not that hungry today...hmm..why oh why?

tomorrow: i need to wake up early so that i can finish my mandarin assignment n study for oral test..hehe..hopefully i'll do xcellent! ameen!

Friday, May 29, 2009

:: 28052009 :: regrets? oder?

hmm... alot to say here today..last nite econ nite as today i got econ test..super hard!!! but i manage to goreng till d end..hehe~ so i hope there's still a chance..ameen!!


yesterday: hmm..was my off day..supposely i did my last minute study but i end up sleeping da whole day!! today's morning i woke up at 4 n do a bit of econ..b4 siap2 for work at always..i'm late!! wateva! not that i like seeing his face early in da morning..haha~ sumhow i really wanted en penyelia ptg to read this..hahaha~

yesterday: i asked him just for second opinion bout the myV thingy...hmm..sumhow his reaction was sumwat same with mama's usual answer..hmm..the fact that i still havent tell mama was a major really need more time to study..its 1 week plus away from finals..and i'm not at all ready!! haish! sunday will be my last day working so next week i hope i can spend more time i got mandarin oral test next week..n on june exam!! scary2~
oh yeah...wanted to tell bout the myV challenge...i think my name was out from the list..since i didnt go to the selection phase at class at i ask fellow mandarin clasmate..they came back at i'm really grateful i did go..mayb next time..huhu...wonder when will i try karting..hmm~

dis morning: woke up at 4 am..then i remembered idalia said man u vs barca on i went downstairs..n ke? barca won!! haha..i'm a man u fan but i dont really mind when barca won cause i like dat comel messi!! morning full with handsom guys..en ronaldo..then cute messi..then prince william..haish..wonderful morning~ plus at work abg posmen..haha..but today think he got problem..fight with gf kot..look bit messy..or mayb he stayup n frustrated for man u..haha...ala bang..lek2 sudeh~

dis morning: at girl..aziah..was first i thought she a bit kerek..first time of my life sumone refuses calling me kakak..weird..all this while..ppl wanted to call me kakak but i'm da one who refuse..haish...just a weird case..haha..but in the end..i still address myself as kakak..dah terbiasa lak..hehe..well..just to gain a bit of respect..haha..oh ya..forgot..the funny part was...i this en penyelia was trying t make me n k ani jealous..hahaha..wateva!! when me n kak ani first came in..he's not the one who teach us..haha..funny this time with aziah he did...weird...another weird case...hmm...come to think about that..i think..they suit together...both sumwhat weird! hehe..sorry guys~ :D

the work: hmm..not much...alias belanja me n k ani nasi lemak...just because i forgot to bring my purse n k ani a bit kering...poor her..sorry i cant help much..then..i'm willingly help him jaga ngv for a ke? 10min breakfast plus 1 hour rest..haish...tanned2!!! really need this one-month-recovery time :D

today: sumone ask for my number again..haish..sorry..i'm loyal..cewah..hope u didnt read this *blushing2*

today again: i was bathe in petrol fault i think..i thought the pump was having problem so i selambely take the nozzle out..suddenly the petrol sprayed out.(not sure how to describe it) next thing i right hand was wet wit petrol...what if sumone light a fire..then i wont be typing here toninght la..hehe..after few wash with soap n my shower cream..then the petrol smell finally gone..haish...not sure what to do with the baju..malas nk layan..its my last 3 days anyway..hehe~

after work: i wanted to ask any of the boy to check on my tyre..i really dont know how to check the air pressure...the pinching2 was hard..well..cute hands rite..hehe..then..i went back to see whose there...then i saw alias...haha...called for help..but guess his buzy closing account...then i saw acap saw me there.,.then i just called him...sweet little kid..haha..his 18 fill the air..then yazid came...also my adik over there...then alias came too..hahaha...the funny part was..when one taxi uncle point out that there three came to help me n left the ngv pump..haha...klakar2~ well..will miss them all~ hmm..told mia bout my surprise for them..not much but enough for some remembrance~ :D

tonight: he called..but i know..its all bout me..u ask rite..,hehe..sorry if i make u bored~ its not my night..,.the test was not a OK..really needed to talk to i lepak with shira n didi downstairs..gossiping bout our neighbours n food!! haha..n now i'm hungry!! haha...sabar2~

sumone msg me asking if i'm ifa? who's ifa? wateva!!

hm..thats all for now~ bis bald!! ;p

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

:: 26052009:: thinking2~


just came back from mandarin class..tumpang cik idalia lagi..hehe..promise her to pay next month..hehe..thanx ye cik idalia..jasamu ku kenang ;p


today: massive disaster last night..which i havent tell the whole here it is..during mandarin class yesterday..penyelia petang text me..asking bout my i told him that (again~) that i'll be coming in the morning since its class day..but he insisted that i should stick to the that bangang jadual of his..without considering me!! i ask k long today..she told me that they did argue bout me n the jadual..bcause they need to let me attend my evening will be only 4 3 days...monday to wednesday..just that 3 days!!! still..penyelia petang degil..told k long..ala...let her change among themselves..mengong!!! he think its that easy..if i need to change...its just between me mazni n k ani..k ani is pregnant..n mazni is just recovered from suspected denggi..susah btol org belagak bgus nih..sorry if u read this..just cannot stand u anymore~ really glad its going to end very very very be exact...this end of month...yey!!! not that i like leaving...but...since this is my first xperience of working..i really didnt xpect it to be this hard..overall..i would say...knowing how to be a cashier cum everything..thats include keeper...ngv pump attendent...receptionist...what else? everything la...its just whole new world to me...super hard! i'm surprised i've survived this 27 days..tahniah2 for me~ :D

today: read on newspaper 31st may is tobacco-free day!! the idea...i did tell everyone who buying cigerette from me this news..n they just smile..hehe..just the way i like it :D still hoping for them to stop smoking..even it seem soo impossible..hehe.well at least i tried~
today: ngv tips is close to rm1..ok la for half n hour...hehe...shared with mazni..poor her under that burning sun n heat...really tanned need beach anymore..

today: i did tell k long bout the penyelia petang...seems that he did sumwhat the same with other haris on the same day..mayb thats what he meant by ni sorg lg..haha..seems funnier now..but i still have grudge ..hoho...sound evil! i know~ haha..

today: really embarressed when i realized eda n rijal was watching me at ngv today..n they were laughing at me...ampes2...i didnt see them...really...was concentrating on doing my job as ngv pump attendant...haha..haish~ luckily rijal said they will fetch me after work for lunch..hehe..didnt xpect anything..then at 3pm...after closing till...i saw them at a pump..just to kacau2..i went out...n rijal bullied me ...luckily i escape from being his kuli batak,..haha...not so la..hehe..exagerating a bit ;p i almost raining..then i told them to meet me at home so that i can run from translation over rumah sewa...i remembered i didnt pray i went in for bath n pray..n they waited outside..kesian..half n hour...hehe..sorry la ye korg..then we went to sate kajang...n to my surprise...rijal belanja us...hoho...lucky day!!! thanks rijal@abah ;p came along with them was hadi n angah...

i think i'll do sumthing for my petronas fellows later..i know they will miss me..hehehe..perasan~ i will definitely miss them all..including..en bos..k long..penyelia petang(NOT)..hajar..mazni..k ani..acap..haris..yazid( no worries bout this his fb already..hahaha)..zarif( a little..;p) tasha..haha..who else? n all suppliers n customers..abg posmen..abg susu..abg many my little stop smoking campaign..n my friday ngv's ceramah ;p i'll miss those happiness n suffer till is eye opening for me to study harder..i definitily wont let 'those' people step on 'this' kind of people that i already know how they feel...i'll try to be kinder..not that now i'm evil..hahaha~

still half hating..not knowing where this will lead...just going with the flow..its hard to listen to theirs..n i hope i wont have to experience one to really know how they felt~

Monday, May 25, 2009

:: 25052009::


arrrrgghh!!! geram2...ari yg sangat geram...its my moody i was affected by stories i heard ..then..i sumhow turn selfish..n u did that..i now..i hate u..haha...then..come the petronas story..hish..xplode2!!! hate-men!!! could they please consider others??? n please mind ur words!!! i hate men i hate men i hate men!!!! 

plus i got scold for sumthing not even my responsibility!!! plus i'm about to get sumthing that i supposed to deserve much better!!! hish!!! so not my day!!! plus..econ class...absolutely zero input! hate dis side of me!!'s words: wateva!. hate. n plus g mati..sorry..dis is not me~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: 24052009 ::


today: work as always..sunday always bored..not many people as always..more sitting than serving..helping kak ani during the end of shift since da beginning was so slow n energy consuming...started just fine..till en penyelia went back n saw his unfriendly face again..haish..tembak kang~ then en boss came in..was ok...he kept himself much in the office so not a problem..just curious whether he was observing us using cctv..since he did sumthing that elert us that he is watching..well..i'm too cute to be ignore rite? ;p 

today: all girls day..xcept for man..he's the ngv guy today..asked me to help for 5 minutes..n he did came back after 5 min...surprise..haha..then..well..nothing much happened today..just smiling a lot and laughing to few guys n do attract me cute..hehe..tambah2 kalo yg ngn ayah yg encem ;p

today: went back for lunch at home..since last night i cooked some nasi goreng i went to pasar tani bought some things for tomyam..hehe..turn out sakit perut yet..n i did paksa shira makan skali...hahaha..sorry shira~

today: i listen to love stories...happy n sad..betrayel n happy much drama..i make me curious of what people are it true? still doesnt convince me much...not 100% from me..the fear of the past still there deep down..not that i dont want..just scared if those things happen to me..but since back then till now..u showed me thats what i'm giving back..i trust u with all my heart..hope u didnt do the same to me..scared i might not recover ever again..please~

Friday, May 22, 2009

myVi eco-challenge

nothing much this time..just a blink on an activity which i thought would be a step stone for me in becoming a f1 driver..cewah..yeah rite~ i was so into dis..but as i attend the briefing did open my eyes..i'm okey with all the phases and obstacle we might be facing onward..but the fact of why uniten wanted to have a female driver just doesnt make sense..well it does it a way..but..not in a way that i would permit myself..not knowing what will happen next..i am still thinking...they said that we have to get through the first phase, which is the selection at subang speedway..using will be my first time driving it scares me a lil..but since i have been driving for a i hope it has no different from the real car...just for the sake of i or shouldn't i go to the selection? it will be held this sunday..i'll be working night shift, so it wont be a problem..i supposed..hmm...still considering...n i havent tell mama yet..hmmm...what will she say? seem a sharp no-no..but..who knows..she does know i love f1..hmm...i dont think the risk would be big..just the heat n a bit of skill would be enough...hmm...thinking2...think..i would just let the time decide ;p

love: listening today n yesterday was still shocking..i just hope none of it will ever happened to me as just listening to it made me would life be under those condition? not something that i can or want to imagine...just praying for a better life ahead...learn so much in this 3 months time..eventhough it hasnt near to the end...learn about no worries...i'll be here for you..eventhough i know you might not be there when i need you later...

this is the website about the eco-challenge i'm considering to join...still considering~



Driver Search Begins

A drivers meeting and breifing session had been held at BF, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory inside the Automation and Robotics Lab. The 8 chosen contestant are given a brief explaination by Hafiz on what will they be going throughout until the racing day

The Contestants are:

Nur amirah bt zakaria ME079708
Nur Azyyati bt ishak EP080382
Christine Cheah ME081521
Mohd Ozzie Bin Ahmad U10514
Utrasenan a/l Gunasegaran AM80228
Hanif Aiman bin Ahmad EE077712
Rasyida bt Omar ME079713
Siti Nor Hajar bt Ghazali AE81016

After the session ended they all had a glance of what the Perodua Myvi of Uniten Team looks like.

Monday, May 18, 2009

listening is not that bad~

well..ola! new day..started at 4.30am dis morning..since me n yana wanted to have breakfast b4 i go to work today..went out at 5.45am n head home n arrive there at 6am..had breakfast at d limau nipis..wanted to hav nasi lemak..but its geting late so i had my usual 3 cos meal ;p n a glass of nescafe tarik was superb..the cafein was top-up at 5pm n it last me till now..see..i need nescafe for can i live without one? today..seem life become more n more sad..not sure why..wheather was too..moody day perhaps? monday was most awaited day for me..but ws all so boring...what hav i become? growing seem so lame..listening to what people encounter today was shocking n surprising as it should..but choosing not to fully believe made me feel bad inside out..sorry~ it wasnt my time of life...this is not me~

today: nothing happened at was all so boring..watching another day pass by...12 days to go~

today: mandarin class was superb..i thought i going to get less for the mid term..alhamdullillah...17/20 was ok right? hehe..not full mark..but it was good enough for me..alhamdullillah~

today: econ class? today mia n ed didnt attend i was alone~ luckily i hav my lil brother..yuva wit me..haha..anyhow..still hating myself for not understanding felt easy..but i just couldnt get it..yet..hopefully~

today: mia msg me dis evening telling her sister fell down the was horrible even to the ear..i cant imagine how did it happened..praying hard she'll be ok..ameen!!

today: get a msg from the uniten driver's search...need to be there on wednesday for briefing..who knows mayb this is my door? hehe..being the next f1 driver? cewah~ just trying my luck~

today: still feeling da same...not sure how to beautify my blog..n i'm kinda doubt anyone would want to read dis...well..just a place for me to pour off some of my thoughts~ its getting jammed in there..can it be? trying not to think much~

today: my little campaign still going on..xcept not as agressive as i used to be...just not my day..not enough sleep..n unstable mood...why does dat affect me dis much? hate dis part of me!! miss independent me!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

:: 17052009 :: found out that everyone is resigning..kesian en bos..sorry..much of your own fault i think..too much to xplain..nanti2 many things i learn bout people..human..thru communication..much of a listener than speaker like i used to..hehe..weird huh? but that just me..i'll be talkative when others are silence..being the opposite when meeting another met one..its true when ppl say we can learn to bout a person when we listen to them..but..9 hours is just to much..i dont mind listening..but..if its too much of a drama n its a to0 bad to be true..haha..i just choose to not to believe..sorry..its just too much~

today: i just found out that en bos might be listening to our every conversation...scary~ prove? me n kak eda were very da malas to go in to see en bos..but when the time come..we just have eda's turn..i knew he locked the door since before..cos i was doing bit of studying the time kak eda walk out of the counter..i heard he unlock the door as if he know she coming...isnt it obvious? OMG! i couldnt imagine what has he heard n see..wateva long as i know..i'll be there for another 12 days..hehe..yey!! told en bos yesterday..he seem to be expecting..wateva la~ my finals are on 10 n 11 be it~

today: en penyelia was weirdly nice..everyone was!! its kinda weird..i know i look bit different today..way cuter kot..haha..just bought a new eyeliner...tu baru eyeliner..kalo start gn mascara lak..mmg makin ramai r org dtg..hehehe..perasan~

today: ngv collection RM2.20...ok la for 1 hour..and 2 phone no..haish~

today: funny part~
i went to the office to get cigarette's stock..gosh..i'm selling IT!! but my little stop smoking campaign is still going on for the 3rd day ;p n it will be untill the last day i work..macam ada effect je least they was reminded..kan2~ oh..da story..i was telling en bos that since i work there..i know each n every rokok in the store la..before this..i thought it was all the same..haha..n by the time i wanted to go out i said arigato..n he replied hait..hahaha..i was shock!! seriously!! en bos itu ditakuti kot..dah la dah 2 ari kena masuk mengadap sbb short..haha...wateva..i did try my best!! pasrah je la..

today: a pakcik lock his merc locked keys inside..with the engine running..n themperature rising..he fear his car might he did made us scared..luckily..en bos came to the rescue..haha..he called mechanic to korek open the door..remember..its a merc..funny part is..he gave people who helped him each rm10..xcept for en bos..haha..n we were laughfing at him as he saw dat n he actualy go to dat pakcik...hahaha..imagine urself what happened next~

today: i did tried doing my economics assignment during work..haha..hope its correct..hehehe..still havent understand economy fully..still working on it..

hmm..dat all for today..its 0007..i need my sleep for tomorrow..going to be a very long day..tomorrow..will be working with acap n k ani..hope wont a another boring day like today..haish~ n please not another cleaner day plz..hate it!!! ;p

lastly..still not knowing what i should fear has grown..not knowing my worth..keep on thinking bout..need to stop..its not easy..feel the need..hate dis side of me...miss independent me~

Friday, May 15, 2009

:: 15052009 ::

its friday again..n its a 2-hour-tpaksa-jaga ngv day..huhu~ n i'm completely ke tan? tbakar je macam...huu~..luckyly i got nearly kinda worth ke? told mr boss i wanted to claim for sun block..haish...seriously we need sun block...haish~ n today...since its more story to  tell...hish..met few muslims men who skip friday prayer..sad to say..most of them are 40plus..sad2!! worst case..dis pakcik..he stop there just to buy sumthing to eat n he just stay there till 2pm then went by..OMG! really cant believe sumone would do that just to escape going to masjid for prayer..kalo dah friday prayer pon skip..others? haish~ hope my loved ones wont do the embarrasing~ please la..malu kat ktorg yg tcongok kt kaunter ni..n today..alias yg kejam break xtra half hour..ces2..kejam2!! n i'm half n hour more tanned!! aaarr!! menci2!!

today: celebrity seen..sorg je kot..aisyah yg blakon anak mami tu..she wore big weird glass..i hardly recognize her at first but when she smile..then i perasan~ nice blue honda city..nice one..who else? hmm~ 

today: still hating en penyelia ..hish~

ngv:  given ceramah@ pesanan soh org2 g smyang jumaat..padan muke~ nk skip sgt...ada sorg pcik ni..dah pasan aku ni pmpuan lg nak soh aku watkan..pastu uper2nya dia ala2 cam too big to move..patot ketidak-frenly-an pcik tu sgt undescribable!! camne la customer dia..sian gle..sure2 bosan..dh la xg smyang jmaat..aiyak!! emo byk arini sbb last wik..seyesly i forgot it was no way..naseb la kalo next wik dorg xnak dtg dah..well at lis i did my job bit of dakwah..alhamdullilah~

today: i missed another chance to climb on da oil tanker..rugi2!! 

today: my mood was kinda unpredictable..but i did try hard enough to be as happy as always~ hehe ;p  i know there's sum ppl who did miss me when i'm not there..hahaha..perasan~

today: did another discovery which made me think..have i made another mistake? i cant stand another of those again..its hard the first time..n i'm sure it will be much worse~i cant have it again..please..hope everything will goes dreams..its not the first wast that good..but i did choose this way so i hope its the best choice..cant think of any other..cant think of going thru this life with any other..u know how i was back then~   

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sy bkn cleaner!!!

15 days working~

hoho..ari yg panjang..arini dpt name tag..haish..pasni sume org pon tau namaku ini..haish..segan2 ..ok..proceed..arini sptotnya keje ptg tp tb2 je k long call soh msk gak msk kol 8.30..hehe...naseb r kan ;p trasa cam doctor lak..on call je kn msk keje..cewah..well bakal dr mesin..hoho ;p hmm..arini..ada kes xpuas ati gak sket..well..kes en supervisor mmg xabes2 la kan..lg 1 kes adik OMG!! xpasal2 je arini jd cleaner!! ades2..nk start tu liat byk r..pastu..ble dh start cam xley brenti lak..last2 1 petronas tu kot bjaya dmop sapu..hoho..xsangka rajin juo den ni eh ;p sy bangga ngn diri sndri ;p 

arini kje smpai ngn kak eda..korek2 cte2 lampau k eda..dasat gak kesah dia..sgt spt drama..xsangka..uper2nya cita2 drama melayu tu mmg ada jd btol2..n it happened to sumone 1 know! xcaya pon cam btol r..ble dgr dia cte siap de effect nangis gak r..sadis gle..hope everything will be better for her..ameen!! 

ptg lak..tjadinya lambakan cashier..pastu cam bese la kan..akak2 yg rajin g susun2 stok..adik2 yg comel jual muka kt kaunter..thats include me ;p 
ptg td..tasha ngn yazid pon ada..klakar la dak yazid tu..ngn org2 lain malu2..tu lg best nk kaco..haha..sian ko eh..sori la ye yazid..sp soh malu2 sgt..hehe..ngn k ani arini xsmpat pon nk bmanja..kol 5.30 dh blk lg eh..hoho..operasi kempen brenti merokok msih tgk reaksi dorg..hehe..rse nk rekod je..nway..sgt2 bharap de org yg akan bjaya brenti..ameen!! hoho..scary part: mamat foreigner ygmnakutkan yg usha pelik dtg lg td..haish..mnakotkan~ lg eh..still learning to improve my communication skill..haha..n today..tlpas pggil org pcik yg dia prasan diri dia 'abang' n lg 1..i was addresed as abang!!! haish..klakar pon ade gak la..haha~ ok2..tu je dulu kot laporan tuk arini..roger n out~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yey!! 1st time off day keje!!

yey!! gud news!! sok genap 13 ari keje!! tahniah2!! n sok..smpena ada test mandarin..sok diistiharkan cuti!! yey!! xtau la bos nk ckp xkesah r..k long dh ckp ok kan..sukati la..sok musti ramai yg rindu aku kan..hehe..

summary keje 12 ari~

-customers was all great..acting like customers
-bos ok la..just garang2 sket..likeable~
-k long merangkap supervisor sesi petang: ok ley borak2 plus merapu2..hehe
-ijat? ish...tgk nama pon dh rasa geram!! nyampah!! seyesly~ baget anak bos bley blagak la..seb baik la ko anak bos..sumtime he did remind me of sumone..n dat make me even more geram!! hish~
-tasha: haish...baget la ko!! suke mngarah2 eh? xpe2...anyhow..u did made me want to study better so dat i wont be sumone who ur sort of ppl think can buli...hish...semangat nk blajar rajin2!! ;p

-k ani: baik je..nothing much to gle td beria2 xnk bg k ani mkn ke patot..tgh pregnant nk mkn megi..mmg xpatot kan..ish2...lap u k ani!!
-hajar: even kite keje seminggu je sama2..u was my best friend there...never forget u!!
-alias: gaduh ngn dia..even educated till pmr je pon..he's good with math..well..congak2 kire balance ngv..aku pon tkial2 kdg2 tu..hehe..thanx la paksa azy jaga ngv..itam2 pon best gak eh dpt xperience jd ngv..dpt tips yg best sbnarnye..hehe..tgt ari jmaat aritu...alias ckp nk byk mintak r..aku ngn lurus n bendulnye g mintak..slalu dpt dlm singgit 2 je..aritu dpt 6 hengget!! hehe..klakar2~
-ajib: dak kecik ni..1st2 nampak senyap je..skali dh mlm2 sket bru kuar taring...haha..klakar2...cute best tgk dia malu2..haha..dak kecik~
- zarif: big guy...scared of him..nyampah pon de dh mlm2 sket bru ok..ley layan borak...tgt shift mlm yg aku sorg je pmpuan..yg len laki...bored night at first..dh ujung2 time2 nk blk bru best..hehe..miss dat night..hehe
-org2 baru yg bakal muncul : k eda, rizal, man, mazni, acap( yeke? dh brenti kot dak tu) haris( shft skali je gak ngn dia tu..dak kcik yg fun ;p)

ps: since when i address them as dak kcik nih? haish..tuakah aku? ;p

owh2...lupe was my 2nd day wishing every customers buying rokok "slamat berenti merokok!!" hehe...luv to see their reaction...sume pon ckp time kasih..insyaallah...alasan2 yg dorg bg mmg klakar..well..those will be continue untill sumone did stop smoking..insyallah~

hoping to improve my communication skill ;p

Monday, May 4, 2009

keje keje keje keje~


it has been long since i last post here...a bit bz..ok..i dont want to touch anything on my result..haish~ now, its special sem..i'm taking mandarin n engineering economy..n i hope i can get waaaay better..and since my class are only starting at 6pm and end at 8pm..i've decided to work..need to pay for mandarin class...rm 729 tu..where to korek? supervisor said my salary should be 725 so..should have cover the fee la..but today i discover that, there is a chance the boss will pusing2 a bit so that he wont have to pay that much to kejam kan?

wateva la~

ok2..i want to share my 1st xperiance working at a petronas pam station...

30th april..
nothing much..started at 7am-3.45pm kot
i've learn to use the cash register(i'm a cashier) hehe..met new frens..hajar,k ani,mazni, n acap..they are ok..hajar is my cikgu..she was assign to teach me everything since they will ramai2 resign..then there will be me n kak ani working tgether...n i'm not sure when new ppl will come in..scary~

1st may

learn to take credit was fun..susah but i know how they do thing at shops..hehe
celebrity customer: izani(actor plus tokey belacan..haha)

2nd may

learn tp mop the whole kedai..haish...penat weh~ plus..i'm a cashier not a cleaner!!!
celebrity customer: zulhuzaimi( muke cekodok!!! nyampah)

3rd may

haha..hari yg best...kutuk2 bos ngn hajar psal gaji dorg yg makin lama mkin sikit...kene kencing kot..tah pape tah...then..bos ajak g amik lori minya.,..1st time panjat naik lori minyak!!! seyes best..cuak de gak sket..but it was again a new experiance!!! suke2!! trasa spt engineer!! suke2~
pastu petang wat dipping...igt susah..upernye senang je pon.. cuma xbest sbb panas..haish..

ok..tmorrow morning shift..n nk kene g b4 6.30am..haish...ok2..need to sleep now...nite2...salam~