Saturday, March 6, 2010

love yesterday hate today tomorrow?


yesterday was the day of the FIRST's..

1. 1st time went to mid valley this year..haha..believe it?
2. 1st time eat-in at Sushi King..all this while i was just bought sushi for it!
3. 1st time watch movie at Signature@the it!! cost us rm27 tho..huhu~
4. 1st time watching 3d movie..we watched Alice n wonderland..was ok~
5. 1st time of having 4 first time ^_^

and thanks my dear darling syg..ita..haha..nice date kan..gaga..and today another date..cewah..lunch and mydin trip..and maybe later evening..

or not? huhu..i am pissed now..for a reason that i dont think i should say mistake..haha..i think i should rethink again..its hard being fake~

oh my...this has really ruined my mood~

You Are Kindness

You never think about being virtuous. You are only concerned with treating people as you'd like to be treated.
You are a very compassionate person and a true friend. You don't have a hateful or prejudiced bone in your body.

You are good to people because it's the right thing to do. You don't expect anything in return.
You highly value friendship and personal contact. You try to make as many friends as possible.

funny..i am always trying hard to be nice..but getting people to do the same to me..seems so impossible..maybe..being nice is outdated to be practice in these century~

hmm..ok twist..i an an english teacher now..haha..its some community service that uniten i took english..omg..i forgot what coop and kennel are!!!! so memalukan!!! thats the thing with me..when rojak is being the main food for thoughts~ nway..will be meeting them again next week..haha..i gave then homework..gaga..think i should because then they will learn..and i can use the time in class for discussion..they dont seem like those who ask better let them do it at home and coming to class for explanation..hmm..should think how to do it better~

hmm..ok..heart-beat lower down..but still shaking~


ok..maybe i will edit this again few pictures i want to upload..from yesterday ^_^

hope tomorrow will go just fine~

peace n out ^_^

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