Monday, February 28, 2011



since yesterday was a big day for a friend of mine..i am thinking of my own big day..when la? haish..but the big question now is..who la? sigh again~
currently..i love to read any articles that touch on the matter..learning the correct way maybe..because i am in a middle of a something u can call a relationship..but i think it is still a scandal. i am hoping it can change to something more real but let just go with the flow and let time decide. after all..only Allah knows what best for me. for what i know..he is different from the others..they are all very sweet and caring..but this one..he just different..too straight forward i would say..i was shock at first but..since it was something i was looking for in the i guess..i can accept this..but..i still can give 100%..not knowing why..maybe i am still afraid. afraid for the past..

yesterday..i was furious because he said he didnt want they to know..keeping me as a secret..but today..i was skeptical when he called me when he was with his friend..mind is taking it! haha..schuzyy! get real..u need to know what u want..accept whatever in front of u as ur destiny..whether it is good or bad..haish..there are too much in head rite now..just need to clear up some space for more concentration in studies! and project and group assignments! sigh!

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, February 27, 2011

penat gile..penat yang dh rasa nk gile~

salam~ and friends did a wonderful and crazy thing! hehe..anyway..thanks yana, jana, eda and ita..u made my day..oh..what happened today? we went to our friend's wedding..GMI's friend..Mrs Noreen Nadia n her husband..Mr Edi..congratulations to both of u..soo happy for both of u! hope to see the first baby of GAPP 4 soon! ^_^

oh..the kenduri was in kluang..yes its in Johor..and we made it in one day..haha..the journey started at 9am..hehe..supposedly planned at 8am..but due to waking up lazily around 6.40am..fbooking and doing bit of schoolwork..only then we started preparing for sandwiches. luckily all the sandwiches are gone! yipee!! hehe..berkat me as the makcik kantin..gagaga..arrived at the dewan at 12pm..makan..then we went to noreen's house witnessing her being dressed up...she was sooo beautiful and skinny!! gosh! but it's your day girl..u look perfect!!! soo happy for u..took few pictures on ur pelamin..hehe..gosh she had 2 pelamin! jeles!haha..then we went back to the dewan with her rombongan..hehe..xpasal2 terjoin rombongan pengantin..hehe..then arrived at the dewan for more pictures..then started the journey back..soo..tired already!..i drove back..gosh! that was my 1st trial driving from south to central..hehe..yipee!!! so meaning..i already drove through south and north! yipee!! hen hau schuzyy!!! u made it!!! hehe..during the journey back..all of us are very sleepy..i took my nescafe..and with help of my botol susu..we arrived at bangi around's 3 hours go 4 hours back..minus around 30min or so for prayers at pagoh's R&R. gosh..after taking bath..i tried straight doing my work..but body said noo...really tired!! need the sleep till 10pm..only after he called..haha..thanks dear. guess my theory still works! ^_^

so starting life will only be about studying! studying studying!! no more excuses! ^_^

i am really really glad i resigned! not that i didnt enjoy the life there..but..3 months are enough..just like doing practical..3 months..hehe..will definitely miss all of them..i'll be back as customer..dont worry~

yosh schuzyy!! ^_^

peace n out ^_^ 

byk keje xde keje mcari keje..;p

You Both Wear the Pants in Your Relationship

You and your sweetie seem to have stuck the perfect power balance.
It's not that you don't disagree - it's just that you've learned how to compromise well.

You're both mature enough to know that you can't always get your way...
And usually, you're both adult enough to reach an agreement - even if that sometimes means giving in a little.

You Are Not Clingy
You couldn't cling to someone even if you tried. You're too busy being independent.
You're perfectly happy to do your own thing, and to be honest, relationships mess up your groove.

Make sure you make enough space to have someone else in your life ... even if you're single right now.
A little clinging can be nice in small doses. Try it sometime!

Friday, February 25, 2011



i always expect the usual..and when the usual becomes unusual..i become stressed. hate and bored. and i will questioned. should i or shouldn't i? this is what i hate most. dah la tension buat report nih..sigh! sabar schuzyy! u can do it!! jgn malas2! u regret more regret bitte!

peace n out ^_^ 

hate being so poyo..haha~


i was being so poyo last night..thinking that my english is soo perfect..haha..i'm sorry dear..poyoness hit me last night..hahaha..

i know my english was not perfect..but i am trying hard to improve it! yosh!! ^_^

being this much of age..hehe..making me be a bit more mature..saying the number..having the year as birth year..really making me realised, life is nothing that we should waste doing nothing..

last night...all those hugs and kisses..really touches me..deep down..i dont know why i cried..but truly from my heart..i love all..i will definitely miss them much!!! ^_^ the experience are precious! never will forget!

and i really really hope we can still be those ^_^

peace n put ^_^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

hepi bestday to me! ^_^



hehe..i was born at 6.21am 25 years ago..omg! i can hardly believe it myself! 25 is a very big number! suku abd kot!!

thanks for all wishers! love u all! and thanks for remembering my birthday!! and thanks also to mr fb to remind all of them..hehe..

my day wasnt so much different than the others..apart from all the wishes..hehe..thanks again..and all my closest friends doing their thing..pretending not to remember..haha..xpe..dah tau secret scandal..haha..the drama was funny..both sakit hati..but in the end..he did make me felt a little above the cloud..thanks u miss u..then work..i was happy tonight..apart from he already told me not to be i'm not..then..everyone wished when i arrived..that's sweet!! love that moment! got kak wati, nadia, liza, k lily and apek..and kak sie! kak sie offered her hug! gosh how i need a hug rite now..hehe..thanks so much! then..i saw apek bought eggs..i was scared..i thought of the idea..but gosh..hope not..then..the end of shift..omg! when i was talking to kak sie..apek came from my back..with tepung!! i was running all around there..and resulting with me being a cucur..lucky i saved the egg's life..haha..or else i would be azy celup tepung..hahaha..thanks dear!! i will definitely miss all of u guys..this 3 months are very precious to me..i learn so much that i could never learn in school..thank you..thank you! i will miss the life there! thanks for the celebration again! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

*by 25-year-old schuzyy ^_^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apa yang dirasa~


i found this in one of the forwarded emails..think it touches me..i always want to be good at heart and out. i want people to like and love me..but when at times..people tend to hate me because they think i am just acting. truthly speaking..sometimes i got lost in my own search~

Kadang-kadang kita merasakan diri kita berilmu, walhal "air mata" ilmu yang terbit daripada dada kita sangat sedikit. Kadang-kadang kita merasakan diri kita hebat apabila orang menyanjung dan memuji kita, walhal itu semua muslihat Iblis untuk menyesatkan kita.
Amalan seseorang yang banyak adakalanya menjadi modal untuk Iblis memperdayakan kita agar kita berbangga dan riak dengan kelebihan yang Allah pinjamkan. Amal yang sedikit turut dipergunakan oleh Syaitan dengan menimbulkan perasaan sentiasa berprasangka Allah akan mengampuni kekurangan diri tanpa sekelumitpun rasa ingin menambahkan amalan untuk mendapatkan keredhaan Allah.
Penyakit orang kaya adalah bakhil. Penyakit orang miskin adalah malas. Penyakit orang berilmu adalah takabbur. Penyakit orang bodoh adalah tiada keinginan. Penyakit orang beramal adalah 'perasan'.
Orang yang banyak beramal merasakan dirinya hebat dan disegani. Lalu apabila dia berjalan, dia tunduk semacam tawadhu' walhal Syaitan dalam jubahnya. Dia bercakap lembut agar dikata orang sebagai orang yang lembut hati walhal dalam hatinya tersimpan suatu perasaan takabbur yang tinggi. Apabila dia bercakap, dia merasakan semua orang memerhatikan kata-katanya. Syaitan telah memperdayakan pandangan mata hatinya, lalu dia menganggap yang buruk itu baik dan yang baik itu sebaliknya.
Orang yang banyak dosa pula sentiasa berharap dengan kalimah Allah yang Maha Pengampun. Dia terlupa Allah juga keras seksaan-Nya. Allah ciptakan neraka sebagaimana Allah turut menciptakan syurga. Neraka untuk orang yang buruk perilakunya, dan juga untuk orang yang baik perilaku tetapi buruk hatinya. Syurga pula untuk orang yang benar-benar bersih daripada sebarang karat kekotoran, jika ada sekalipun, ia terlindung di sebalik rahmat Illahi.
Sesetengah orang berilmu apabila berbicara, maka penuh mulutnya dengan pancaran ilmu yang mempesonakan, walhal hati mereka cemar dengan pendustaan. Mulut mereka berkata benar sedangkan hati mereka menidakkannya. Dia mengatakan cinta akhirat tetapi dia sendiri kelihatannya sibuk mengejar dunia. Dia menyebut perihal zuhud sedangkan jiwanya diselimuti perasaan cintakan dunia berlebihan.
Mungkin orang lain mendapat manfaat di sebalik ilmunya yang melangit, tetapi dengar hanya sekadar dengar. Disimpan dalam otak tetapi tidak di hati. Kepalanya makin membesar dengan ilmu yang sarat tetapi hatinya dipenuhi kotoran pelbagai penipuan. Mereka pakar berbicara dalam pelbagai bidang, aqidah mahupun akhlak, tasawuf juga barangkali tetapi hanya lidah menuturkannya sedangkan hati menafikan. Katanya pejuang Islam tetapi lagaknya berlainan.
Orang yang bersih hati pula, kata-kata mereka mungkin tidak membawa mesej keilmuan yang tinggi, tetapi apabila mereka berbicara, ia mengusik jiwa yang mendengar. Apabila dia menyebut soal dosa, yang mendengar akan terbayangkan neraka. Apabila dia menyebut tentang perjuangan, orang akan rindukan jihad. Apabila dia menyentuh soal ibadat, orang semakin rindukan waktu malam untuk bertahajud. Mereka tidak perlu berbicara.
Kerana akhlak mereka sudah berbicara sebelum lidah mereka bergerak. Apabila mereka ingin berucap, maka seluruh hati orang mula terusik dan menanti-nantikan mutiara kata yang terbit daripada lidahnya. Sekali orang mendengar, rindu akan bertapak dalam diri mereka. Alangkah mereka rindukan kata-kata orang yang bersih jiwanya yang mana mungkin ilmunya tidak banyak tetapi ia sangat memberi kesan.
Orang yang kotor sebaliknya. Berbuih mulutnya berbicara, namun orang hanya endah tidak endah, dengar tidak dengar. Orang mungkin rindukan pidatonya yang bersemangat, tetapi orang tidak rindukan mutiara kata darinya. Sekadar mendengar menambahkan semangat dalam satu atau dua jam, kemudian hilang berciciran di tengah jalan. Orang yang bersih hatinya, mungkin pidatonya tidak menarik tetapi jiwa sentiasa dibuai dan terusik.


Iblis berkata: "Ya Tuhanku, oleh sebab Engkau telah memutuskan bahawa aku sesat, pasti aku akan menjadikan mereka memandang baik (perbuatan ma'siat) di muka bumi, dan pasti aku akan menyesatkan mereka semuanya, kecuali hamba-hamba Engkau yang mukhlis (orang-orang yang ikhlas beribadah kepada Allah)  di antara mereka." ( Al-Hijr: 39-40 )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sajak untuk hati?


dear hati..
i always say u need to be strong..
show everyone that u are stronger than what u appear to be..
but they never was all just an act~

dear hati..
i always say u need to please others..
show everyone that u love them..
even if u don't..
so that they can feel good about themselves..
it is always better to make their hati happy rather than ur own~

dear hati..
i always say u need to be patient..
show everyone that u are able to take whatever that comes your way..
but they never know..that u are dying inside..
but the act still goes on~

last night..
my dear hati felt betrayed..
hati always tells itself that be good to others so that it will get the same in return..
hati always knows that other maybe not in their best mood each and every moments...
so maybe when they treated it bad..maybe something when really wrong in their world..
but hati say..i never did that to you..what u still do that to me?
it is not fair..never fair..
but hati keep on trying to be positive..
it is hard enough being a hati..
it survived this 25 another 25 years will only add up the experience..
so dearest it was told..
continue be strong as rock..
soft as wind..
u know u can move the world if u want to..
u know u can!
be positive!
never give up..
just forgive and forget..
they will too learnt sooner or later..

no worries~

peace n out ^_^

Friday, February 18, 2011

thanks ^_^


maybe u cant always be beside me..but knowing that u wanted to..enough to make me really happy..u made my day~

thanks dear~

peace n out ^_^ 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

popping a balloon~


i wish i am good at doodling~

what's on my mind now..a picture of a boy having a heart-shape balloon in one hand..and a needle in the other~

the temptation is there..what matters now is only time~


peace and out ^_^

Monday, February 7, 2011



ok today i want to talk about..mind..mind is something that hard to control..but one can train it to be in control. what amaze me today mind works. sometimes it can be brilliant..sometimes it can be dumb..but mostly we only notice the dumb act of a mind. the brilliant one? often be neglected or envied and being pushed away.

as 'we' put it..the ordinary mind that we mingle with everyday. when one only focuses their mind on one thing..or maybe one surrounding..sometimes..the act of the mind can be seen as fool and ridiculous.

let's us hope that our mind can be a little bit extra ordinary and be brilliant..ignoring all the ignorant of others.

ok. what am i talking about here? ok..this is my example of my own life experienced..and it just happened a while ago. i am 3 months old there..and in this 3 months..this 2 days experience really brought the shock of my life. people been talking behind my back. left alone those who talk in front of my face. lucky i am quite an actress. haha..i do mind people talking about me.. especially when they are bad..ok2..straight to the point. there are few girls..young girls around there..and ones who are most talked about are only 3...and it is quite amazing how i got in the list..well..i just found out tonight..a bit of myself feel was almost never!! people got jealous of me because someone LIKE me..what i know..i enslaved myself there just to gain experience and most what happened something that i always avoid my whole life! stupid gossip! it is amazing how their mind work when it come to gossips. i was away for 11 days..and what i know after i came back..people are talking about me being favorite..yes i am glad..but truly speaking..what good does that give me? enemy? all my sisters hate me sarcasms looks and words..gosh i hate those things. i wanted to be good to everyone..and when i am soo close to be liked by everyone..they talk..and everyone just turn their back on me now..well..i think that is a cue for me to resign..well..lucky problems is almost i think..on Wednesday..i will hand in the resign letter.  gosh..i can only pray that in my real job later..none of this would happened. i only want to be a good.. kind hearted girl who is loved by everyone..and without having any gossips. people..please...tingkatkan prestasi..kurangkan kontroversi~


peace n out ^_^


Your Love Word is "Devotion"

For you, love is a doing word. You prove your love with the actions you take every day.
You are loyal and true to whoever you're in a relationship with. You don't give up unless things are absolutely hopeless.

You don't love easily or quickly. You only will fall for someone you truly and completely adore.
Once you love, you love intensely. You take love very seriously.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

second chance?


*this is a serious comment, feel free to leave this page to avoid any negative remark on oneself* ;p

when u watch a malay program, what do u feel? u like it? love it? or just hate it? i always wanted to watch a malay program and having the feeling to follow throughout the season. ok..let's track out what malay program that i enjoy watching my whole life..tv1: forum perdana..i know this sound lame..but this is one of the food for soul source that we can find on the local station. lucky we now have few islamic stations to satisfy us this way. tv2: none that i remember, maybe because it focuses on non-malay program letting tv1 doing the honour. tv3: ahaa..tv3 has lots of quality programs but currently i can only think of few, jalan2 cari makan and Am Max. reasons: because i love makan and now they have Qi!!! haha..but Am Max..i love to watch this program during my practical time..aired at 8am sunday..but now..i lost track..sometimes i accidentally watched it in the evening. weird rite? Am max in the evening..oohh..maybe it will give ideas on what to do the next morning. haha..positive! ok..list of programs stops there. ntv7,8tv and tv9 are quite new..compared to the old 3 rite ;p point here is..i love aznil's programs..everytime he hosted a always bring life..bringing the audiences together with him..but..since he is a success..everyone else also wanted to do the same..but to me..none of them succeed. why people love to watch aznil's, oprah's, david letterman's, and rachel rays's and martha's? oh..and eric's home deco? it is because they include the audience and the guest together. it is ur program..u can do what ever u want..but the life of a program depends on the audience and how they react to  u. i just watched a program this morning. the host is someone i never thought would have failed to satisfy me this bad..he is quite well known. but the way he treated his guest..omg..pity them..i wanted to watch that program because 2 of my u-tube idols are on them! but a 30min program with sooo many segments..kinda make both me and the guests lost! (can see that from their smiles) please...if ur program is short..keep it simple. or u will lose all the attention. lucky u have the guests that i love..i was tempted to change to other channel..but they made me stay..hehe..i really really really hope that our shows will improve..learn from aznil, watch all those martha and rachel's..they are good in making people stick till the end of the program..and making them want to watch again..this problem applies to cooking programs too...i love chef wan's but some other chefs..they just failed. too focus on the program..they forgot audience have feelings too..if u treat ur guest bad..we, audience will too feel bad..thus..leaving the channel..

so, moral of the story..learn before u do something new.

getting off topic: gosh i love Qi..envy Yuna!! ;p

gosh..Qi made me crave for cendol! nyum2..kt mane eh wahab cendol ni? ohh..wangsa maju? shidaaa..blk nnt bwk aku g ye ;p

ok..enough said..

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

wonderful holiday!!


just arrived! well..not really actually..haha..arrived at sentral around 5.30am (claps for KTM..their service has improved!! congrats! less delay more people and i love the makcik at KTM alorsetar..she is super friendly! love u makcik! and u n ur husband are very sweet! love u both!) oh..why i said that? the train was scheduled to arrive at sentral at 5.36am..haha..for KTM 6minutes is an achievement! this is an honest compliment ok..very glad about this fact! ^_^ then go for subuh and waited for the komuter till 7am..gosh..always missed the first train..sigh..had breakfast while waiting..and in the train..gosh i was sooo sleepy..dozed off a few times..haha..then reached home around 8am. so it is a 12 hours journey from Alor Setar to my house in bangi..sigh~

i can say that this holiday is something that i like evey now and then..relax and happy and quiet..everyday my day  is pretty much the same..mama kejut for subuh then sleep back (hehe~) then wake up quite early compared before..hahaha..having with the houseworks..the home-stay..then either cook for lunch or eat-out..hehe..even though mama is restricting herself from eating quite a list of and abah still eat everything we wanted..hehe..sorry mama..anyhow..we still love u! muuuaaah! ^_^

i know this is kinda lame..but what i discovered this holiday is..haha..abah, me and fendi have something is common..haha..we are allergic to dust! abah and i were cleaning the house the other day..then both of us end up sneezing and coughing and getting close to get down with fever..haha..then we went to visit fendi's new house in penang..then..haha..fendi too is having same condition as ours..leaving mama feeling left out...haha..and mama was jealous because she is healthy! haha..funny ok! mama got jealous because we got that in common! days before that..a friend of abah told us that i got abah's face and mama's figure..funny how she told me.." ala..macik tu nak amik ati abah la tu.." OMG! mama..hahaha..but i think that is true..i'm very happy with that fact..because abah's face is something that u can spend hours looking at..such a peaceful face..and he has dimple! or i think it is..haha..and i think i got that too..hehe..anyhow..abah..i love u...gosh..writing this making me feel home-sick already! miss home! huhuhu~

ok..another thing that is happening in life is..i think i am in that 'happy phase' again! yippee! i still don't know whether this is really happening or not..but i want to take it as a real thing..i know there might be some obstacles later but i hope we can endure it all together till we reach there. the previous one? what in the past should be left in past right? i stalked on him just now..and i guess he is happier without for u! let's be happy for everything we have now..i am accepting the destiny God made for me..who knows maybe one day he will become the man that i needed. i am always praying to God for that now..gosh how i really want this to happen this time.. last night..he 'teman' me eventho he was tired after going raya with his family..kesian dia..hope we can keep this forever..i am accepting u for what u are as i hope u would accept me as who i more 'that' talk  because all that matter now is heart. Time is what fails me the last 2 times..and i learn my lesson. no more 'time' i hope this is working well now..i know u won't read this..ever..but one of the reasons i love this holiday is having u 'around' hehe..ok..stop the jiwangness! i need to delete all the text msg just to stop me from berangan ..hahaha..geli je~

ok2..time to get-up and do my work!!yosh!! with the help from Mr nescafe maybe? ;p

oh..not forgetting..time waster ;p

Your Dominant Personality Trait is Prudence

You are a responsible and together person. You like structures and schedules.
You don't mind having a long to-do list... in fact, you sort of like checking things off on it.

You are a planner, and you rarely act on impulse. You know what you'll be doing tomorrow.
You are dependable and polite. You do your best not to give anyone any trouble.

You Are Extremely Empathetic

Whenever someone you love feels a certain way, you can't help but feel that way too.
The emotions of others deeply affect you, and it's easy for you to be moved to laughter or tears.

You are very in tune with your surroundings. You immediately pick up on the vibe of a room.
You don't like to see anyone feeling discomfort or pain. You want to make everyone around you as happy as possible.

peace n out ^_^
 ps: i can enjoy colbie caillat has been a while since i stopped listening to her songs ;p

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~if i were a rock~

You Are Intuitive

You are in touch with your "six sense." You don't try to understand the world around you... it just comes naturally.
You are highly sensitive to the point of needing to protect yourself from pain and suffering.

The world can overwhelm you at times. You let yourself escape whenever you need to.
You are selfless and extremely giving. You only want to help those around you.

Your Birthstone Should Be Aquamarine
Aquamarine brings peace and serenity - two things you value highly in your life.
Like most aquamarine wearers, you're always looking to dig deeper. You aren't superficial in any way.

You seek wisdom and truth. You believe that there is so much meaning to be found in life.
You shun gossip and anything mean-spirited. You only have room for positivity in your life.