Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Ramadan to all!


It's second of Ramadan here. But fasting is not a reason to be lazy. So the planning for trips still continues. Hehe. This month perhaps i'm going for usland hopping! Yey! Still planning for the best option for travelling and accomodation. 

Oh i need to write about fasting month here in Glasgow. Yesterday and these few days coming, we are fasting for 20.5 hours because the Fajr is at 2.30am and the break fast is around 10.30pm. Sounds long but luckily my body was trained to adapt with the surrounding. Meaning i know it is time to break fast only after it is dark. So it don't have much different. I do miss bazaar ramadan because usually during fasting month i have to have murtabak. A Malaysian delicacies. So this year, if i want it i need ti make it my own. So let's search for the recipe! Haha 

Brinda's indian food party. This took place last week when her mom and aunt were here. She's from Bangalore so this is the real indian food! Hoho i love this so much! Thanks again Brinda. 

My buddy Fara, already went back to Malaysia for good. So we had this farewell at The Willow Tea Room at Sauchiehall Street. 
And here's everybody at the farewell. All the best fara! We'll meet again soon! Hehe

That day i was strolling in the city. Strolling? Haha and we found 'hari raya' cards in Paperchase! Wehooo! So much of hari raya feel! 
Mini monopoly Fifi bought at one of the antique store. Se how small it is compared to the remote control. So small we are playing this laying on our tummy so that we can see what was written on the board. Haha but it is great fun to kill time. 
See. This is what 11.30pm looks like yesterday. 
Just some strolling picture of me and kak ayu on George Square. With the Glasgow Commonwealth Games logo and Glasgow Citu Council at the background.
And here! Bubble tea!! I love this! If uou know me good enough you would know i love bubble tea! Haha and i'm really glad we have this here in Glasgow. But thr best is still by Chatime. 
Since i got here, i really love making dessert. This time i tried combining agar2 with nutella cheese cake! I love this! Haha 
Haha and here's my first ever Karipap. Ugly but delicious! 

So that's all that happened sincey last post. Hope you enjoy reading my 'nothing' blog hehe

Peace and out~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mending heart


Yesterday was partial bad and partial great. But life must go on. Right ey?

Since everyone went to Livingston for summer sale, i decided to take 'me time'.  After done with meetings, i wander around Glasgow city, first planning to find a spot under a tree near Clyde river. But when i reached St Enoch, i saw a bus. Tried to board the bus and i wanted to buy day pass. But i forgot they wont give back change and i don't have enough change. So i continue my walks. Then i reach Glasgow Central Station
Still not sure what i want to do. So i stepped inside. And aim for the promo tickets or anything such. Then i say the SPT Roundabout ticket which you can but £6.30 ticket and there's more than 100 stops you can reach. Unlimited. For a day. Haha i was happy. 

My first stop was Neilston. Small town with population of 5000. I googled the town and they say the church was build in the 2nd century. So i went to check it out. 
The tower and the graves did look ancient. 
One of the art they put along the walkside. 
Great hill view
This is Newton station. I stop here for transit to go to my next stop. From the bridge i can see Newton as a small village. 

This is my second stop, Motherwell. It was the day the Commonwealth baton passed this town. But i think i missed it. 
North Lanark Heritage Center. Stop here for the view from the tower. 
Here's the view from the tower 
Tjus is the town center. Small town but much to see. Quite near to Glasgow. Placed one park named Strathclyde Park and home for Motherwell FC. 
Third stop, Milngavie (pronounce as mill-guy) nice town. Some how this town felt cooler than Glasgow. 
You can take the West Highland Way route from here up to Fort William. I'm not sure how long I'm going to take if I try. Haha 
Fish ladder for salmon. 
I planned to go to Dumbarton as my next stop but there was a technical problem with the lines and all train was cancelled. And i was stuck in Westerton for almost 2 hours. After the station master told us there is no trains on the way to the station for God knows how long. I headed to the bus stop for the city as i started to feel hungry and tired to wait any longer. 
Heading to the bus stop
I reached Glasgow around 9pm finding this. Ahaha love the idea! So wait for my next journey with bikes. Yey! 

Peace and out~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last week with a friend


It has been a mixed feeling week. The news and the cheering up was a great combination. 

So here's what i did this week. 

Made kuih lopes for the football match lepak session. Haha

This is the view at 11am. And yesterday (21/6/2014) was said to be the longest day. It did not felt that long as i was spending it with great cheerful people. Thanks guys. But yesterday day light was totally gone not until around 11.45pm. Wow! Thank God the night is getting longer now.

This is what technology can offer you. A seminar on the web. Thanks IET.

I tried one recipe for this super yummy ala 'famos amos' cookies. I'm glad everyone love it! The effect of happy friends made happy me 😁

While waiting for subuh yesterday, i made the rainbow cupcakes and the cookies for the second round. Again. Happy friends made happy me 😁
Bridge of Allan. This bridge give the town its name. Nice view. The park alongside the river is a great place for a picnic. All the winter memories are gone. Now i understand why the 4-seasons countries appreciate the sunlight so much. 
Another lepak place. Potential #azybenchproject candidate. But other thing seems much more interesting. 
See. The love is in the air haha
After Bridge of Allan. We walk all the 3km to William Wallace Monument. The view is spectacular! 
If you happen to be anywhere in Scotland. Do visit Stirling and Bridge of Allan. Two small towns yet full of suprises. Nice towns to have a walk. There's also the Sterling University which also place the Scotland Institute of Sports. We are assuming they train Scottish great atheletes here. 
Great friends made the journey even more interesting. I admit that ^_^
Oh. Here's the view from Stirling city centre. We did not visit the Stirling Castle because we are rushing to catch Germany football match. Haha oh well. World Cup fever. I'm affected. 
Stirling train station. Architecture is great. I love it! 
Final stop. Glasgow Queen Street Station.

I have a little regret that i did not start writing everything from the first day i got here. Everything that happened this 9 months are priceless. This somehow has change me. Not entirely sure it is good or bad but whatever it is. I will spend the remaining time in Glasgow as good as i can. Ramadhan is coming next week. It won't be a reason for me to be lazy. Work study and travelling will still be on my schedule. Insyaallah. 
Here's Glasgow Ramadhan timetable for the record. Insyaallah 

So that's all for today. 

I need to start reading books again. I miss reading. 

Peace and out~