Monday, March 15, 2010



new experience definitely will create new since i did my 2nd job last weekend..i did collect good memories..meeting new friends, promoting the chalet to strangers ( talking to strangers is not weird..that's me), laughing, talking, glancing (haha~) and acting cute (agagaga~) so i hereby..admit..i am not a promoter..maybe the skill can be polish..but i would prefer being buyer than the one who need to convince the thing i want to time u see a promoter giving out anything..just take it..and return them a honest would make them happier..because i did!

: cik gaji, cik name card and cik sexy :

my fortune cookie today say "Love is for the lucky and the brave"~

hard to say anything now~

many things happened to me in these few weeks..what i can say..i am not the Azy u know last few years..i have grown..i have opened my eyes bit wider..i've known world in another perspective..i learn thing in my own way ..i am a new person..and i like it~

love urself 1st before u start loving others~

ok2..continue with ur work now..chop2! 

peace n out ^_^

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