Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sorry dear group-mates~


yesterday was serabut day..

1. power e paper work..the sentence in the question paper said it was supposed to be submitted on the presentation day..and ours is on thursday..then..yesterday..shock of the day..she told everyone rite before dismissal..paper work submit by today..omg!!! i was super shocked! and groupmates said they did theirs and waiting for my part..omg..i havent start..because i thought it is due wednesday..then yesterday..my day was super full..till 7.30pm..huhu..blame myself for procrastinating so much..huhu..these 2 weeks starting last 2 weeks was super busy! and i am eager to meet mr thursday! after thursday..after the power e presentation..left assignments only..power sys(15 march monday) pom 15 march and power e mini project on 19 march..huhu..so after 19 march will i be freed from all the stress..yea rite..then came final battles...omg! and i feel like havent learn anything..omg omg there...final starts on 26 then 29 then 31 then 2 april..then on 5th..i'll start my practical..omg again!!! and KLIA really make my butterflies uneasy..haish~

oh..perodua selection will be on this thursday..so if and only if i got that..then problem settle~ ^_^

You Are a Giraffe

You are a down to earth and realistic creature. You are able to take the long view on things.
You worry more than most people. You tend to see what's coming before anyone else does.

You are very quiet and reserved. You prefer being an observer to being the center of attention.
You enjoy routine. You need structure in your life to feel truly happy and relaxed.

i am down to earth and realistic creature. hehe~
i am able to take the long view on things. looking at the bigger picture they say~
You worry more than most people. i am a girl but not yet a woman..typical females~
You tend to see what's coming before anyone else does. due to too much thinking~

am i VERY quiet and reserved. haha..not sure bout this~

i do prefer being an observer than being the center of attention. i cant bare someone standing beside or behind me..en amin and en zainal..please read this!!!
i enjoy routine. You need structure in your life to feel truly happy and relaxed. haha..sadly to say..yes i am~ 

hehe..so i am a giraffe~ ^_^

You Are Burger King
You are edgy, irreverent, and a risk taker. You enjoy anything that's bold and brash.
You say whatever is on your mind, and you occasionally offend people... but mostly you just entertain them.

You are very unique, and you don't like following rules. You like to have things done your way.
And just because you do things your way, it doesn't mean you're stubborn. You're the first person to experiment and mix things up a bit.

so contra with the previous one..haha..so i would like to conclude that..i am a mix..i am super flexible..i am unpredictable..i am sombong..i am adorable (they say..not me say ;p) i am average..i am talkative i am silent i love shopping but i am broke..i am a procrastinator i am hardworking i am a go-getter i love being busy..i am single..i am the sport head of ilmu..and i am talking nonsense..thank you~ *_*

hmm...i am thinking..should i do another blog for practical or should i put this one but labeling it under A label? hmmm..as i am a regular blogger..it seem like a waste if i will be doing it in another place..and i am pretty sure this blog would be abandon for 12 weeks if i create another blog to write everyday reporting what happen each day..huhu~ 

any ideas?

what's ahead?
today..nothing much will happen..only lab test at 11am..which i havent start studying or making toyol..haha..the lab test is a must of having toyol because it is somewhat allowable..hehehe..

tomorrow: wednesday..award nite!!! rehearsal at 2pm but my class finishes at 4pm..so wait for me my dear friends~

thursday: power e presentation..what will happen then? will i be bombarded with questions which would puzzled me for the rest of my life? haha.. exaggerate~ 

so bare with me dear readers..this is the weeks of business (bzness? oh..now i know..no wonder they say biznes as business..hahaha..or did i type wrongly? hmmm..busy..busying? (menyebok?) busyness? business? haha..my english gone kaputt~

ok2..study azy study..

heart problem..one say one wont kacau me when come to study week..one didnt know i would need one dearly during this tension period..but suit one..i am being ego and all..so i'll try to endure this life as normal as possible..would i or wouldnt i?

life is full of questions~

: my life :

peace n out ^_^ 

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