Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life Live Updates~


Yey!! After the long's the new things in life now~

Next travel destination in THE list are as follows:

1. Singapore: October 2015

2. Korea: April 2016

3. Australia: August 2016

These seriously requires so much attention (money attention I mean haha~)

So the nearest one will be Singapore, next month.

Seriously can't wait for this..I need this vacation more than anything else~

The S'pore trip will focus only on please please expect vast amount of food pictures coming the later entries. hehe


Since my friend Adira has done much of the planning for Singapore, my head is pretty much focus on the Korean and Aussie trip. 

The Korean trip will be done with my 2 girls, Shafiqa and Brinda.

But the one to Aussie, will be done solo!! hoho..need to plan bit more for that. 

I will try to put all the plans here as for my own and for everyone else's reference. 

Just hope it can be useful not only for me but to others as well ^_^

That's all for today peeps

Peace and out~