Thursday, December 3, 2015

New chapter!


It has been a while..

Update from the last entry..Singapore trip cancelled at the last 2 hours. Because relates to my past and I was not ready to re-enter that phase yet. 

Ok enough on that matter.

How much do you believe on this phrase?

"Everything happens for a reason"

Well I do believe that even more today.

Oh yeah..long story short, I've started with my new job last Friday. After so much drama at the old ones. So much that the last day at work, a lot of true stories came up which bring tears to a lot of people. 

Somehow I believe, eventhough it didn't end well there, it was for a greater good.

Today, while I was day-dreaming (opps.. haha sorry boss) my working life sort of came back..

First job; building maintenance

Learnt how to manage people.
Respect should be earned
Not everyone as good or as bad as they seems like
Never judge a book from its cover

Second job; building maintenance
Different point of view

Never underestimate people
Your enemy can somehow be your best friend

Third job: project management


Never ever get involved or even care bout the office politics
Be the 'Yes boss person" is the way to go up up up up! 
**** the ****

Forth job: project management

Finally, something that I did learned!! yey!
Actually what makes me want to write on this topic is because.. I just realized.

I did gain something from all the previous works. So thanks bosses..oh..ex-bosses.

 I do appreciate what ever u had teach me all along those time. 

Jan 2012 till present

3 years minus 1 year of magical Scotland experience ^_^

I do hope I can learn everything properly this time. 

Might share something educational on the blog. hahaha. 

So..stay tune!!! 

peace and out~

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Singapore here we go!


Last week has been a hell and I need a new adventure! 

So next trip..Singapore!

Flight tickets done!

Still looking at accommodation choices 

List of sight seeing almost done. 

Supposedly I'll be with another friend but she end up with emergency works and need to cancelled our adventure.

She suggested us to postpone the trip but well..I managed to do solo trip in why not Singapore? aite?

So stay tune for my trip updates next week ^_^

Peace and oout~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trips done


A friend of mine was asking for my opinion for her Eurotrip and made me realized; I have not reported on my first Eurotrip (before my solo trip) which was done with my parents and their friends. Before that, I want to report all the listed trips in my BOOK OF DREAMs ^_^


Cool aite? haha. I have written everything in here. But still I have missed out a LOT! huhu~
Note: My fav SCOTLAND pen there! hehe

List of destination in my Book of Dreams

1. Stonehaven, Scotland 
(my fav! been there 3 times! ^_^)

Lovely view

Dunnottar Castle


2. Edinburgh, Scotland 
(been there more than 3 times for sure. haha. 
But the last one with the Harry Potter Trail walk was the best!)
Family pictures haha

Calton Hill

3. Nottingham, England
This trip was for Malaysian Games at Uni of Nottingham. Great city
The only blur picture from the trip haha

4. Stirling, Scotland
Land of William Wallace
Falkirk Wheel


5. Germany

Then the trips with Nani to Germany!!

In Berlin

6. then back to UK

Loch Lomond

Fort William

Eileen Donan Castle (Kuch Kuch Ho ta Hei castle)

Isle of Skye (Skye Fall)

Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter Bridge)


Stein Inn, Waternish
Kiltrock, Skye

7. Eurotrip with le parents 

8. Glasgow

9. Isle of Skye 2nd trip 

John O' Groat
Cape Wrath

10. Northern Ireland, 
Giant Causeway,Coleraine
Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Ultimate solo Eurotrip
11. Dublin, Ireland

12. Oslo, Norway

13. Stockholm, Sweden

14. Warsaw, Poland

15. Budapest, Hungary

16. Vienna, Austria

17. Prague,  Czech Republic

18. Geneva, Switzerland

19. Nice, France

20. London, England

Oh gosh. I know these look confusing and messy. I promise I will arrange everything back. 

I can never be over with this aite? huhu~

Too much great memories. 

Peace and out~

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life Live Updates~


Yey!! After the long's the new things in life now~

Next travel destination in THE list are as follows:

1. Singapore: October 2015

2. Korea: April 2016

3. Australia: August 2016

These seriously requires so much attention (money attention I mean haha~)

So the nearest one will be Singapore, next month.

Seriously can't wait for this..I need this vacation more than anything else~

The S'pore trip will focus only on please please expect vast amount of food pictures coming the later entries. hehe


Since my friend Adira has done much of the planning for Singapore, my head is pretty much focus on the Korean and Aussie trip. 

The Korean trip will be done with my 2 girls, Shafiqa and Brinda.

But the one to Aussie, will be done solo!! hoho..need to plan bit more for that. 

I will try to put all the plans here as for my own and for everyone else's reference. 

Just hope it can be useful not only for me but to others as well ^_^

That's all for today peeps

Peace and out~

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 21: Nice, France - London, UK - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


So, before I'm heading back to Malaysia for good, my last stop is London.
My last meal here. Arabiata.

Royal Albert Hall

The wings 

So this is what it looks like~

The best thing you are going to hope for. 

Last person I met in London. Thanks Edmund ^_^


Humongous wing of MH0001

So that's sum up my 20 days Eurotrip with budget of RM5000 circa GBP1000 
(the last MARA allowance that was eh hehe)

So do wait for my next trips. 

Oct 2015: Singapore
April 2016: Korea
August 2016: Australia 


Peace n out~

Day 19 and 20: Nice(France), Ventimiglia(Italy) and Monte Carlo(Monaco)


The fresh market where I definitely go crazy on the pastas

The pastaaaas

The walk while food hunting

The beach

Gelato = ice cream

haha never thought of that before

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Gosh! Look at those ships!! Cruise? Boat? Gosh~

Michael Schumacher was here ^_^

Monte Carlo famous spot

Peace n out~

Day 18: Geneva, Switzerland - Nice, France


Nice, France.

Fingers still lazy~

So please enjoy these pictures first ok ^_^

Biggest cat I have ever seen!!

Thanks Tikah for the precious trip! Lav yahh! ^_^


Since I am such a pasta lover! So the first thing in my mind when I reached Italy was the spaghetti and pizza.

My Malay tastebuds dont really enjoy these. Still need the spiciness in food.

Nice SNCF train station. 

The train station, cool rite!

Me and my happy pose

Night walk

I love this. 
The view and the moon and the beach. We just lie on the beach for like 40 mins talking about life and stuff 

Me and coffee. While waiting for Tikah.

Me, coffee and cheese cake

My tea time view.

Time to go back to London

That was the security doing checks on all the airport's night sleepers. There are quite a number of homeless here.

No worries, just make sure you have your boarding pass in hand, show them and they will let you sleep in peace 

For kids. ONLY T_T

So that's pretty much sum up my trip to France.

Peace and out~