Friday, March 12, 2010

bz week~


finally..after a week of hectic life..i am able to breathe i? last 2 weeks..i was busy with futsal stuff, then this week..busy with award night, and week..predicting: will be busy for assignments that will be submitted on monday and friday..hmm pom and power sys on monday, power e on friday..omg! and this weekend..gotta work..i'll tell about it i am kinda nervous..not knowing what to expect..anyway..i'm going to miss my students this saturday..huhu~

oh..yesterday i went to the selection for the practical by doing project with uniten..hmm..hard to put it on words..haha..there will be a competition..perodua gave us car: viva manual 1.0..and we are required to modify it so it can go with highest speed with less fuel consumption.  so i went there to undergo the selection as the technical team..but i know nothing bout i dont expect much..but if they did chose me..i am willing to learn..i love F1 since i was in form 2..1st race ever in malaysia..then only after schumi was out i kinda lost interest in F1..but deep in my heart..i do love speed and car very much..influences from brothers i if i can be one of the team..i can learn everything bout car as we will tear the car to parts..then reconstruct it to fit our specifications..and the fun part..haha..i am the only girl went to the selection..another turn for me~

since those events i joined..being the organizer and all..i can interact with people more..haha..friends might laugh on this..i am not a social butterfly..i can interact with makciks and fellow girls alhamdullilah with no fear..but i blame la..being in all-girls school for 9 years and not having guy friends around my housing area..really make me unfriendly to guys..well..maybe tru ym i can but face-to-face..haha..if u a guy..and u are talking to me..then if u would notice it..i will sometimes can look straight in the eyes..but if i could..that means..i am comfortable enough with u..u should be proud then..haha..but f i cant look into ur eyes and i sometimes blinking my eyes unexpectedly..that means..its either it was our first time talking or i have feelings for u (hahaha) or mission failed..hahaha..but in these two weeks..i found myself develop a bit..haha..i can communicate with guys and girls and elders better!! yey!! improvement!! ^_^

positive!!!! ^_^

heart problem..seems to fluctuate..ignoring my plead and telling u r going out with other girl will only turn me off..the list get more crosses than considering is still going on~

ps: thanx dear readers..the feedjit shows that u are even from outside malaysia..germany is shida..i know its u sayang..then there are few from europe and india and the US..thanks for visiting folks! love u all!! ^_^

love myself to love others..making someone happy will make me happy too..and keep the positive thoughts!!! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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