Friday, March 19, 2010

decision approved! yey!


i have told mama my decision to do practical at MAS..eventho she sound not so happy but later then..i ask this and that..and she seems to be as excited as i insyaallah..everything will be fine~

i am borrowing fendi's car( but mama already warned me of not going else where..haha..ok mama!) but the problem is..i need to get the car from alor setar..and biggest problem is..i need to drive all by my own on the 4th..alor setar to kl..hmm..can i do it? gosh! after this sem final exam..i am going to be fully adult (emm~) just because i need to drive alone from kedah to kl and then i will start working..whoa...really is like an adult..can i do it? yes i can!! (bob the builder style ^_^)

hmm..i still wish someone will come with me..its 6 hours driving ok..and the next day i am working..gosh! huhu~
anyone free that weekend? all expenses on me! please2~

ok..enough bout practical~

today: woke up quite late today because last night i slept at 2am finishing the power e mini project..thank God husni will do the final touch up..because only he know what he's going..haha..gosh..what did i learnt this sem? nothing in my head..know the names but if u ask me what this and that is all in the drain..huhu..will this week be enough for last minute cramp? 5 subjects in a week? the promis with ir yeoh..100% for power ur best azy!!

after class today..i am happy..suddenly everyone was talking to me..and i hope i did talked to them it is true..if we socialize..we get to know more people..surely..haha..(what am i crapping here?)

i am sorry for doing this..but if and only if i can tell u..u hurt my feeling again and again n again..why cant u understand..but still again..u seem to missed it and acted like nothing happened..again..u are good at new me think..i should go with the flow..i need to concentrate on u always do..but i am considering of flying solo~

if and only if u read this..which i doubt~

oh2.. switching mood!!

tomorrow..the plan is~

7am: breakfast with ita
then head to putrajaya for hot air balloon!! yey!! hope can get ticket to get on one *pray*
10.30am: tuition with the kids..i hope u do ur homework! *piap2*
5pm: alamanda for some kasut-hunt
6pm till night: night glow plus fireworks!!! yey!!!!

hope this time we wont get frustrated like before..aminn~

so thats all happening in my life rite now..with all the assignments done..projects and things done..can concentrate on study..a week..then friday..the battle start!!! yosh!!

wish me luck~

peace n out ^_^

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