Sunday, March 28, 2010



i am being super ambitious these days..why? to run from the heart matters maybe? haha..anyhow..i am trying to make myself super busy so that i wont have time to think bout i pathetic? do i care? hahaha..i am happier like i? haha..sometimes i think i lie to myself just to heal the heart..hmm~

heilbronn? ok..i am looking forward to go there..pray for me! :D tuition today.. attendance: nowadays~

study does make me sick..took panadols to make this headache gone..hope it wont come back~

to my syg, shida..thanks so much for calling! plus the after topic..hehe..u made me blush all the way..again~
semangat aku nk study..cewah..konon..hehe~ papers..still 4 more to go..huhu..cant wait to go back..but just for 1 day..huhu..sad~

future future future..

did i think too much of the future, i neglect the present?

peace n out ^_^

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