Friday, April 2, 2010


salam~ 12pm today..i will be a free girl!! yey!! last paper of the sem..haha..hope will pass everything..dont want to repeat anything..huhu..yosh!!! techcomm here i come! :D paper is this morning..and yet i spend last evening at alamanda..AGAIN! haha..i think even the gsc counter kid recognize us ita..hahaha..we watched this with kisas..haha..threesome they said..haha..anyhow..i still cant figure it out why i dont mind joining my friends going for date..haha..maybe because i dont have my own date? haha..whateva~

the movie was ok..since i wasnt keen on watching one..and i do admit..action movies need to be watched at stories..can be sedoted..em..downloaded or pirated..hehe..and luckily mr avatar was level of imagination has increased..i was hoping mr avatar will turn blue anytime..haha..gosh i love avatar..oh yea..speaking bout avatar..the last airbender is coming out..but the director is mr m night be expecting cute i am expecting a dark will be definitely on the list..hehe..along with toy story, shrek 3..i wish to watch them in 3D..but the problem is..this 3 months later..all my friends are going back for who would go with me? hmm..should fine someone..who will it be?

Clash Of The Titan

: i watched it on 1st april :

love mr avatar~ ^_^
he has normal feet! yey! haha~

: wiwiiit..cant wait for this! please ignore the quality..hehe~ :

: these are the casts..cant wait cant wait!! :

ok..need to study for my last paper..wish me luck!! 

the heart is hurt due to words again..hish~

peace n out ^_^

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