Thursday, December 3, 2015

New chapter!


It has been a while..

Update from the last entry..Singapore trip cancelled at the last 2 hours. Because relates to my past and I was not ready to re-enter that phase yet. 

Ok enough on that matter.

How much do you believe on this phrase?

"Everything happens for a reason"

Well I do believe that even more today.

Oh yeah..long story short, I've started with my new job last Friday. After so much drama at the old ones. So much that the last day at work, a lot of true stories came up which bring tears to a lot of people. 

Somehow I believe, eventhough it didn't end well there, it was for a greater good.

Today, while I was day-dreaming (opps.. haha sorry boss) my working life sort of came back..

First job; building maintenance

Learnt how to manage people.
Respect should be earned
Not everyone as good or as bad as they seems like
Never judge a book from its cover

Second job; building maintenance
Different point of view

Never underestimate people
Your enemy can somehow be your best friend

Third job: project management


Never ever get involved or even care bout the office politics
Be the 'Yes boss person" is the way to go up up up up! 
**** the ****

Forth job: project management

Finally, something that I did learned!! yey!
Actually what makes me want to write on this topic is because.. I just realized.

I did gain something from all the previous works. So thanks bosses..oh..ex-bosses.

 I do appreciate what ever u had teach me all along those time. 

Jan 2012 till present

3 years minus 1 year of magical Scotland experience ^_^

I do hope I can learn everything properly this time. 

Might share something educational on the blog. hahaha. 

So..stay tune!!! 

peace and out~