Tuesday, June 29, 2010

can i not be a lecturer?

when i was just a little girl..
i asked my mother what will i be..
will i be pretty..
will i be rich..
here's what she said to me..

que sera sera..what ever will be will be..
the future's not ours to see..
que sera sera
what will be will be~


till today, there are few people saying that i should consider being a lecturer later..not that i hate the idea..just that  i dont think i can be a good one..well for now maybe..i cant really stand doing the same thing over and over again everyday..thats one..plus i dont think i can be kind enough too kids and not to 'tenyeh' them..hahaha..enough said~

en azmi said, being lecturer can earn better money with not so much stress..but my own lecturer said otherwise..then today i met my uncle, whose 3 daughters are lecturers..gosh..and he was saying to me that i should too be a lecturer..then like i used to tell en azmi back at the office.insyallah sy xakan jd lecturer kot..hehe..but only Allah know best what am I going to be in later future..so what will be will be~

gosh i miss them at the office soooo much!! thanks fiza, abg jenal and abg maswan for all the calls and text~ ^_^

here are time waster again! hoho~

Adventure is in Your Big Picture

Right now you're going where no person has gone before. There isn't a well paved path to your destination.
You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.*so true~

You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.
You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.*redah je~

Your Vision is Bold

More than anything else, you'd like people to follow their passions and dreams.
It's minds like yours that have encouraged others to do what they love and make their lives count.

You have always lived big and acted impulsively. You don't like to overthink anything.
You feel most alive right before you make a big change. It's probably why you make so many of them.

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, June 26, 2010

internship part 12: final episode~

week12 day 1: count down started..huhu~


today is monday..and everyone was talking about this week being my final week there..and it was very sad..and kinda depressing..huhu..because i think i will definitely miss them all~

today dr yasmin hanum as my uni supervisor came to visit..and it was a blast..usually only en shahar would join the meeting..but today..en din also joined..thanks en din..eventho u say i was byk mulut..but finally u did say my inquiry is very good..haha..thank a million en din! the visit started with dr yasmin called that she arrived at the visitor centre..then...i help with the pass..because pass matter is always a fuss to everyone..then i took her around the campus..then i brought her to the office..en shahar first told that he got a meeting..and i was scared if he cant meet my supervisor..then next thing i know..both he and en din doing the favor..thanks so much! and the discussion with them lasted around 45min i think..then me and dr yasmin continued discussing and more like a borak2..hehe..thanks dr..i was scared at first..but since it was u..so i am a bit relieved..since i took signal with her few sems ago. so the meeting lasted 3 hours..wow! 3pm till 6pm..so alhamdullilah..everything went a OK! thanks to all!

danke schoen~

schuzyy is relieved..and hope she can get 20% out of 20%..amin..hehe~

week11 day 2: farewell party and staff meeting~


today, we had a mkn2 event..it was a staff meeting plus farewell for me n fiza, thanks so much everyone! ^_^

Thanks again everyone!

week12 day 3: LAE?


today, practical students from subang that we met last week came to klia..serangan balas? eh..lawatan balas..hehe..so as their bos requested..they need to follow mr maswan and ask about BCMS and how it works..so me and fiza also joined them..then..the day finally arrived!!!

since few weeks back..the week we went to hangar06 with en azhar to repair the pump, we met en halim, penghulu of the hangar..i ask en halim then, can i see how the perot of an aircraft looks like..he said..he cant let me in..but if en shahar write an email and sent to him..he might consider it as an oficial visit..so last tuesday..i said to en shahar..sad la..xsempat nk tgk aircraft..then he out of the sudden, he email en halim..but since its already tuesday..he said..dont put on much hope..it is in such a short notice..so..today..i keep on asking en shahar..has en halim replied? then around 11pm..when we came back from AHU at the penthouse, en shahar said..get ready! the penghulu has spoken!! weehooo! my dream some true!!! i got to see perot of an aircraft!!! thanks to en shahar and en halim!! u really made my day!!! we were taken into the cabin, then into the coppit( is this correct?) then we met mr samuel..and LAE, license aircraft engineer..he's expert in radio system..so we aske so much on how to be a LAE..he told us this and that..and i am all excited!!! and i am thinking whether or not to change course? haha~

schuzyy is reconsidering~

week12 day 4: amanat and thoughts that counts~


today was a bit sad because last night was the last time i got to see fiza as my fellow practical student at MAS..she went to perth for holiday..leaving me alone today..so today i arrived at the office at 8.30am..intentionally because i am used to be 2nd after her..huhu..so i missed her already..then i came in the office and i found as usual, mr jamal and k ina was there..and k shima was early today too..then k shima called me and she gave 2 gifts..a mascargo pen and a shawl..thanks so much k shima!!! and then around 9.30am, the senior general manager from subang came in to give them briefing about the current situation at the department..it was quite serious..i dont think i should say much in here..it their secrets..so better be quite..the meeting ended at 12.30pm..gosh it was long..but because it wasnt so formal..plus they provide foods and drinks..i managed to get thru till the end..hehe..then..i spent much of the time today doing my report~

then at 4pm..en azmi called me into his office..that was the last time i got to see him because tomorrow he wont be around..so that our final goodbyes..huhu..he told me so much that i really want to know..about life, future, LAE, getting the IR title..what to do later..and he said i can look for him rite after i graduate later..yey!! i love that idea so much!!! love u all so much!

en azmi's amanat..find works that suit 3 criteria; salary, work scope, environment..and yes..MAS has it all~

schuzyy wish she could stay..

week12 day 5: last day at Property MAS KLIA


today is my last day at the MAS Property Department, KLIA. it was a a very sad day..even the weather are not soo nice today..raining and cloudy all day..

thanks everone..u will be in my heart forever..

i gain knowledge and i gain experience that i never expect to learn when i first step my foot there..thanks for everything~

hope we can meet again..

thanks for everything u taught me..i will remember all the words, lesson, advice~

schuzyy is hoping the relationship will remain like this forever~

60 super fun days are over..hope can see them again~


officially my practical days at MAS with the property department are over..i will definitely remember them forever..all their wishes that i wont forget, go there to see them again..will try to do that..but i am just afraid that they will forget me..ya la..they will get few hundreds more intern am am just one of the hundreds..it is ok..am happy enough that they accept my stay there for the past 60 days..it was my best 60 days ever..well..it was 59days actually..i took a day off when i went back to kedah..hehe..so it was 59 best days ever! as far as i remember..only 1 day out of 59 was bad..well.it was actually my own fault..half day was because of what i wrote on the blog..then the other was because i had not enough sleep the day before..haha..but both was caused by the same person..gosh..aaa whatever..all i know that i will remember everything i learn there forever..the people..the knowledge..the memories..haish..dont cry azy..its not like u cant see them anymore..they told u u can just go there and ring them..so do it~

last night abg megat invited me to have dinner with him and family..so i met his wife, kak faridah and kids..we went to aunty aini's..the place was so nice! google it if u want to see..it is in nilai..about 30min from bangi..so i might go there again! hoho..i had some fish dishes..abg megat had masak lemak ikang tenggiri if i was not mistaken..it was so good!!! kak fariday had burger..it was too nice! the kids had same dish as mine...well..i tiru them actually..hehe..had mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and ice cream tapai and banana split..i was sooo full..my eyes was almost close when i drive home..thank God i made it home..alhamdullilah~

i thought i will cry a river yesterday..but to my own surprise i just cried twice..once when bye2 with fiza and 2nd was with k ina..huhu..i think i had something with airport..i cant have a farewell at airport..i think that just remind me of zira..huhu..so later i should avoid having goodbyes at airport..wuwuuu~

k ina: memories of disturbing her every morning..went to mail office..

k shima: her bubbly words..the day at wet world..thanks so much k shima!!

k leha: love to hug her again! cant forget she said i broke the tradition of intern there by being known by others..weird but thats me..haha~

en din: his tajam's words..and the way he jokes..irritating but knowing him, it was all his way of joking and mixing..love u en din!! my second abah! ;p

en azmi: i'll remember ur advice..3 criteria: salary, environment and passion for the work

abg maswan: thanks for taking me and fiza around..u create my interest in air-cond..en azmi said..it was good for me to know those stuff..love to see u again~

abg megat: thanks for everything u taught me..and for the dinner..hehe~

abg zaflee: thanks for the wednesday dinner too..and all the garang2 faces..and the knowledge..u are just like my brother..miss u both!

abg zainal@abg jenal: thanks for being the place for me and fiza to hang around..if u werent there our live will just be so boring..hoho..happy facebooking! ^_^

wak dahari: thanks for all the knowledge!! u made my electrical knowledge expand! oh..and thanks for the lunch ;p

abg mokhtar: thanks for everything too! let our little secret remain silence ok~ ;p

ANE: thanks for taking us around, knowing ur works let me feel it is never dangerous when working with electric..hoho

abg jamal: thanks for all the souvenirs and talks..i will remember all the life lesson u told me..huhu..

everyone else! i will miss u! dont forget me please~

hmm..will anyone there read this? haha..its ok~

they say, when i become a boss later dont forget the staff..be good to them..gosh..that was a big advice! will i be a boss? hmmm~

ok..time-wasters as always..hehe~

You Are a Bit Cool

You like to keep a bit of distance from other people. You take an interest in them, but you don't like to get too involved.*yeke? hmm~

You are a confident person, and you're aware of the image you project. You act like you're in control even when you're not.*haha..so true..

You are very comfortable around people, and you enjoy talking with strangers. You are approachable.*setuju!

You are engaged and paying attention to the world. You are a good listener.*i was a prs remember? ;p

You Fall in Love Slowly

You are yourself in relationships. You are very honest and real sometimes to your detriment.*yup!

For you, love is exciting and invigorating. Love puts a spring in your step.*yes..it does~

You don't have a checklist when it comes to your perfect partner. You're open to whatever happens in your life.

You shy away from intimacy and connection right away. You need shared experiences in order to build up trust.

Rain Makes You Happy

You tend to move slowly, but you still get a lot done. You are steady.*yes..but i think i am a last minute person..haha~

You are down to earth and practical. You like to live an ordered and organized life.*yeaaah rite..go with the flow more like~

You find it difficult to be comfortable, and you are often shocked by your surroundings.*not so much~

You prefer to be around people who are familiar and trusted. Your best friends are your oldest friends.

You find peace when you are alone. You know how to balance your emotions well.*true~

the lyrics~
You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change. (Saranghae)

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why are you trying to, to make me leave ya I know what youre thinking Baby why arent you listening How can I just Just love someone else and Forget you completely When I know you still love me

Telling me youre not good enough My life with you is just too tough You know its not right so Just stop and come back boy How can this be When we were meant to be

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why cant we just, just be like this cause its you that i need and nothing else until the end Who else can ever make me feel the way I I feel when Im with you, no one will ever do

Telling me youre not good enough My life with you is just too tough You know me enough so you know what I need boy Right next to you is where I need to be.

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I dont want no body, body I dont want no body, body

Honey you know its you that I want, Its you that I need Why cant you see~

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I dont want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free Nothing else matters other than you and me so tell me why cant it be please let me live my life my way why do you push me away i dont want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you

my words:
i like this song and the dance..not that i want to dance like this..haha..i tried actually..gaga..dont ask me to do it in public..u die if u do~
i know this song is kinda yesterday..but well..i am a very yesterday person..kuno la katakan..hoho..but i still like the lyrics..jiwang a bit but what..it's cute isnt it..;p

hmm..am i bubbly enough? people seem to prefer bubbly person than quiet ones..which one am i?

Thursday, June 24, 2010



tomorrow is my last day as an intern at MAS..huhu..and this week is the best..tuesday, farewell for me n fiza and we got watch each..huhu..thank you so much Property department! wednesday's night dinner with fiza, abg zaflee, abg jenal n abg maswan. thanks abg zaflee blanja ktorg!! and today, k shima gave me a parker mas kargo pen and a shawl from dubai..and found fiza's cute note and bookmark..and the evening..en azmi talked to me about my future and he even said..i can come to him when i graduated later..sob2..this is making me cry..and just now..abg megat called saying that he invite me to have dinner with his family..yey! meeting his wife and kids! and k shima called asking whether i still go to klia tomorrow..because she thought en azmi see me because i'm not going there anymore..sob2..terharu!!! huhu..abg jamal said..he would give me a call when he come to bangi..abg zaflee and abg maswan said..they will organize bowling at alamanda and they will call me up too..huhu..abg jenal wore his baju putih today because i requested for sooo many times..and my last wish before my last day is to see him with baju putih..and today he did!!! omg! i love everyone!!! how i wish i can stay there forever!!! sobs2~

so much that i learned from u guys! all the life lesson..all the laughs the story the knowledge will be remember as long as i live insyaallah~

staff of MAS property!! u are the best people i ever knew!!! i hope we can still keep in touch! dont delete my number ok ;p

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



today the office held a staff meeting plus farewell for me n fiza..thanks everyone!

thanks for everything everyone..hope u like my speech..and again..i am sorry if i did anything wrong truout these 12 weeks.

and thanks Property Department MAS,KLIA for this watch! i sure will look at this watch when i miss each of u guys..thanks so much!

i had my mood swing today..i'm not sure what happen..but i was not so happy today..well..maybe because i had too much fun yesterday..huhu~

time waster ;p

You're Sweet Because You're Kind

You believe that this can be a hard life and a cruel world, so you cut others lots of slack.* true~

You think the way to cultivate kindness is to be kind. And you are one of the nicest people around.
*am very2 agreeeee! but now..i am less nice..too much drama~

You tend to believe in forgiving and forgetting. It's easier said than done, but you're pretty good at it.
*i'm a good pretender~

You think that in the end, nothing is as big a deal as it seems. People need to let go more.
*true..be good people~

Monday, June 21, 2010

best day ever!


i love monday..well not every monday..only this one..hehe~

i am in such a good mood..i hope this week will be my super happy week..

morning kinda start slow..really? arrived at 8am..as usual..but last friday i arrived at 9am..hehe..due to some reasons..then at 9am..sad cos k ina was on leave..and k leha said she fasting..so we waited for k leha..then..we went down to the cafe for some breakfast..then..came back to the office..abg zaflee gave me a kerja skolah...helping him with ordering lamp fitting..after completing that..me and fiza followed abg maswan to cargo..gosh..weird..felt so sad when he said..oh..de 4 ari lg eh? huhu..yes..i will miss u..wuwuu..and i asked him to roger me if he come to bangi...he said he will..hehe..glad to hear that..then came back from cargo..abg jamal said we can joined him for lunch at mab cafe..so we joined..he belanja us again..hehe..thanks so much abg jamal! then we came back to the office around 2pm..then i started calling my supervisor, dr yasmin..then around 3pm..she called me back said that she already at the klia exit..so i was so nervous..i printed the permission letter that k ina prepared last friday..then i fetched dr yasmin at the visitor center..and i took her for a quick tour around the campus..then i took her to the office..to my surprise, both en din and en shahar are there to meet dr yasmin..i dont know what en shahar would say tomorrow..i was all the time trying not to laugh..haha..i dont know what so funny..but looking at both of them so professional really stump me..but it seems so funny that i think i knew the slumber side of them..haha..anyway..thanks so much en din for the kind evaluation..hehe..and thanks to en shahar for the kindest comments..i was kinda flew around the room when they said i wasw a good trainee and all..my questions and all..haha..so funny..then i took dr yasmin to hangar06 cafe for late lunch..so sorry dr yasmin..i was soo nervous that i forgot to ask first thing i met u...hehe..and thanks for blanja-ing me..hehe..at 6pm..after i sent dr yasmin back to her car..i went back to the office finding en din and en azmi at his room..and he ask what dr yasmin said..and telling them what happed and what i was trying to stop laughing about..and yes..they did laughed along..hehe..and after some incident..me and fiza later on..went to book for satey for tomorow..then i went home..and pick the new york cheese cake for tomorrow too..but the cake i ordered at the presint15 finished..lucky them i was in a good mood..so i am happily drive to alamanda and get the cake there..funny part there..i jokingly said to the girl there..kn bg diskaun ni..sy kn drv g alamanda lak..then she said..alamak..sori kak..ok la sy blanje akak 1 slice kek..and i was like..ok gak tu..haha..my luck..alhamdulilah~ thanks Allah..i was so depressed and sad last 2 days..and u healed my heart today..see i told you i am very happy there ^_^


hope another 4 days there will be as happy as today~


oh..1 time-waster ;p

You Are Rebellious

You make seem sweet at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving. *hehe..do trust this thing once! ;p

You are a total rebel who likes to do things your own way. You're really quite subversive.*betol3~

You can get what you want through charm and grace. When people are around you, they don't know what hit them.*tried..worked few times..winks~

You tend to have a pretty big agenda, but you hold your cards close to your chest.*i'm a baaad girl~

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, June 20, 2010

when you hate something for too long, you'll fall in love with them?

happy father's day abah!!


today Sunday is the day to celebrate all fathers in the world..some might say..this is not ours to celebrate but for me..it is true..but since it is our own father..what's wrong with it rite? Valentine is another thing..so that's why i am against it..so well..back to the topic again..

my abah, ishak bin othman is a retired man with a grandson..and a wife and 2 sons and me..the only daughter..hoho..now..i think..what he do everyday..breakfast with mama at the kopitiam..lunch at different kedai each day..and kebun in the evening..haha..oh..and masjid..thanks God he still got those activities to make him busy all days..i am quite wory he wont have anything to do..because mama i know..she know what to do to keep her brain working..thinking bout everything even if it wasnt really important..haha..thats my mama..

after the accident in 1999..i was so worried if abah my take-off leaving mama or anything..yes..that was drama's influence..usually..in drama, the husband would leave his sick wife at home..lucky i got abah as my father..but come to think of it..mama used to take care of him when he was in the hospital few years back..and plus..the fact that they were married for 33 years and 4 months (24021977) is the main reason why they can still be together till today..after all those ups and downs..they know each other too good to do any stupid things..abah is a super patient person i ever met..i remember mama told me to find a husband like abah..hehe..so sweet~

ok..drama review :
cerekarama 19062010
title: sutera dselabalik wajah
stared by rosyam nor, few good actors that i think have played their role good..and new faces too..whom pretty much should be there..haish

the story was about how sufian(rosham) raised his son and daughter after his wife death. with the help of his mother, mariani to take care of his children..he was punishing himself with work work work..because he doesnt want his children to suffer like him..he work with alamflora, taking trash, kutip tin and kotak to sell..all to fulfill what he could for his children. lucky, his daughter understood his situation..his mother was kind enough to help..the problem here is..the son..he befriended with all rich kids in school..but mind me..i think they act so kayu..hehe..sorry..and sometimes overreact too..oh..i think the boy only la..the rich boy who got jealous with kimi, the son...sorry..i am a hard critic..the moral of the story is how a kid should be told of the family financial status..so that he understand better..lucky the father didnt die in that accident..so i hope kimi will be better after that incident..

with all those good actors..i think the drama should give better impact..

so i rate it as 2/5..sorry miss director..good luck next time~

gosh..i wish there will be more drama like last week's.

there's something that is on my mind now..it hurt me again n again..but still i just seem not to learn the lesson..so..from now on..i am avoiding looking for it..everytime i did..my heart would end-up hurting..haish..so..what i can do now..is just..healing this pain with the word "whateva!" the good will come when Allah want it to come..so i will wait..and i hope i wont make the same mistake over n over n over again..cause i am done with this pain~

happy father's day abah..funny when mama siad abah terkejut when i wished him just now..haha..lupa lg la tu.nway..i love u abah~

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, June 19, 2010

internship part 11~

week11 day 1: report report report report~


according to my schedule given by en shahar, i can just sit down in the office and do my report..huhu and today, my whole morning i spent updating my blog..yeah..this blog..hehe~

schuzyy need to finish my report fast fast fast! ^_^

week11 day 2: cargo exercise


still preparing for report.

oh..got previously pending job given by en shahar, need to go to the GSE, cargo auxiliary and my study case report progress..huhu

so after followed mr maswan to the opposite office to check on the VAV, then we followed mr megat to those places to check on the list of the fire-fighting system. then followed him to the site office then he sent us back to the office.

then, when we came back to the office, we found out that they are preparing a farewell makan2 for me and fiza on next tuesday..hoho..terharu seposen d ctu..sobs2~

schuzyy is getting sad~

week11 day 3: subang airport~


last friday, when the engineer from subang came, he told us to ask en shahar to let us to subang. but i purposely forget that..haha..well..it is my 2nd last week ok...but then today..around 10am, en shahr told us that he called and asked us to go there, so we went..and we arrived at subang's airport at 11.30am~

learn about the electrical power systems..and mostly involved much calculations..

and we met new friends from UTM, miera and fatin..thanks for everything! u guys did teach us a lot..and hopefully tomorrow we can learn more from u~

schuzyy started to miss people at klia~

week11 day 4: subang airport part II


so today, mr hazizi taught on how to calculate voltage drop when given a case..

then we attend a meeting with a contractor on lighting and air-cond project..mr hamzi also joined the meeting. so we did learn much on air-cond system in subang. plus mr hamzi introduced us to en zainal, and he brought us to see how air-cond system in subang works. so now i can see what are the differents between system in klia and in subang. instead of having their own GDC, subang is generating their own cool water by using air cooller chiller and air cooller chiller and also split units.

thank you so much for every knowledge we get at subang in these 2 days~

schuzyy is excited to apply what learnt in class practically~

week11 day 5: bond~


today, nothing much to learn. i am very much spent most of the time planning on what to put in my report.

breakfast with en shahar and fiza. we talk about what we will do later in the future. then we ask en shahar on his experiences with MAS and all..then i think my new interest is in aircraft and air-cond..gosh..felt less interest in electrical..gosh gosh..hope this wont make me change my course...haha~

then we spent time talking and lepakking with the rest of the staff..gosh i love it here so much..not that we can learn everything but we do learn on improving our interpersonal skill..and i am pretty much think i have changed quite much in this 3 months time..less shy when meeting new people and especially guys..haha..but in a good way of cos..so..i did met my requirement for my practical..yes..this was written in uniten's li guide ok~

even i didnt get to learn everything in details but i think i have spent 11 quality weeks with everyone at MAS property and everyone i met while doing this practical. oh i always mention the staffs name but i never really did mention my fellow practical friends i got a chance to get t know them and learn things from them. so i start with izat, my fellow unitenian whom i just got to know when i knew he too is doing practical at klia..so we made a deal..and car pool till this week..thanks izzat..u have been a very good car pool partner..thanks for listening to all my words and stupid stories..haha..thanks for being very patient with me..then come fikri, mfi student whom too doing practical at MAS..he set the pattern on how i should manage myself there..i think if i didnt get to know him..i wont very much can be as happy as today..thanks so much fikri..then along came fiza, my new adik..hehe..lucky i have u as a friend thoughout these time..thanks for all the belanja thingy..all the helps..all the ride..and thanks to u i got the chance to see i-city even we went there during the day..hehe..then thanks to u i can get the taste of shah alam's best abc..then thanks for giving me the tour to uitm..how i wish uniten would has an indoor pool..huhu..then i met miera and fatin at subang..even i just met them only for 2 days..not much of them i get to learn..but they did teach me a lot..thanks so much everyone..and if i did anything that offend any of u..please please please forgive me..i am just being me..i am just a normal ordinary girl who cant really behave myself when i lost control..hehe~

thanks everyone again~

this has been my greatest bestest wonderful-est 11 weeks ever! i ill never forget every moment in this 11 weeks..hope can meet u again later..and i really really hope u wont forget me..hehe~

schuzyy really really hope she can extend the internship~

weekend! yeaaah~


it's saturday again! yea! love weekend but having no plan is kinda bored..but thanks to everyone who called me today..hehe..ball who had a treasure hunt this morning, nurul went to her cousin's convocation and fiza with the mkn2 decision..if not for u guys..i guess i wont notice my voice is getting better..i think..haha..last night i guess the voice if much less than this morning..so today..i spend my time singing haha..

so i think i should be getting on with my report..gosh..final week..so sad..

i did few time wasters again today..so here it is~

Anda dilahirkan pada 23 Februari 1986, Ahad.

Wanita yang lahir pada hari ini kebiasaannya sukakan kemewahan dan menunjuk-nunjuk.

 Apabila bersuami, dia taat kepada suaminya namun suka merendahkan kawan dan bersikap bangga diri.
taat ok ^_^

Dia tidak suka dengar nasihat dan mudah terpedaya dengan kata-kata orang lain.
em2..especially when it come to food..gosh..stop it! cant stand food~

Antara keperibadiannya yang kurang disenangi adalah suka mengkritik orang tetapi tidak suka orang mengkritiknya.
omg..this is true..huhu~

Percintaannya tidak telus tetapi sanggup berkorban apa saja jika hati sudah suka.
hehehehe..love u~

Pandai simpan rahsia, rajin berusaha dan bekerja, tidak mudah mengalah namun bersikap pemboros.
secrets? i was a prs..hehe..rajin..em2..sikit la..xmudah mengalah..yes i am! butin some cases..i just lazy to argue more..boros? huhu~

Rangsangan seksualnya agak tinggi.
em2..no comment here~ ;p

another one!! ^_^

Azyyati Ishak, warna yang mewakili hari lahir anda adalah Perang.

Sifat : Kamu seorang yang cukup aktif dan tak suka duduk diam saja.(betol3!) Pelbagai aktiviti yang dilakukan bagi memenuhi masa lapang. (doing these things pn consider as activities kn2 ;p) Sebagai seorang teman, kamu sentiasa menyokong tindakan positif teman-teman yang lain.(insyallah..i will support as best as i can) Pun begitu, kamu sukar untuk didekati dan agak sombong jika tak boleh sesuaikan diri dengan seseorang( ni tipu..hahaha). Dalam soal cinta, kamu mudah jatuh cinta. Tapi bila kamu sedar cinta kamu itu tidak berbalas, kamu cepat putus asa dan mengalah dengan mudah. Macam tu pulak? Seharusnya kamu perlu kikis sikap itu dan cuba berusaha untuk mengambil hati si dia. Mungkin 'rezeki' kamu untuk memilikinya nanti?(omg..betol ke ni?)

3rd one..hehe~
Kelahiran Hijriyah anda adalah pada 13 Jamadil Akhir 1406 Hijriyah iaitu jatuh pada hari Ahad.

Sifat : Mempunyai watak yang berani(betol!), menghormati orang lain(insyallah betol) . Anda mempunyai pelbagai kebolehan dan kebijakan(boley la). Apabila anda tahu bahawa anda salah atau keliru, maka anda mudah mengakuinya (benar~). Tetapi, bila anda tahu yang anda benar, anda akan tetap mempertahankan pendirian anda dan tidak akan mengaku kalah(yes i will!). Semasa kecil, ibu bapa anda perlu mendidik anda dengan baik agar sifat-sifat anda yang baik itu terserlah.(they did) Jika betul didikannya, semasa dewasa nanti anda akan menyenangkan kedua orang tuan anda.(insyallah i will..amin~)

4th one~

Azyyati Ishak telah menyingkap rahsia namanya.

N : Anda suka bekerja, tetapi selalu mahukan kerehatan. *kerja rehat..haha..yela kot~
U : Anda merasakan anda ada ciri-ciri istimewa setanding dengan orang lain. *musti la~

R : Anda seorang yang gemar bersosial. *xde la sgt~

A : Anda menjadi sangat pendiam apabila anda sedang memikirkan sesuatu. *kalo dh bpk mst la senyap~

Z : Anda selalu bergaduh dengan seseorang. *hahaha..know this will come out again~

Y : Anda selalu penyebab pada banyak masalah. *am i?

Y : Anda selalu penyebab pada banyak masalah.

A : Anda menjadi sangat pendiam apabila anda sedang memikirkan sesuatu.

T : Anda memiliki sikap canggih, amat canggih. * canggih ke?

I : Selalu tersenyum dan membuat orang lain tersenyum. ^_^

Bintang kelahiran Azyyati Ishak adalah Pisces :

Kelahiran Pisces gemar menyahut cabaran dan suka dihargai. Kerjaya yang banyak cabaran juga bermaksud anda perlu banyak belajar, merantau, dan menimba pengalaman di mana-mana. Sikap penyayang menjadikan kerjaya kelahiran Pisces sebagai doktor, jururawat atau guru. *what?? guru again? no way!

Walaupun kerjaya anda memang menjamin pendapatan yang cukup lumayan tetapi wang bukanlah segala-galanya. Pisces cenderung menjadi pemurah jika mempunyai lebihan wang untuk diri dan keluarga.*insyallah~

ok2..that should be enough for now..

i think my ego has went up a bit too high these days..should i learn to lower it a lil?

plan for this weekend:
1.no outing..rest2~
2. pack2! final week in this room..will move to another house..another room...meeting new people..new housmates..new roommate..ecewah..ita la..no surprise there~
3. basuh baju
4.kemas umah..
5.siapkn 60% report by sunday night
6. g check taya kete tu..pehal tah..huhu~
7. tido slebey mungkin..haha
8. em2..mkn ubat batuk? huhu~
9. pk~
10. wish abah!!! happy father's day abah!!! love u even i dont really show it..hehe~

oh2..k ina ask us to do farewell speech for this coming tuesday..what do i need to say?

peace n out ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010



here i would like to apologize openly to mr wan hazizi..i didnt mean to do anything i just did..so i want to express my deepest apology to u..thank you for everything u have taught me n fiza..we did learn a lot today, like what i'm trying to say just now..the reason i said practical is better just because we cant really see the sense u are trying to make us understand..but forgive me..now i understand better...and i hope our relationship wont stop here..i am really really hoping that i can make u my mentor because from what en hamzi told us, it is better if we have a mentor to guide us to the right path..so again..i would like to apologize to u..sorry and thanks for everything~

lesson learn~


ok.today..i did learn much..but most importantly..what i learn today is..never ever ever use someone's real name while blogging..it would offend them..so sorry to anyone i did offended..trust me..i really really really didnt expect anyone to found my blog and actually read it..for me..this blog is just my stupid opinion on life..my own life..if any name came out..i am terribly sorry...it wont happen again~

i've learn my lesson~



: farewell for me n fiza..huhuhu :

omg..today was such a tiring day! cant believe it..since i cant be saying this in my internship blog so i will say this here..huhu..

like always, my day starts early in the morning, wake up a bit late tho' around 6.30am..huhu..then rushed bathe and get ready at 7am, then arrived at klia at 8am. then breakfast at 9am.oh thanks en atta for the breakfast! then back in the office at 10am..then en shahar told us that en azizi of subang said he want us to go there..so i called him and he said come la..lambat pon xpe..then we went there..

the story is..i went back from the subang airport by ktm..and i arrived at my room at 8.30pm! gosh! tiring day..but still now at 12.30am my eyes are wide open! omg omg~

and tomorrow i need to go there as early as 7am..haha like always~

actually i got something else to write here..but i did and got some problem and somehow it lost..so i have no mood yet to write again..haiya~

but 2 things i want to say here..maybe i can elaborate more later..if i remember..haha..

1. i can stand 2 different genders...purposely touching..and just for fun..and making fun of it..or doing it like it was nothing! please~

2. i cant stand bad english! i know mine is never perfect..but i am trying and always try to make it better..huhu~

confession: i am a kampong girl..so kuno is me..traditional is me..love me or leave me..i fear ALLAH! i dont mind being called conservative or anything..this is me~

i am repeatedly shocked these days..seeing it on tv is different than when it happen in front of my own eyes...and by people whom i love..i am still looking for ways to talk bout this..but cant find the courage..yet~

peace n out ^_^

whom do we fear?

Monday, June 14, 2010

jalan jalan jalan~


omg..cant believe what have i done all these weekends...almost every weekend i went out..last week, wet world on saturday, ice-skating on sunday, work work work work work, then weekend again..rest due to fever (world cup fever maybe? haha) then out again on sunday..kenduri he said..ok then..but in tapah? omg! plus dear..being pendatang? haha..funny ok! so tapah we went for kenduri of his gmi's friend. then we went to lata kinjang..with baju kurung! omg again..haha..but since i always say, i am an independent woman girl..haha..i felt like giving those people looking, my foot! ...yes i know i look cute in baju kurung..haha..yes feel free to vomit~

arrived on the bed around 11pm after bath..gosh i was sooo tired..but omg..someone wake me up at 1.30am..and only God know how hard it was for me to get asleep again after that..huhu..which has much made me not so happy on the next morning..hope she wont be reading this..sorry if u did dear..i wanted to voice this out..but since this is only for once..so let it go azy..be happy la kan~ ;p

so sad la today, internship is 2 weeks to go..and 9 days feel like 9 hours now..wuwu~

rite now..my head full of things to think of..report, farewell, moving to a new place, going back, leaving the car or bringing it back? service..haiya..money money and money again~ gosh..cant wait to work! and get my own money! working at MAS maybe? amin! hohoho~

so here tag tag tagging stuff got tagged by aceed..thanks daling ;p

1. adakah anda rasa anda hot?
sy xhot..sy cute..gagaga~

2. upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang?

3. cerita pasal gambar ni?
ye..sy tau nmpk bosan..well..i am not a very creative person..haha..oh..tu jadual f1 tu..walopon skali pon xpenah tertgk lg season ni..hahaha..so sorry schumi~

4. kali terakhir makan piza?

huish..xhingat dah..bile eh..oh2..dgn eda kot.yeke? tah..xhingat laa..omg..so long long time ago..end of last sem maybe~

5. lagu terakhir anda dengar?

peterpan-menghapus jejakmu kt pc yg orgnye sy harapkn ade arini..ecece..ok..gedix sikit d ctu~ ;p

6. apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini?

fb, dgr k shima n abg jenal borak..n menunggu kol 5.30 tuk chow~

7. selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa?

kak azy, aziz(en dinnye keje la ni..huhu..but i'm going to miss that for sure later..huhuhu), awek( by abg jenal..haha..but usually got confused when fiza is around...haha), and lot others i think..which i cant really say here..to avoid people call me those..hahaha~

8. tag lagi 5 orang yang nak kene tag?

a. shida syg
b. nurul my laling
c. my kakak cik idalia
d. cik diza
e. cik alya
wat la ye kalo rajin..hehe~

9. sape orang no 1 dengan anda?
my syg ;p

10. katekan sesuatu kepade orang no 5?

alya..dharap dpt sabar ngn sy tuk lg 2 minggu ye..pasni azy dh pindah jgn rindu2 ye ;p

11. no 3 ade hubungan dengan sape?
huish..my hot kakak ni de byk scandal nih ;p

12. bagaimana dengan orang no 2?
my laling which is also my movie buff..hehe..n peneman di kala wat practical ni..hehe..machih laling~

13. kata-kata cinta kepada orang no 4?
em2..spt jwp cik aceed..sy juga straight..walopon kdg2 kompius..haha~

14. berikan 5 fakta yang anda tahu mengenai orang yang anda tag?

a. ni kwn time kt gmi dulu, thinking or talking to her will make me think of zira..but in good ways..so dont worry dear..i am missing her so much i wish i have million ringgit to get a plane and go to germany and kacau her and see how handsome her sv is..hahaha~

b. she is my muvie geng...my friend from maresmart time..now she's working already..and i will go to subang again to pau her again n again n again~

c. my kakak..always be my kakak..terharu when she come all the way to aloqstaq at raya..thanks so much kakak!

d. my other kakak, same class in techcomm, my teman on our ne-yo date..hoho..my 1st concert ever! haha~

e. my housmate for 2 sems..plus 1 short sem..hoho..

peace n out ^_^

internship part 10~

week10 day 1: pump house


since it is school holiday so i decided to do more reading than just wait for anyone to follow. so i start my day with reading the MAS corporate approving authority manual (AAM)

then later in the evening, mr megat brought us to the pump house to see how the contractor change the starter for the water pump and he also explain how the fire-system works.

schuzyy is getting the real picture now~

week10 day 2: air-cond


again..we went to hangar 05 with mr megat but today it was about the air-cond system. one of the many AHU is reported to be supplying less cool air than monitored thru the BCMS pc in the office. so, we went to check. then  after the contractor check, they said there was a blockage in the supply ducting. so they need to make a hole and only then they can remove the blockage.

then later in the evening, we went to Hangar 06 attending complaint about the gas compressor.

schuzyy is worry about the visiting lecturer..when oh when?

week10 day 3: IFAS


today, mr maswan explain about the IFAS system or Intelligent fire alarm system in the complex.

then at 11am we went to GDC, gas district cooling for a visit.

Gas District Cooling (GDC) Co-generation Plant

The GDC plant is equipped initially with 2 x 20MW gas turbine generators. The output of the generators at 11 kV is stepped up to 33kV by individual 11/33kV, 27 MVA transformers and fed to a 33kV switchboard. From this 33kV board, supply to the KLIA EPS at SSA Substation is provided via 2 x 33kV cable feeders (each rated for 40MVA), 200m in length.The neutral of the 33kV winding for each transformer is earthed via a common 1600A Neutral Earthing Resistor. 
The auxiliary consumption of the Cogen Plant is about 8MW, which leaves approximately 32MW available for export to KLIA EPS via the two aforementioned 33kV, 40MVA underground cables. The capacity of each cable, at 0.85PF (Power Factor) is 36MW. These cables are installed and maintained by GDC.

schuzyy is still learning~

week10 day 4: read on~


today..not much can be done..so i spend the day reading on the IFAS system...huhu~

schuzyy is bored~

week10 day 5: senior~


met mr wan hazizi from MAS subang. he was a graduate from UNITEN too..so i was very excited to get to know him. but he said he was actually graduated from electrical electronic but now he is currently working on electrical power system. from what i know, he is very good in that field. he keep on asking us on eps but mostly we end-up giving him blank faces..so sorry mr wan..huhu..ok2..now i know i should concentrate on one thing than trying to get to know everything..insyallah~

schuzyy is try harder now~

internship part 9~

week9 day 1: financial meeting~


financial report presented by assistant general manager from Subang to all property department staff.
the meeting is about the first quarter of 2010 financial report and how MAS is doing with the economic crisis these days~

schuzyy is involved with meeting..wow! haha~

week9 day 2: EPS(electrical power system)


the morning is spent with study on air-cond system for report and asking mr maswan for further details.

in the evening, mr dahari the chargeman took us to the main intake and hangar 05 to check on the electrical power system and to explain where and how the system work in the MAS complex.

schuzyy knowledge is strengthen~

week9 day 3: electrical hands-on work~


there was a complaint at Hangar05 about alarm ringing but there was no fire. so we went with mr Maswan there to check if there was anything..then muted the alarm.

later in the evening, we followed vendor, ANE Engineering guys to the Hangar05 again, and check on the lighting that was reported to be faulty since long..so they checked and found out that the fuse in the lighting system. yes the system is a bit different from the ordinary ones..they want to keep the cost low so they use bus bar to lessen the amount of cable used. so to protect the lamp, they used fuse. so in this case, since the department need the fault to be repair asap..so they just do looping to the other circuit that are in good condition and make it in series.

schuzyy learn something~

week9 day 4: fire alarm system


today we followed mr lai, mr maswan and mr shahar to Hangar 05 and check on the MIMIC and I-Panel that will show where fire occur and the system will direct link to local bomba and klia bomba.

to make things easy to monitor, they are combining the info from hangar 05 and 06, then can be monitor from Hangar 6. after making few adjustments and repair..things are working well and problems are solved.

schuzyy had run all in the hangar area..hahaha~

week9 day 5: tender process~


in the morning, i spend the time mostly on my report.

in the evening, i focused on how to do a tender and how a process to make the monthly work done~

it involved much of paper work. RWO(request work order), quotations and etc.

schuzyy is not really liking paperwork..huhu~

internship part 8~

week8 day 1: happy~


today, mr maswan took me and fiza to hangar 5 to check on the AHU..they were suspecting water block in th pipe underground. so after checking the AHU, he said he need to tell the contractor to check on the pipe 1st.

then we went to hangar 6 to check attend complaints..this is somehow due to the announcement we made on the chill water supply..everyone was complaining that their office are hot..so as expected they requested for fans..but since the supply was almost normal, 8degree Celcius, we went to check on the offices..it is somewhat warmer..so we went to the AHU room..nothing..so we went to the motor room..problem was there..the motor are receiving false signal from the BCMS, so mr maswan out the motor on manual..so that it wont fluctuating and supply steady amount of chill water.

then later that morning, we went to the pump house again with mr megat, repairing the fire panel.

then in the evening, mr sahar said, he wanted to see my log book by the end of the week..so i spend the rest of the evening completing my log book and doing research on mr azmi's assignments.

schuzyy is still learning new things eventho its already week 8..love it!!~

week8 day 2: tired~


today, as they said..day after gaji was most busiest day..because everyone is very hardworking..haha~

so do i..mr sahar told us to follow him to hangar 6, contractor from singapore came to check on the i-panel..it is intelligent system used in hangar 6 to monitor and control all air-cond, fire-fighting and chill water system in the area. unlike other places..only hangar 6 is using i-panel..other building are using either BCMS, honeywell, johnson control. since few weeks ago, fiza and i was following mr maswan and mr megat around..so from observation and questions, i think now i understand the system better. there are AHU,FCU and split unit for air-conditioning.

so today, we were running here and there to check on every AHU in hangar 6..en azhar said, the hangar was film on national geographic being the biggest structure built in asia. actually the wonder is about how they made the roof in one piece and levitated the whole thing and put it on place..gosh..it is big ok!

so the walking and checking went from 10am till 4pm..gosh..sooo tiring..but like i said..i love site visit!! hoho..especially when it is near earoplane..like a dream come true..i even got a chance to touch the plane tyre and turmac..or engine..not really sure what it is called..haha~

but today was happy day! love it!

still..my suspend to receive a visit from dr yasmin is still rising..gosh..when will she contact me and say the date..scary~

schuzyy is happy~

week8 day 3: check check checking~


we went to the Cargo Village with Mr Megat to check the list given by Mr Shahar. Actually the list was given by contractor appointed to made good the fire-fighting system in the village, so we as the maintenance people need to check whether the list are tally with the real defects in the place. such as the nozzle, GI pipe and hose.

the check list were done in all 4 cargo buildings. supposedly we also need to check the engineering department but we postponed due to lack of time and other works~

schuzyy is tired~

week8 day 4: labour day in liew leave~


thursday is my holiday..take my leave and go back to my home town..yipee!

week8 day 5: wesak day~


wesak day and i'm off to aloqstaq..hehehe~

Monday, June 7, 2010

i am H.A.P.P.Y!


happy happy happy happy happy!

hope tomorrow will be happier! ^_^

Sunday, June 6, 2010

woman in ur life~

Tomorrow you may get a working woman,

but you should marry her with these facts as well.

Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are;

Who is earning almost as much as you do;

One, who has dreams and aspirations just as you have because she is as human as you are.

One, who has never entered the kitchen in her life just like you or your Sister haven't, as she was busy in studies and competing in a system that gives no special concession to girls for their culinary achievements.

One, who has lived and loved her parents & brothers & sisters, almost as much as you do for 20-25 years of her life.

One, who has bravely agreed to leave behind all that, her home, people who love her, to adopt your home, your family, your ways and even your family ,name.

One, who is somehow expected to be a master-chef from day #1, while you sleep oblivious to her predicament in her new circumstances, environment and that kitchen.

One, who is expected to make the tea, first thing in the morning and cook food at the end of the day, even if she is as tired as you are, maybe more, and yet never ever expected to complain; to be a servant, a cook, a mother, a wife, even if she doesn't want to; and is learning just like you are as to what you want from her; and is clumsy and sloppy at times and knows that you won't like it if she is too demanding, or if she learns faster than you.

One, who has her own set of friends, and that includes boys and even men at her workplace too, those, who she knows from school days and yet is willing to put all that on the back-burners to avoid your irrational jealousy, unnecessary competition and your inherent insecurities; Yes, she can drink and dance just as well as you can, but won't, simply Because you won't like it, even though you say otherwise

One, who can be late from work once in a while when deadlines, just like yours, are to be met.

One, who is doing her level best and wants to make this most important, relationship in her entire life a grand success, if you just help her some and trust her.

One, who just wants one thing from you, as you are the only one she knows in your entire house - your unstinted support, your sensitivities and most importantly - your understanding, or love, if you may call it.

But not many guys understand this......

* got this from alya's..gud rite girls? ;p
even i never thought of these facts..so hope my future husband will understand this~
ok.. time waster..hehe~

You Are Enthusiastic

You have a zest for life, and you're always finding something new to be excited about.


You have an amazing imagination, and unlike most people you tend to put your ideas into action.
*too much imagination could be bad sometimes ;p

You're always looking to improve yourself. You never stop learning or growing.
*sgt betol..just that sometimes i am too lazy to make improvement..huhu~

You are true to yourself and never a phony. You are always completely honest with people.
*that is me..mama taught me to be good..believe me..i'm always honest with my words..thats why i hate when people dont keep their words~

drama review:

title: telapak syurga, cerekarama tv3
time: 10pm, saturday 6 june 2010

it was a good drama, something out of the ordinary..me n alya was a bit sceptical bout the character of an old woman played by norish karman. because to me she is still hot and she is too datin-like..then after few clues in the beginning..we begin to sense that this drama is bit different..haha..all thanks to the movie orphane..if u remember that movie..well..actually it is someone the same..just that this story is not about adopting a kid..but this is adopting an old lady..haha..but come to think of it..well done mr director..u have made me watch that drama till the end! congrats2..but sorry..the story line is still predictable and it is to me another ciplak from that orphane movie..sorry..i am being honest~ ^_^

Friday, June 4, 2010

cry is the best medicine?

in these 3 months time..i have laughed so much..see...told u i am enjoying my days as an intern..hehe..but in these few days..i always felt like crying..but nothing sad to be the reason..so luckily..yesterday there were 2 topics on 2 different radio stations that have sad topics..so there are 2 reasons for me to cry..and God i am glad i did cry that day..people are saying that laughter is the best medicine..but sometime cry also helps..so in my case..cry did help me calm..and i just read imah's blog on zira's and their memory on her..gosh..i do miss her..looking at her picture does make me cry each time without failing..and she is one of my besties that know few secrets that i now have no one else to talk to about..T_T


Thursday, June 3, 2010

aduh aduh aduh~


Permulaan cinta adalah membiarkan orang yang kamu cintai menjadi dirinya sendiri, dan tidak merubahnya menjadi gambaran yang kamu inginkan. Jika tidak, kamu hanya mencintai pantulan diri sendiri yang kamu temukan di dalam dirinya.


lucky i got 20plus people to make me forget that i got none in here..haihs..nway..how i wish i can be an intern there forever~

rival? watever~

i am a happy girl!! even if i am just pretending~

Allah please help me endure this till the end..i hope i can~

k leha said she would miss the kuah rojak i brought them last week..hehe..tharu seketika~

joke of the day: abg maswan said we can follow him..then he walk away..so ledt me n fiza running after him..the funny part was..when he was trying to hide from us..but he didnt know his reflection can be seen on the glass door..haha..so funny i was laughing all the was down the lift..haha..funny la u..gosh i would miss those faces and laughs~

ok..miss is the word for this month~

heart is being iceberg for the moment..that's what i told abg jenal..haha..so funny..but yea..thats true..well..u made me feel this way..yes..i am complaining..yet u havent respond..what r u trying to do now?

peace n out ^_^

life lesson~


i am doing my internship..so much that i have learn from them..not just things related with my studies..but most importantly..thing related to life and beyond~

even the staff there are only 25..and i only follow some of them..hmm..(list down)
  1. 1.en azmi- xpenah
  2. 2.en din-of kos la penah
  3. en sahar-penah laa..sv kot
  4. en azhar-penah
  5. en yusof-xpenah..but much of in-office interactions
  6. en jamal- penah ikot g mkn..haha..but included in xpenah group la~
  7. en zaflee- penah
  8. en zainal-xpenah...but he is my bestie in the office..hoho
  9. en maswan-hofkos
  10. en megat-hofkos la!
  11. en nazri-penah skali
  12. en azlan- xpenah! cuak pelik d ctu~
  13. k leha-penah..g mkn n shopping..haha
  14. k shima- penah..g mkn g umah n g jln2..hahaha juge
  15. k ina- penah la ble kuar ngn k leha n k shima
  16. en shahrony- xpenah
  17. en md noor-penah2...golden lounges lg
  18. k ramlah- g mkn le pe lg..hoho
  19. en dahari@ wak dahari-penah2!
  20. en mokhtar- penah..huhu
  21. wak jai-penah skali
  22. en hazani-xpenah walau skali
  23. en mustafadin-xpenah..tp penah jmp skali 2 kt opis
  24. en kamal- penah..tp g wat pas..haha..not count~
  25. vendor-ANE- penah2
  26. vendor-nabena-xpenah
  27. vendor fmb-penah2..
  28. vendor-zal gemilang- td ptot ikot dorg..tp nek lori? horror jap d ctu~
hmm...think thats all of the property family..haha..so

penah sbb2 lain eg mkn..haha =6

hoho..not bad huh? haha..ok..off topic a bit over there..i am trying to collect as many memories from this place before i end my internship there on this 25th..huhu..sad la want to leave that place..all the people the office..in the cafe..at the surau..even at the guard house..haha..and more sadly..i didnt get any boyfriend from there..haish..sad! ;p

but i what i do cherish most is the life lesson from them..from en azmi, en din, abg jamal, abg jenal, kshima..even it sometimes gegen my own principal..but i will remember what they say..especially what k shima said on how to find a great husband!..haha..

people are different..we can like them we can hate them..but before u say u hate them..please please please learn bout them first..now i know why they say..never judge a book from its cover..even a superb cover cant promise an award winning contents..when they speak..try to listen..true or not..keep for further reference..dont paku staright away..its best to listen than to speak..it is true we do can learn bout people from the way they speak their mind..from the voice, the facial expressions, the hand gestures, the body languages, and the contents..

respect them if u want them to respect u~

never act too smart..act sufficiently~

ok..my eyes are heavy..will continue later..nite2 all~

peace n out ^_^ Zzzzz~