Friday, October 30, 2009

what will happen now?


islamic 2 done! alhamdullilah~hoping for an A..ameen! ^_^ the question was funny..lucky i managed to stop myself from laughing..widuka n widura..then there's widuri and widuru..funny2..oh..n there was widodo too..hahaha~..anyhow..i hope i answered it correctly~

after exam.. to my disappoinment..i didnt see 'anyone' nevermind la..then i thought Ita went back already..but to my surprise..she i was asking for a ride from ira..but in the end i tell her that we r walking home..haha..imagine that..from library to upten weh..haha..with some talking and gossiping..then we reached coe..huhu..sadly only wak's n cafe fadz openned that mean no real food..huhu..then ita suggested we go to ba..gosh..that mean a U-turn..huhu..then i suggest upten..huhu..i was sumhow further..haish..but then i can send her with she agreed..haha...then around bm area..i tell her what of we go to ba..haha..then she said no we continued our journey to upten..somewhere near ilmu..then ira n husni stop by to take us to upten..lucky us..then..jeng3~ hehe..the fun part~ arriving at upten..jeng3...ira turn to me and smile..i know there's must be either i search..oh oh..there he was..hehe..i tried to not let it too ira doesnt know i was still targeting him..haha..funny..the ita n i went for tropic n ira the other way..but after i took the food..n seated..i look that side again..but he wasnt there..huhu..sad..but not so..still have hope..then..the next time i look that way..haha..he was there..but unfortunately he didnt seem to notice me..sad~ nevermind then..i was nothing after all isnt it? but the best part of all..the time he went back..i did look at him..n gosh how handsome he was today..with his usual smart the black shirt..omg! cant make the image go away~scary..hoho~so thats the not-so happy story..hehe..but yes this is the first time i admit he's handsome..all this while he just 'pelik' ^_^
oh..i like what he did with his hair..better!! much much better!! wish i could tell him that~

so..focus focus focus!! another 3 papers!! yosh!!!

peace n out ^_^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

depressed n still depress~


started with the paper this morning..alhamdullilah it was ok..insyaallah~

so then i came back to my comfy bed then had lunch then nap..then out to alamanda with ita..main purpose was to buy the 'lost symbols' by dan brown..but then they say there's only hard i endup not buying...deep down still want to buy!! but well..still got till tomorrow! hehe..

then..after came back from my just 6.30 had time for a movie..cant say the title here..but it was soooo sweet..a man love a woman he hardly know..even the real name was fake..but he does fall for her...and yes..the woman do fall for him too..the ending was unpredictable but yes..its sweet...

then after hani came back..time for another movie..the ugly truth..gosh! i dont really fancy gerard butler...but he's always sweet on screen...but no no today i was not really in mood..i hardly cried..( yes..i'm a cryer..i even cry while watching wonderpets when they managed to rescue some animals...huhu) so..then i know something must be wrong...but i havent found the cause..huhu...but this feeling triggerd when a housmate of mine mention bout her then they all talk bout their sweety...well..then left me there with nothing but my pc here to sorry if u read this..i dont know what to do anymore..i really do need someone..i dont know whats wrong with me...i think i function well enough for someone to like me or even look at me..oh well...the truth is ugly~

feel like crying~

so before i spill any..sorry all..n please pray for i always pray all~

peace n out~ T_T

Sunday, October 25, 2009

happy sunday everyone!! ^_^


finals going to start on tuesday..and gosh..i dont think i'm ready..only for numec i felt bit ready than the others..huhu..emd n emf xyah ckp what am i expecting this sem? berserah je la..huu~

ok..this is sumthing that shida said bout diet..but i cant remember what my blood type is! haish..what has got into me? seems to forget everything~ but i know its either a or ab..huhu~

Dr. Peter J.D´Adamo dalam bukunya menyarankan pemilik jenis darah A mengambil diet vegetarian dengan pengambilan makanan yang mengandungi lektin yang sedikit. Ini kerana jika kandungan lektin diambil dalam kuantiti yang banyak akan mengakibatkan masalah perut. Menurut beliau lagi, golongan individu yang memiliki jenis darah A menghasilkan kandungan lendir (lendir?? OMG!) lebih banyak berbanding jenis darah lain. Keadaan ini menimbulkan risiko terhadap jenis penyakit jenis alahan seperti asma,
(dulu penah ada asma..huhu) infeksi telinga dan gangguan pada saluran pernafasan. Selain itu sumber makanan berasaskan haiwan seperti ikan dan ayam boleh diambil tetapi dalam kuantiti yang terbatas.

Individu dengan jenis darah ini juga dianjurkan mengambil susu yang telah melalui proses penapaian seperti susu masam, krim tanpa lemak, keju alami, telur dari jenis organik atau ayam kampung (dalam jumlah terbatas), lemak (dalam jumlah terbatas, kekacang dan bijirin dan susu kacang soya. Individu darah jenis ini perlu mengambil sayur-sayuran (lucky i do love sayur~)dan buah-buahan dalam kuantiti yang banyak. Makanan yang harus dihindarkan adalah hidangan laut berwarna putih seperti ikan siakap putih, cumi-cumi, daging lembu, daging salai, susu, keju hasil olahan industri, kacang merah (never my fav! seb baik! ), roti, kuih-muih, kek, kentang, mangga, betik, jeruk, pisang, minyak jagung dan minyak kacang tanah. (aiyayayai..susah nih~)

Ciri khas individu jenis darah A:
• Memiliki sistem pencernaan yang sensitif (patot la ari2 beri~ ^_^)
• Perlu menghindari makanan yang daripada produk susu dan daging (susu xpe..daging? huhu~)
• Dianjurkan menjadi vegetarian atau mengambil makanan berkadar karbohidrat tinggi, namun rendah lemak (ptot la dh de perasaan nk jd kesian haiwan~)
• Mengurangkan stres dengan bermeditasi, atau berolahraga (erk~)
• Cukup beristirehat (lebey dh kot..hehe~)

Menu diet yang dianjurkan:

Sarapan : Air putih dicampur jus limau nipis dan oat (ewww~)

Snek: Jus anggur / kopi (nescafe!! ^_^)

Makan Tengah Hari: Salad dan roti gandum satu potong serta teh herba (what??!!!)

Snek: Kuih beras dua potong dan teh hijau (teh hijau? ok2..buley2~)

Makan Malam : Pasta tanpa daging campur brokoli, yoghurt dan teh herba (eww..yoghurt..eww~)


Pola makan pemilik golongan darah AB adalah gabungan antara pola makan golongan darah jenis A dan B. Penyakit yang berisiko dijangkiti adalah sinus, infeksi telinga, dan gangguan saluran pernafasan.

Pengambilan jenis makanan yang dianjurkan adalah hidangan laut, semua jenis telur (kecuali telur itik) (OMG!! my fav..huhu~), susu fermentasi (melalui proses penapaian), minyak zaitun, minyak kacang soya, minyak kacang tanah, kacang tanah, semua jenis sayuran kecuali jagung, taugeh dan cendawan dan semua jenis buah-buahan kecuali jeruk(jeruk buah pickle? suke bug mac!!..huhu~). Golongan daripada jenis darah ini, harus menghadkan pengambilan daging lembu, udang dan ikan laut, susu dan semua produk susu serta daging yang diproses (daging? huhu..susu lg.gud bye cik susu~). Makanan berasaskan kekacang pula perlu diambil dalam kuantiti sedikit. Kurangkan pengambilan berasaskan gandum seperti roti, kek, kuih-muih dan pasta.(oh my..gud bye new york cheese cake...gud by san remo..gud bye butterscoth..huhuhu...)

Ciri khas individu jenis darah AB:

• Memiliki sistem pencernaan yang sensitif
• Disarankan untuk mengambil makanan dalam kuantiti sedikit tetapi kerap
• Untuk lebih bertenaga olahraga pada setiap pagi digalakkan (olahraga depan pc aci x? oh2..g klas pg2 jln kaki kre senaman gak kan? ^_^)

Menu diet yang dianjurkan:

Sarapan : Air limau nipis, jus anggur, roti dua potong beserta satu potong keju (yes! cheese!!)

Snek : Yogurt (ewwww~)

Makan Tengahari : Dada ayam empat hirisan, salad, dua biji buah plum dan teh herba ( 4 hirisan? xsuke plum..huhu~)

Snek: Kek keju dan teh herba (yey!! td ckp xley mkn cake!! yes2..cheese cake!! i'm coming!! ^_^)

Makan Malam : Omelet dan salad buah serta kopi (nescafe!! yes2!)

ohoho..well..i hope my blood is ab! love the suggestions!! hehe~

ok2...back to study..hmm..last night..i did a bit of think thought session..well..eda went away so was left alone..huhu..this always my best time cos i can think n reflect my life..(sbb kalo eda ada slalu borak je..haha..) so it make me think..why am i sooo gatal this few days...well i attended k zura's wedding maybe thats why..then k na said en jazaidi told her that he wanted to tell her we hoping for a proposal here (so happy for her! lucky her..cant wait for mine too ^_^) then seeing eda n rijal, hani n wan and all my friends who are happy with their love life...huhu..sometimes it make me sad looking at their happiness..but i konw i shouldnt..i should be happy for them too...after some think thoughts and i started to think..maybe Allah doesnt want me to have all those happiness yet..He has all the reasons to do i just need to be patient..its just not my time i just need to focus on my studies...but satan came..but there's also saying that we need to work towards it to acheive should i do? some say university is the place where u can find someone and know them..huhu..well..i got someone...but that someone havent say anything that can make me certain that he's the one..can u just say it?! i cant be saying it first cos u r the guy..huhu~ i am eyeing this 2 persons...but their responses still in the 1st not hoping much..huhu..gosh! need to focus2!! finals is coming! i hate this cos it always come across during this time..time2 nk kn focus ni la mcm2 dtg~ focus azy focus!!

so..before i end this entry i would like to wish all the best to my fellow friends for the coming exam! all the best for everything u do!! study smart dont just study hard people! the truth is i still do get the differents..haha~

peace n out ^_^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so many things to do!!

i was doing msian studies essay when i come across this article:
taken from

Dr. Mahathir akan terus berperang, tahniah alumni UiTM!

TUN Dr. Mahathir Mohamad berusia 84 jika ikut tahun lahirnya 1925. Kalau tak silap beliau sering mengaku sedikit muda. Ia hanya dibezakan dengan bulan. Dilahirkan pada 10 Julai, tapi didaftar kelahiran pada 20 Disember. Jika dikaji secara biologi dan fisiologi, beliau memang nampak muda. Namun, beliau semestinya berbangga berada dalam usia itu. Satu kumpulan usia yang terlalu sedikit jumlahnya di negara ini.

Saya pula baru berusia separuh usia negarawan itu. Tidak pasti apakah kita akan sampai ke usia sebegitu? Pada hari Ahad lalu di satu kempen jantung sihat Walk-a-mile atau Jalan Sebatu beliau berjalan bersama-sama peserta lain sejauh lebih sebatu.

"Beliau hanya penat sikit selepas sampai ke garisan penamat," kata Nasir Ali, pengarah eksekutif Kumpulan Utusan yang turut sama berjalan bersama beliau.

Orang tua, yang dikenali dalam blog yang paling popular di Malaysia sebagai blogger Che Det itu sungguh hebat. Selain dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik, beliau ternyata tahu menjaga dirinya. Mungkin juga pengaruh isteri yang menyihatkannya, lantas memanjangkan usianya. Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd. Ali setahun muda daripada beliau, juga sihat dan sama-sama berjalan sebatu. Mereka adalah pasangan doktor yang ideal.

Kelmarin (pagi Isnin) beliau hadir di satu syarahan perdana dikenali sebagai Wacana Intelek Ulung anjuran Persatuan Alumni UiTM Malaysia - pertubuhan yang disegarkan semula dengan ahli terkumpul sejumlah 350,000 orang. Syarahan itu diadakan di pejabat Tun di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di Putrajaya.

Ketibaannya dengan isteri ke dalam auditorium tepat jam 10.30 pagi diberi tepukan berdiri oleh para hadirin yang terdiri daripada kira-kira 200 alumni jemputan. Tidak perlu disebut mengapa beliau dihormati sebegitu rupa. Dulu orang membencinya, kini orang menghormatinya. Malah, di universiti sendiri yang dulu ramai warga akademik mengkritiknya, kini terpaksa memetik semula kata-katanya.

Itulah aura Tun. Seorang negarawan yang tidak perlu diperincikan lagi.

Tidak perlulah juga disebut mengapa beliau dipilih sebagai pensyarah sulung untuk wacana ini. Ia adalah kerana beliau terlalu dekat dengan ITM, kata presiden persatuan, Datuk Seri Ir. Mohd. Zin Mohamed semasa mencadangkan namanya.

Tunlah orangnya yang menaikkan taraf ITM kepada sebuah universiti. Maka, tidak hairanlah beliau adalah tokoh yang paling tepat dijemput untuk membuka tirai siri syarahan perdana itu.

Semasa bertemu Tun dalam satu pertemuan di sebuah lagi pejabat beliau di No. 88 Jalan Perdana dekat Tasik Perdana Julai lalu, saya ada berbisik kepada beliau mengenai hasrat persatuan alumni UiTM mahu menjemputnya ke wacana itu. Mendengarkan kata-kata itu beliau semacam teruja.

Beliau terus memandang ke arah muka saya. "UiTM! ok...ok... hantar surat kepada saya."

Kelmarin, beliau sekali lagi merasa teruja. Hadir dan berdiri selama dua jam di rostrum, tanpa berganjak. Hanya sekali kelihatan meneguk air, Tun bercakap mengenai satu topik yang paling digemarinya iaitu mengenai globalisasi dan dunia tanpa sempadan.

Bertajuk Strategi Memartabatkan Melayu di Dunia Tanpa Sempadan beliau memperincikan secara detail mengenai sejarah dunia, sejarah asal-usul Melayu - satu bangsa yang amat lemah yang sentiasa tunduk kepada kuasa-kuasa besar, yang walaupun lemah, katanya "mereka (Melayu) masih hidup sehingga ke hari ini."

"Walaupun mereka (Melayu) terbahagi dan dibahagi sepanjang masa, mereka masih survivedan dapat membentuk negeri-negeri dan melantik raja-raja."

Beliau turut menyentuh mengenai negerinya, Kedah yang dikenali sebagai Kedah Tua (lebih tua dari Melaka), yang raja-rajanya bermurah hati memberi sebahagian negerinya kepada raja-raja lain sehingga terbentuknya Perlis. Malah katanya, bekas kawasan Parlimen pilihan rayanya, Kubang Pasu pun hampir-hampir menjadi sebuah negeri. "Jika tidak, saya akan menjadi ahli Parlimen sebuah negeri," selorohnya.

Sejarah baginya amat istimewa sekali. Semasa menjadi Presiden UMNO dulu pun, Tun sering kali memulakan ucapan presidencynya dengan kisah-kisah sejarah yang perlu diteladani. Benar tanpa sejarah, sesebuah tamadun tidak boleh dibentuk. Dan, perlu diingat sejarah (terutama mengenai kisah-kisah malang) boleh berulang semula.

Beliau kemudian bertanya kepada audien, apakah kita akan terus survive dengan globalisasi ini atau terus hilang di muka bumi ini?

Apa yang beliau katakan di atas itu penuh dengan makna yang tersirat dan tersurat. Apakah kita perlu terlalu bermurah hati? Orang Melayu ialah satu bangsa yang amat bermurah hati, suka memberi.

Singapura hilang, kata Tun, diserahkan kepada pemerintah negara itu sekarang dengan hanya 60,000 ringgit pada masa itu. Atau sekarang hanya bernilai tiga kaki persegi di pulau itu!

"Hanya orang yang lemah akan hilang tanah airnya. Ia mungkin tidak akan berlaku lagi, tapi ia boleh berlaku," nasihat beliau.

Pada usia seperti itu (usia yang rata-rata lebih tua daripada bapa-bapa kita sendiri) ia adalah nasihat seorang bapa kepada anaknya. Tapi Tun, ialah seorang bapa yang amat degil. Selama 20 tahun saya membuat liputan mengenai beliau, waima ke merata dunia sekali pun, itulah nasihat yang sering saya dengar dan saya tulis. Itulah celoteh yang sering disebut ke telinga kita sehingga ke hari ini.

Konsep baru penjajahan Barat ini perlu dikaji dan dipelajari, katanya. Barat kini bukan lagi menjajah secara berperang dengan senjata, tapi mereka menggunakan budaya, ekonomi dan perdagangan bagi mendominasi sesebuah negara.

Mereka turut menekan kita supaya menerima fahaman mereka. Mungkin kita boleh menerima konsep demokrasi mereka, tapi kata Dr. Mahathir "saya tidak boleh menerima sama sekali konsep demokrasi liberal mereka."

Liberal dalam serba-serbi. Termasuklah apabila kita dipaksa menerima Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas (FTA) - satu perjanjian yang melibatkan urus niaga dua hala yang berat sebelah.

Apakah kita mahu berkorban dengan perjanjian itu? Saya tidak akan bersetuju semuanya, mungkin separuh bolehlah, kata beliau ketika menjawab soalan seorang peserta semasa sesi dialog selepas syarahannya.

Beliau turut menasihatkan orang Melayu supaya terus berubah. Ubahlah budaya malas yang orang lain pernah cap kepada kita. Gejala rasuah, pula di kalangan orang Melayu, katanya "sudah terlalu teruk sekali" - juga harus diubah.

Pendek kata, syarahannya penuh dengan kata-kata hikmah. Para hadirin nampak puas dengan syarahan itu. Presiden alumni, Zin pun kelihatan puas. Sekali lagi Tun diberikan tepukan berdiri. Itulah Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, negarawan ulung yang tidak perlu diperincikan lagi.

Ucapan serta transkrip penuh beliau dan video YouTube akan boleh diikuti menerusi laman web persatuan:

Seorang sahabat yang juga alumni, Shamsul yang turut mengikuti syarahan itu berbisik kepada saya: "Tengoklah, susah nak cari lagi orang seperti itu." Seorang lagi sahabat yang juga pegawai Tun, Sufi berkata: "Itulah Mahathir, sangat konsisten."

Benar, kata-kata mereka, Tun sangat konsisten dengan prinsipnya. Selagi hayat dikandung badan, beliau akan terus berperang dengan kata-katanya.

Malah minggu depan mulai 28 hingga 31 Oktober, Tun sekali lagi akan berperang dengan kata-katanya. Beliau yang juga Pengerusi Pertubuhan Keamanan Global Perdana (PGPO) akan mempengerusikan Persidangan Menjenayahkan Perang (Criminalise War) ( di PWTC. Satu perjuangan menentang kezaliman dan keganasan peperangan atas nama kemanusiaan.

Jangan lepaskan peluang hadir ke persidangan itu pula.

n Penulis juga ialah Naib Presiden Persatuan Alumni UiTM Malaysia

Tun is someone that everyone look up to..i do admire him but when it comes to this kind of things..and when he starts opposite current ruler such as pak lah..i cant really accept it..but still interested in his way of thinking~

thats all..just stoping by~

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

sengih sampai telinga~



Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturday..felt like its already sunday~


hoho..wokeup 6.40am for subuh..haish..its gettin late by day..huhu..last night went to hani's house then arrived on bed at 10pm..then slept till this morning...need sleep..last 2 days lepak at libry till 3am then slept at 5am (gosip2 ngn shida.haha) woke up at 9am..then 10pm sleep..haish..its i feel like sleeping the whole day..but i cant cos need to prepare for emd presentation and numec..but the numec think dont need to do much cos its all here..huhu...well not in mood to say much bout numec..the fight of cos..haish..

finally yet importantly..haha...just found this phase..might be using this for essay later.. for emd ppt, intro msian studies, essay? huhu..emd hw due 19..and emf due 3/11(which i havent found in my thousand of emails..haish~)

ok2..concentrate!!! yosh!!!

oh yea..might be doing industrial training next yesterday had a briefing then dr azree told us to do a blog!! haha..thank God i love be prepared to read mostly more formal wording (essay like i supposed since dr azree said he want to read everyone's blog...haha yea rite!) but i think all this while it has been quite formal isnt it..since ajoy said he cant read it..haha..when dr azree to us to start blogging, i heard so many voices..they dont want to blog..never mind them..i started thinking why i love blog so much..i do really like reading but to me pouring everything in blog means something more than letting go some of ur feeling but also to friends who also love blogging its a way to tell them stories about u to them without taking their time..cos its up to them when to read in and whether to read it or not..hehe..anyhow..i do love to tell stories..:D

okies..thats all..need to do things now..yosh!!

peace n out ^_^

Friday, October 16, 2009

so not my day~

salam~ bestie did her thing turn to turn my back on her..cos all this while..its her who did that and i'm just being me..go back n cry and regret why we even be much not in common..too much secrecy..cant live with i'm glad its the end now..but just another week b4 finals..sorry i tell this here..feel the need to let these out..told eda..and again i cried over this stupid thing! i always know this would happen..and again i always forgive n forget..not knowing when i should stop giving her another chance..

hehe..current issue..big big mac today..huu~

ok2..back to studies..trying hard to master emd..need to!! its supposed to be my subject! so tomorrow is emd day!

hopefully..tomorrow is waaaayy better than today ^_^

peace n out ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pagi yg gelap kini sudah terang~


pagi yg cemerlang everyone!! hopefully today will be a good one..not fasting..just had sardin sandwich with some strawberry jem..was ok..huhu...with yesterday my tummy rumbling2..haish..not long till i will be forced to the toilet..hoho..then need to mandi as well...very2 sejuk this morning..came back from library around 2am last night then it was raining...sleep like a baby! love it..and to my surprise i managed to wake up and still standing till now..haha..hope will stand till the end of today..yosh!!

ok..maybe will go n see tokbak for some tips..he will be going 4 aussie dont know when..huhu..thought he will be going today..but k na said he still here tmorrow which is good news for me n yuva.haha..

oh..yesterday saw 4/5 xcept for AKyP..haha..but for sure i was not that happy compared to last event..hehe..that one didnt smile at me so my happiness scale wast that full last night..but still managed to smile while concentrating hard on the book..yea rite..haha~

thought of going to library again tonight...but after dinner date with miza,lyza,mia,farah hehe~

okies..another news..maybe will get numec paper back pray for me yea! CUAK!!! :D

peace n out ^_^

Monday, October 12, 2009

suci day~


today i wore my sweet cotton baju kurung..and i always felt extra suci wearing this baju now its already 4.22pm..what i can conclude for now is..i love today!! i felt suci! and i saw AKyP! i felt happier..i was having discussion with msian studies group at COE food court then we had lunch..the he my surprise he sat right in front of me..eda was somewhere behind..she n rijal called just to laugh at me..they saw he sat there and they knew how i would react..haha..thanx Allah i didnt take any caffien i am me..hehe..gosh..but i just can't look at him..its too near ok..just few glances..:D gosh! sorry readers..i am a bit carried away this time..but my regret was..i didnt even dare to smile at him..i know he was time maybe..haha~then around 1pm..mia called and asked me to teman her lunch..well she my cyg i teman her...then i sat there doing my emf assignment(well copying..huhu...) then somehow..i felt something..gosh..i knew i will see someone..hmm..there are 2 of usharieren target so i dont know which..then saw a friend from islamic studies..when i was talking to him..mia was kicking me under the table..i thought she wanted to tell me that guy was hot or somthing but then gosh!! again it was him..gosh!! my debar2 perot was because of him..haish..gosh again! hehe..then mia said he sat somewhere that for sure he can see me..hehe..well i think all my dear friends are just trying to make me happy by saying those..but i do glad they approved my usha target this time :D

ok2...tonight i might be going to COIT to do some serious lets plan what to do then:

1)numec due thursday
2)emf-due 3/11
3)msian studies..asap!!

1)numec-due 20/10
2)emd-present on 20/10 too..huhu..dead!
3)islamic studies-discussion tmorrow after emd
4)msian studies-over the weekend..huhu~ life is in a bit catastropher..mis frau lenz! she's always said many work so my thing to do plus studying..but so little time!!! help help me please!!! :D

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, October 11, 2009

raining outside n inside~


happy sunday everyone!! so been long since i last wrote sooooo much to do but i still havent finished today last day of this everything need to be done by 12pm today..bcause after that need to do something else other than assignments..huhu..hopefully..oh..yeah its raining outside..finally..feel like going back to sleep..hehe..but no no..kakak say i need to mail her the emd assignment asap..huhu..ok kakak..working on it..

i just did something that i know somehow would hurt me..without thinking long i did it and i did end-up hurt..i still asking myself..will all this work in the end? it hurts so much but i still fell that i want to wait till the end..but why? keep on asking the same question all these years~ list for today~
emd-hybrid car
emf assignment345
msian studies..haish~
numec-due thursday

so finals in 2 weeks...chaiyok everyone!!! :D

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, October 3, 2009

still in dat mode~


gosh! robogamez! it was nice..our job just to give out playcard(pelikat..haha~)..basically..playcard is the card those participants need b4 ebtering the game friday n today..we met all the participants..hoho..superb! i even met cikgu wan of maresmart! she was my physics teacher! god i missed her..she was the reason i decided to take nuclear energy in the first seem her dream still havent come true..sori master will lead to nuke insyallah! oh..n yeah..i got few admirers..haha..ita la ckp..hoho..perasan..but tomorrow is the last its enjoy weekend then next week onward need to give full throttle! finals on 27th! huhu~

hearttache cleared..i supposed..senyap tanda stuju i supposed..if not then more us..huhu..sad but what can i do..its my choice then its his to approve it or not..guess he made his own guess here i go by my own again..terlintas td maybe i wont get married ever kot..dh kalo trauma camnenye kan? *sigh~