Sunday, September 25, 2011

thanks, but no thanks~


ok. thanks for ruining my day. with all the things i did for u..u keep on testing my limit. and fyi. it is reaching the beware~

and from now on. please note that my least favorite phrase is
" G la sorang-sorang"

yes. thanks. if i were fine to go by my own i would never ask u to come with me. how could u say such things to me? i've been hiding this feeling for quite a long time now. and it always reached the top when i heard those words!

thanks thanks thanks!

that is the word that we hear less and less these days.
do you know that with that single word, u can make a dark sorrow day turn all bright again. so please please please make it a habit.

again. thanks~

peace n out~


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hello world~


it's been a while since i last wrote in here. it has been very busy and now. i'm totally 100% free. I am now a graduate from UNITEN with a degree to be proud with. just that the fact that i'm still struggling with the job seeking period now. and this is such a frustrating period. been to few interviews and it all went bad. not a single responds after. and now i'm back to my couch and be a potato.

right now i have too much time to think about everything but my mind just refuse to do anything because of KOREA! haha. i keep on watching this variety show called 'Running Man' love it so much i can finish watching 5- 1hour episodes one shot. which result with panda eyes everyday. haha.anyhow. i'm happy..for now~

life?i will just let it be and just go with the flow. i was once thought the history could have a chance to repair itself. but i was wrong. when we put it in the history should and always be in the past. if it were to be repaired. let it be another chapter. dont continue from the previous one. it can only do harm. just like what happened to me just few seconds ago. what actually happened? i tried to find out what actually the other side was thinking. turned out just exactly like i thought it was. so..just let it be. i am deleting everything related hoping that i can start my new chapter fresh! i really really hope i can find the new chapter fast. time is limiting itself and i wont stop anymore.

just remember.i forgive but i never forget~

peace n out ^_^