Thursday, January 26, 2012

life is fair~


today work is so stressful. everyone is saying i looked as if i am about to cry. Thank God i was not. But i really dont know how to hide it. i am really stressful. with all the works and things to learn. things is getting out of my hands.i got much advice from everybody at the office. the bosses are saying this, the technicians are saying that. and there are few that i found very helpful. but some were just talks. anyway. thanks everyone for your concern ^_^

ok i am being positive there. well. there's nothing wrong for being positive right? i was frowning all day today. i think i will start aging sooner or later if i keep on doing that for the next few months. no no. i will be better. i will learn faster. i will be a good leader as i always wanted. just i pray to God for all the support i can get. ^_^

after such a long day of stress. i took my usual trains back home. and what i love about taking trains is the people. i get to see all sort or people and behaviors. i love it. the young and the old. today i smiled a lot in the train. only one smiled back. it's ok. i dont mind. we all have our own problems. and thanks to the uncle at tbs. he smiled back after i smiled at him after he was asking for direction to this aunty. made me wonder why is he travelling alone. how it remind me of my abah. sob3. home-sick~

then i almost burst into laughter when i saw this boy. well actually they were 3 of them. i was busy looking at their friend, he was all quite and smiling by himself. his face is so pure. until i saw cigarette pack in his pocket. haish. seriously he look so pure. well pure la for youngster like him. then i switched to his friends. friends he was spending time with. then..hahaha. omg. he was wearing gold bracelet. mind me he is a malay boy, and it is forbidden for Malay males to wear gold things. but the funny part is. gosh. it looks so makcik-style! hahaha. gosh. cannot tahan! sorry kid! u are funny!

ok2. so i hope i get to see funny stuff again tomorrow as that is the only thing that can swipe away all my stress. ^_^

peace n out

Friday, January 20, 2012



Almost 2 weeks as an engineer. life is getting worst i think. But thanks to my housmates, kakak, adik, nana, kak shera n kak azua for being there. At least i have a small dose of laughter to ease my tense each day. Thanks so much! without them surely i'll lose my sanity in the shortest time.

What i learned in these 2 weeks time can't never compare with what i have seen throughout my 25 years old of living. I used to trust people but now..i dont think i can trust anyone i know from work. everyone seems to find ways to stab u on the back. scary! not sure whether it's true or not..this is just my feeling. all the work loads are ok for me..only having problems to control the people around me. It's hard to satisfy everyone's need. I have 2 bosses and 12 subordinates to satisfy and that just hard...especially because i'm new in the field. my boss said..i need to be wiser in 'goreng' if u know what i mean. so that means i need to alter my life principle. is that appropriate? haish. working life is getting harder by day. maybe just for sometimes before i get used to the system. hopefully. for now i need someone i can count on at work. someone i can trust. sob3~

peace n out~ 

Thursday, January 12, 2012



it has been a while rite? been busy, very busy~
started working..and my title is ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ^_^

just hoping that I can bear all this things on my shoulders.

what doesn't kill u make u stronger~

sometimes it is hurtful when people ignore u and make u feel unwanted. But thank God some other people do show their concern much more than that. and now i am more content.

It is true when they say, God is Fair.
He took one because He want to replace with another better ones ^_^

positive vibes finally took its turn in me~


peace n out ^_^