Monday, November 28, 2011

life is weird or is it just me?


I'm not sure what I just did. I wanted this in the first place but with that response, I got demotivated. Right now I am clueless. Not knowing what to do, how to react and how to continue without affecting the relationship we already have. I used to get these kind of response, so I shouldn't be this sad. Be strong Schuzyy! You are ok even if u are all by yourself for the rest of your life. What the heck. Life is for us to enjoy and to fill it with happy moments so with bits of sad things I shouldn't be bothered much right? Positive2!!

Just live life to the fullest!! yosh!

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, November 12, 2011

thanks for making me hate you!


It's 11.11.11. and nothing happy and sweet happened. as expected! darn! On the day when I expected I would find someone to fill the emptiness in my heart, 2 persons that I supposed to respect just lost my respect.

Case 1:
I used to get comments from friends and others that I don't look my age. I was happy to hear that before. but now it is kinda annoying as I'm already in my quarter century plus it is being the factor I am not being taken serious. I hate that so much now. huu~

Case 2:
What do u feel when someone who knew u for 4 days evaluates u? Obviously it can't be right. There's no way someone can know u in and out in 4 days. Impossible!

Case 3:
I just hate being typical and I favor uniqueness

Case 4:
I hate waiting for people who doesn't respect time. If they can't respect their own time they obviously won't respect others.

Case 5:
I hate old people who don't respect others. They are the one that supposed to show the example and when they failed to do so, i just can't respect them anymore even if they are the authority. But maybe i'll try my best to act as if I'm still OK in front of them~

So sorry for my rudeness. I am so under stress right now. If it is the stress that involve useful things or work I still I can take it but this is just stupid things that I need to face everyday. Hope Allah will help me to bear this for another 25 days. huu~

to my rijal n mr topex..thanks so much for the advice. You guys did cool me down.hehe. thanks again!

peace n out ^_^