Sunday, March 21, 2010

balloon day!!! ^_^


yesterday was my balloon day!! thanks ita..last 2 disappointment really did pay off..there was so many of them yesterday..and i went to putrajaya 3 times! hoho..thusrday with kakak n her sister then yesterday twice with ita..morning at 7am and evening at 8.30pm..hoho wonderful experience..even tho we didnt get the chance to ride  them but the scenery was spectacular! love it love it love it! :D

: belon leper di ari pertama..huhu..kuciwa sayaaa :

: are these hot air balloons too? :

: omg! darth vader invading earth!!!! :

: yey!! finally!!! happy happy happy me! ^_^ :

: my personal favorite!!! love them all actually!!! :

hehe...the night glow even better! plus the fireworks!!! wewwwiit!! gosh..i love exams..erk..well..leisure before struggling for exam i guess ;p

ok..that's all bout me and my balloon happy day! thanks for watching :D

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