Monday, January 24, 2011

go or no go?


first i would like to say..thanks Allah for the approval from MARA! i think this is a sign from U that u did not think he is the one..even my heart feel is ok..head dont think so too..i hope i can find someone that can take me for who i am..not trying to change me..i am better like can u not want this side of me..and trying  to bring the evil side of me? gosh~

i know being with them makes me being a lot like them as i am a 'suitor' but for 'that' matter..i just wont let me be like them..i am way better. i know i can be like them..but i choose not too..i love my religion and my family..Alhamdullilah..Thanks for loving me Allah..i know i will always do..for few moments ago..when i was thinking about 'that'..about giving it away just to prove the 100%..i regret even to think about it..that's the bad of technology..too much info can do harm..i hope i can still keep this to myself until the time comes. Insyaallah..please help me be a better muslimah~

test are coming! wednesday: HVT, thursday: PCI and PDE..gosh! still havent covered all..yosh schuzyy!! u can do it!!

next week will be holiday! yey! and i will be going home! yey again!

ok..few time-wasters~

You Are Very Emotionally Savvy

You listen to your emotions and always check in with them. You believe they are important.
When it comes to making decisions, you listen to how you are feeling. Your emotions provide valuable clues.

You understand your emotions, but sometimes it takes a while to know how you are really feeling.
When you're in an emotionally charged situation, your feelings aren't always clear.*nescafe? ;p

You know how to keep your negative emotions in check and under wraps.*friends help~
You are able to get out of a funk simply by thinking positive thoughts.

You Are a Thoughtful Best Friend

You are generous and caring. You often know exactly what your best friend needs.
You are good at helping others with their problems. You are very patient and compassionate.

You don't anger easily. You have a big heart, and you try your best to give others the benefit of the doubt.
*i do get angry..but i try to hide it to prevent anymore problems~
You are protective of your friends and family members. You would do anything in your power for them.
*kinda doubt this~

You Are Liquid

You are a laid back person, and you always good with the flow. Why fight things?
You are dreamy and imaginative. You get swept up in the moment, and you love abstract concepts.

You are comfortable with solitude. You treasure your alone time and get into your own groove.
You don't follow rules, and you definitely aren't punctual.
You act without consulting anyone else.
*these aren't true!!

peace n out  ^_^

ps: i lied a few times..but is it OK if it is only for the greater good?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

tooooo fast~


dear God..please save me from anything bad that people might get me into..i'm not strong enough to resist all of this..not at this period of time..too fragile too think..too weak to be mean~

please help me~

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Sekiranya ingatan pdmu mendekatkanku dgn Allah SWT, maka aku tidak rela berpisah dgnmu buat selama2nya namun kiranya hadirku dalam ingatanmu hanya menjauhkanmu dari Allah SWT maka jauhilah diriku"

You Are a Window Seat

You are a highly imaginative person. In fact, you are a visionary.
You are very curious about the world. You want to see as much of it as you possibly can.

You are mentally alert. You like to daydream, but your dreams always have meaning.
You come up with many profound and original thoughts. You find entirely new ways of doing things.

*i hate this because this is only a fling! for u! not me~


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

scared to hell!!


ok..the tittle is a bit exaggerating..hehe.. today? i feel bad about today..but luckily my room-mate's positiveness affected me i've recovered in a blink..or i should say pretended to recover..i am always trying to not letting my anger out unless at the person i am supposed to be angry at..because i hate when someone else do that to me..and that is because i always get that! and i hate that tremendously! please people..i know u are mad..but telling the whole story to me in a tone as if i was the one making the problem wont help will only make me feel u are a terrible person..lucky u i am quite a patient person so i will try to understand your problem..but lately..i kinda lost the touch and...trying to regain it..but all this madness around making the process a bit difficult. haish..sorry to everyone affected.

why do i still want to write here eventhough i know i should be doing my progress report?
1. i am trying to tell myself that i am sorry to everyone who i ever be bad to. because today..karma acted on me..and i accept it! padan muka!!

2. i am expressing my grateful to this blog..because u are the reason ( i guess!) i can write quite nicely for the written assignments and project reports..hahaha..funny..i managed to finish 12 pages of assignment( with the help from a friend's answer la tapinye..huhu..thanks dear! very much appreciate it! ^_^) in 4 hours. when i read it is quite ok..not all are craps..hahaha..positive2!

3. i am partly happy because i have someone who i think like me to bring it forward..and i am halfly hope that it would be true..even i could be some problems ahead..but anything is possible in God's will~

4. i am expressing my 'cuak'-ness..because i might loose 15% test marks just because i was procrastinating..sigh! go away mr lazy!!! i hate u!

5. i am thinking...should i quit the job? i kinda feel the pressure now..but was it because i was procrastinating a little too much? is all my own problem..i know i can do better!! yosh!!!

ok..problem factor? lazy and procrastination! improve!

ps: i was pushed to say it..i still cant say it like it was before..but i am really trying hard to make it work this time..imagine the brown cute! :D

peace and out ^_^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday morning~


again..i was awakened by nightmare. a real horror! by after reflecting was all from last night nothing to worry..hehe..anyhow..thanks Allah for giving me life again today~

like few nights before..i need to take 2 panadols before sleep because the fever is not getting any better..all because raining still a must everytime i get on bike. haish..but it is no longer a problem..i accept my destiny..anyway..seronok kot main hujan ;p

last night..i called mama..casual call..nothing to talk about..i suddenly asked mama..xdak org masuk minang ka arini? haha..mama laughed..masuk minang sapa? xkan mama kot..mau mati kena bunuh ngn abah..kiki..then mama said..ada ka org nk mai minang schuzyy? haha..rasanya kita la kot kena p minang org..*sigh! duyai mamaku~

then she told me about this tv show "apa kata wanita" which she heard about this love portal..haha..i checked is indeed a love portal..yes..i want to call it that..haha..when i read through it..what i feel is..ewww...this people are desperate..gosh..and coming back to i this desperate to look for love? hmm..i did sign up..but maybe not to be too involved. one quote that i like..biar memilih jangan salah pilih..huhu..i was a bit choosy..or still is..i don;t know..but i is hard for anyone to win my heart..they usually win my hate..haish..God please help soften this heart~

oh..or should i just focus on my study first..last night i was discussing this matter with my housmate..officially there are only 2 of us who are still single in the the topic is very interesting..haha..gosh..the pressure come because many of our friends are getting married or engage..and us..nothing..well actually just me la..she  has scandal i think..good luck dear! i love ur story last night! :D

so..i let God decide on focus schuzyy!! u got test coming up! oh..last night..i had a friend from work coming to house..she told me something about me being boss favorite pet..omg! that was super shocking! haha..i was excited..but at the same time..i was skeptical about the story..was she just trying to see how i would act upon that? haha..luckily i am a good actress u's all covered! yey! so let's just hope everything will be just fine today..but yesterday was a-OK! love it..he text-ed me asking things..and at work it was as and tiring..haha..lunch at apek's house. went back at 5pm..cooked pasta..then tapau her the food to give to her house-mate. then my panadol-routine..then sleep..huhu~

oh gosh..need to stop few things to settle before i go to work today..sigh!


You Are Intelligent

More than anything else, you want to figure things out. You are a natural scientist.
You are detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. It drives you crazy to spot errors, especially your own.

You know your strengths and weaknesses better than most people. You don't speak with authority unless you are sure about something.*this is true~
You are very self-sufficient. You've learned to rely on yourself because others are unreliable.

peace n out ^_^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

moody is never a good thing~


last night..was not a night i want to remember..usually it will be something that i look forward to..but since they came was never the same again..i continuously be jealous and dislike. kids..but i think it is all just me..i am being jealous because they don't pay attention to me anymore. haha..such an attention seeker..pathetic! what to do..that is one trait of  last child that i am trying to diminish. tonight will be another miserable one too i guess..because there another dictator going around. mixing with them..making me realize the importance of education..especially English. and from what i am seeing..people are expecting us to not know any english..wel..i thought every malaysian know english and speak it. there was a day when i was soo astounded when they are me..apa u ckp td kt org tu? upstairs? apa tu? em2..atas. 1st shock..2nd shock..cleanning..huhu..3rd shock..arguing with me about the usage of good evening and good night..omg! feel like i want to do english classes with them..i love them all..that's why i dont like when people are looking at them like stupid weirdos..yes they are cashiers and maybe the highest education they have was only SPM..but still they are all human who have hearts. i am too being pathetic by doing this..they are not that 'ordinary' they too have intelligence in life. most importantly..they have family and kids who love them. unlike me..having only parents and friends~

i'm sorry..i know i am being to sad over some stupid things..i know i should be professional in this matter. i am sorry~

oh..thanks room-mate for distracting me last night..hehe~

i dislike canceled is only a way to make me being lazy..huhu..not likey~

positive schuzyy!!! huhu~

peace n out ^_^

Monday, January 10, 2011

~AJL 25~


i will be commentating everything that happened during this few hours of AJL..hehe
since i wont be updating on i update here..hoho~

the opening was superb! gosh i still have crush on M Nasir!! love u en nasir!!!! ^_^

1. Yuna -Cinta Sempurna
- weird outfit..but still admire u ^_^ shida..nape tgk yuna aku tingat ko? adakah ko sperti yuna? hmmm~
- nice backdrop!!! love it!
-new arrangement is not as good as last year~

2. Tomok - Berlari
- nice dance!!! gothic! api!!
- me still not ur fan! ;p

3. API -Pelita
- cute start!
- always love Noh's voice..sooothing~
- ehem.. Nazi? controversy?
- nice end! it!except the dying part..haha~

4. Shahir - kebahagiaan dlm perpisahan (lgu edry upernye)
- makan dalam~
- soothing voice~
- hair..not cute~
- xmeremang..will pass..kalo menang xtau nk ckp pe~
- hahaha..she really slapped him!!! good one!

* commercial break..a long one..
i googled on niquitin..haha..i wanted to give it to someone. i hope it'll work~

5. Meet uncle husin +black - drama king
- xbjaya mnarik minat melekatkan mata kt tv..

6. hafiz - nokhtah cinta
- opening mcm lagu xigt yg mn..huhu~
- gimmick! haha..drama..hantu nyanyi!! gaga..nice2!
- hafiz u r cute..mcm bdak2..cute2~ ;p

*xsabar nk tunggu lgu fezal tahir!!! mane ni~

haha..faizal ismail with justin bieber's hair..haha..cute~

7. ana raffali - tolong ingatkan aku
-keutuhan cinta? hmm~
- wow! cage..changing clothes..
- eyes on screen but no remang2~
- still with her baju-kurung! good image i say~

yipee! faizal tahir after this!!! ^_^
twitter? haish~
haha..gedik act!

8. faizal tahir - slamat malam
-wahaaa...nice drama there..walopon mcm xde kaitan anything bout u is good!! u!!! love u!!

wah...edry sggh hencem d ctu~

9. adira - ku ada kamu~
- props nice~
-auh..baju cantik!!
- voice boley tahan~
*hm..i didnt follow their season of Af..dont know this girl much~
- org sabah mmg suara sedap eh? got a sabahan friend who sing very well too~
- oh..dah abes lgunya..xprasan..haha~

10. bunkface - xtravaganza
-please be weird! erk..haha~
-yes! way to go weirdos! but they are superb u guys!
-sam remind me of Beatles..hehe
- nice music! but why oh why everyone just sat on their chairs? gosh! u gotta be kidding' me!

11. Black - sofea jane
- oh..yana tunggu ni..hehe
-saye suke! the lyrics..the performance..the soothingness~
-oh black..ur voice is much bearable like this~
- oh..tarik2
* hmm..when will someone name a song after mine? ;p

*another commercial break~

12. faizal tahir - hanyut
-aaaaaa...fezal!!! cair~
- maafkan lah ku xbisa hidup tanpa kamu~
-aa...kompem menang! xmenang xtau la nk kate pe!
- eh ade tegelincir sikit..huhu..xpe2 sikit je
-woh drama!!waaaaaaaaaaa..dramaaaa!!! i luv u faizal!!!
- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
- cair~
- sy terlalu kagum juge~

13. stacy - jahat!(lagu edry lg?)
- please dont top my abg!
- wiwit! love the baju! n the dance of cos!
- wow..but not as much as my abg! ;p

*shadap not shadap = diam x diam...hahahaha~

14. hujan - mencari konklusi
- loud! voice ilang begitu saje~
- ok tbe2 jeles ngn mizz nina~
-u did better before!

*eh habis dah
*another commercial break; oh..byknye iklan yg dubbed from Indonesian..why?

ok back!
haha..3 supernovas! ;ziana zain, kak pah, n CT~
-oh kak pah dah pakai tudung? alhamdullillah~
-love this song..hati ku kau bawa pergi terbang tinggi..ku menanti pelukanmu yg kurindukan~
- eh sengau?
-oh lagu jiwa kacau! yikes~
= 2nd song: auh..feel like dancing! go-go..ago-go! cucuk bintang! kak pah..lawa la mekup!

ziana zain
-wiwitt!! miss u n ur kening! ;p
- woh! remang2! madah berhelah!
- oh my! kalo ziana yg masuk..kalah org lain nih~

-wah..less covered i more tudung! omg! what happened? ke pakai tp kaler hitam? nih..xnmpk lak..
- wah..make-up cantik!!! nak2!
- dah kurus blk ye cik CT? jeles2 ;p
- kagum..voice still the same~
- ahaa..cindai! my most favorite! teringat masa kecik2..hehe..kumpul duit skolah semata2 nk beli kaset ct..hehe~

the winners are:

persembahan terbaik: faizal tahir; hanyut! yey!!!! my abg!!!

vokal terbaik: hafiz; nokhtah cinta: stuju2!! flawless..soothing~

3rd: ajai noktah cinta HAFIZ!!
2nd: taja/tun teja meet uncle husin+black drama king~

asal xbedebar pon? huu~

juara lagu : ana raffali??? tlg ingatkan aku? omg! mmg wow..congrats dear..i'm speechless~

ok..faizal tahir xmenang? hmm..sedey sket d ctu..xpe2~

ok..that's all about AJL 25..hmm..hate the number..huhu~

i was supposed to search on my assignments' material but what i did just clearing my email inbox..and i found something that i think worth sharing here~

New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

Resolution No. 1: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Laughing feels much better than stressing.; yes..i am doing this much currently..oh..i smile~

Resolution No. 2: Practice Forgiveness

commit to forgiving those who have hurt you — and to forgiving yourself as well~

Resolution No. 3: Donate Your Time to Others

Helping others actually benefits you too — it can make you feel great. Research shows that people who volunteer are physically and mentally healthier than people who don't. have something to look forward to~

Resolution No. 4: Get Organized at Home

You'll feel more on top of chores and less overwhelmed when at least one aspect of your life is in good order.
this is definitely in my list! :D

Resolution No. 5: Put Sex Back Into Your Life

Sex not only keeps you close to your partner, but it also offers health benefits.

Resolution No. 6: Schedule a Health Check-Up

Resolution No. 7: Manage Stress

Resolution No. 8: Keep Exercising

exercise in general helps to manage stress and makes most people feel better and function better

Resolution No. 9: Commit to Healthier Eating

 a healthydiet improves physical health as well as emotional health and cognitive function

Resolution No. 10: Have Fun With Friends

Making time for friends and social relationships can help lower stress levels. 

Resolution No. 11: Hit the Hay on Time

Studies have found that children who have regularly scheduled and healthy sleep become physically and emotionally healthier adults. Adopt good sleep practices, including setting a regular bedtime and waking up at the same time each day (yes, on weekends, too). To get good quality sleep, create a dark, quiet, and comfortable sleep environment.

Creativity Can Keep You Healthy

If you've ever wanted to take singing, dancing, or knitting lessons, you've got a perfect reason to start: Creativity reduces stress and keeps you healthy.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to do, make it fun. Sure, it's one more thing to add to your busy schedule, but taking time for creativity is one of the best investments you can make for your body and spirit.

ps: ok..still in mood xpecaye..huhu~
pape pon..congrats to all always..they win...not us..haha..

peace n out ^_^

Thursday, January 6, 2011

getting old~


last night was the first time i was not enjoying my time at work..gosh! really felt like i'm a bit older for those kids. i was bebel-ling at this girl because she wasn't too new that she need help in the arrogant of a kid that think she's the best. omg! kids these days..that is the moment when i think i am getting older..or maybe should i re-phrase it..i feel a bit wiser and mature..wah..hehe..they were singing and laughing and making stupid jokes..and worst of all..they spend twice the time i spent to settle the end-of-day job..gosh! really tested my patience. end-up we all went back at almost 12am! gosh i hate that..i really missed those time went i wass the youngest and they all treated me like young budak skolah..haha..yes yes..i know i am being pathetic! i am such an attention seeker..haha..ok2..enough of the like a 25! gosh! the number again~

positive schuzyy!!! u can do this!!!

peace and out ^_^

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



morning world! such a cold morning today..luckily i had a nighmare last night that woke me up this morning..gosh! did i think too much? it was about having mid term exams..and everyone was studying except me. me being me..procrastinate..omg! schzuyy! God is giving u sign! study now or u'll never survive this sem. yosh!!! better start now! got to work on those assignments and notes. it is kinda true..i go to class..i listen..i understood..but when comes to questions...i lost it..or my mind just being lazy to think..which i know is bad..gosh!

another problem: this niece is getting married. my aunt told me long ago to come back for the kenduri..but i havent tell anyone at work about it..gosh how i'm scared i can't get away.

ok2..that's enough to make my mind start working! new day new start!! 8 bulan lagi!!! ^_^

peace n out ^_^


You Are Enthusiastic

Your friends would all agree that you're the happiest and most optimistic person they know.
You can't help but see life as full of possibilities, even when things don't go your way.

You like to embrace every opportunity, and because of this, you sometimes shy away from commitment.
Your biggest fear is losing out. You try to do as much as you can so that you don't miss a thing.

Monday, January 3, 2011

new year!


last night a friend said to me..i has been a long time since she last recite the quran. too remind me of me..and reading on shida's entry..she too talk about this..thanks dear..insyaallah..i will start making it constant~

my new year resolution? i hate doing this because it will remind me of someone. so i will only say..i will try do my best in everything..not judging a person on what they say. keep my mouth shut and be a good muslimah~

jodoh? hmm..having 25 as an kinda scary..everyone is asking..and what i can say is..tolong la carikan..haha~

my target for this year:
1. do my FYP rajin2!
2. NO Feeling involved!
3. be friendly- no more enemy please! stop being evil schuzyy! it is enough!
4. try not to burden MaBah ok~
5. less thinking on things that will not benefit any~

5 is enough~

peace n out ^_^