Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dupdap dupdap~


usually, when my heart felt this dupdap2 thingy, i will definitely then bump into someone..haha..but this dupdap2 since last week..and i havent bump into i am still waiting and wondering..what will happen next? who is it?

then just now..when i was bathing..i remember something else..with all those tragic tragedy in the from friends, who knows, if my time is up..huhu..i remember checking ball's brother's fb's wall( many 's) and her story, where now they know it was all messages from him..huhu..

so today, not knowing what going to happen, i think i should ask for everyone's forgiveness..i am sorry for everything i have done in this 24 years 3 months and 3 days..i know i never meant all of those bad things i said or done to u..just me a ordinary girl doing some stupid things..just a part of the learning process i soorry..

eda, utang ko rm20..haha..claim kt mak aku eh..hehe

hehe..when come to think of does make it sad rite? but i havent done much good what if i really am going..huhu..gosh! thats scary~

so..ok..again..please forgive me~

so pray i will get to aloqstaq safely..will be posting again on sunday nite or monday morning if i am still alive..hoho~

peace n out ^_^

luv u~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tiring but funny~


today..felt like i was loved by everyone at the office..ok..i am perasan..haha..abg jenal promised to give me something before i chow..told k leha i will give her a hug on the last day..k shima said she will give me something when she came back from vietnam, abg zaflee was being kind to me..hahaha..abg wan was too are kind..he and abg megat was surprisingly are keen on taking us along..haha..thanks so much people! love u all!! gosh i will definitely miss u guys later! funny when abg wan was joining us doing all those peace thingy when we snap his cute~

hohoho..tomorow..rite after work..i will ask ijat to send me to the ukm komuter...then i'll go to sentral..and choo choo train will come for me at 9pm..hoho..this is my 1st time taking train home..and i am taking it alone..huhu..sad my plan to bring u home failed..huhu...maybe next time..plan it properly ok..u said it~

they say i will be super bored in the i am preparing myself with 3 books..i hope i can read them..

peace n out ^_^

Monday, May 24, 2010

july is coming so fast~


today was better than before~

tiring but i like it~

how i will miss them all so much...but will they ever miss me????

am i a kid trapped in an adults body? or i just choose not to be an adult? omg! adult??? haha~

yes2! en din said i can have leave in liew on thursday!! yea! syg en din!! hohoho~

my heart is beating so fast these days..why oh why? usually it is because of someone..but since thursday i felt so..but still not a clue on why i felt that way..GOD please show me what this all mean~

farah said internship will end in 3 weeks? did i counted wrongly? this is week since we are doing 12 weeks intership so meaning i still have 5 weeks right? i wish this will never end~

every time i think of u, i smile..gosh..i do miss u every now and then~

ok..schuzyy is being very jiwang now..dlm hati ada taman? hahaha~

oh..i watched a drama just was soooo funny when they said jantung instead of hati for heart..i english we use to say " my heart will accept u for who u are" but in malay it should be " hatiku akan menerima kamu seadanya" but when it is translated would say " jantungku akan menerima kamu seadanya" ok..hope u got what i'm trying to say here..hahaha..jantung = heart and hati = liver..

my heart will go on..

my liver will go on..

haha..ok..i'm done with this stupid proves~

gosh my language is getting worse~

ok..thats all~

peace n out ^_^

internship part 7~

week7 day 1: jalan2 day~

today was most tiring day..but i love it! this is why i keep on getting question from i want to join this department? and my answer is still..YES! haha..main reason because its with dream job..then come the 2nd most important reason..the job is not mainly in the office..and it need some brain what en din said..or more like complaint..hehe..if i want to rest i better not join them..but of cause i dont want an office maintenance IS for me..i wont mind having to deal with fussy users..i wont mind doing dirty work..and most of all..maintaining things is much more easy than developing new projects..hoho~

so..what i did today?

morning: mr maswan brought us to hangar 5 to change the smoke detector..he explained to us that the fire-fighting system in the MAS complex can be monitored from the control room at the admin building where the office when the alarm triggered they will know it..and in case of false alarm like this..when they come to check..its only because of the smoke detector contaminated with dirt or its either cleaning or change..then he brought us to the control room. it uses CMS, call monitoring system..which will call the fire department as soon as real alarm is no time will be wasted.

then mr maswan brought us to the genset room at the hangar 6. that was one of the 2 genset placed for the building. it is a 400kvA generator set.

evening: mr nazri brought us to GSE, ground support equipment building and ECS, engineering central store for some check-up with the complaints.

schuzyy love site visit~

week7 day 2: another thoughts~


plan for today was, 1st help fiza with the pass then its either follow mr megat to check the contractor's work or go to fmb. since we asked mr megat 1st, then he said he need to settle some work at cargo so we decided to go to fmb.

so at fmb we spend most of the time listening to mr md noor's teaching.yes..he love to teach..they even have white board and markers for him to play teacher with the staff there..funny when we are there, its easy for him to explain on the system and all. it was my 2nd time there, so it was so much of a new experience. what's new are just the view inside the aircraft control center; where we got to see some pilots.hehe..

then he brought us to the control room. it was something like one in admin building. so not so new experience for me..huhu~

then we went back at the admin building or so called SFB, support facilities building.

then, for another 1 hour.. i spend time taking life lesson with mr jamal and mr zainal. something out of practical spec..haha..but it is valuable for my life ahead. thanks so much~

schuzyy is regretting her decision today~

week7 day3: new things again! yey! love it~


office day in the morning..then around 3pm..en azhar took us to hangar 06..they are fixing the pump under the hangar platform..gosh..they have 2 storey under the floor..

one of the bulding supervisor said we can asked for fomal tour if we want to see the aircrafts..hoho..i like~
schuzyy love learning new things~
week7 day 4: air cond day


today..air-cond day again~

i think i can now understand about 80% of how AHU, FCU and what split unit is all about..insyallah~

all thanks to mr maswan and mr megat~

week7 day 5: air-cond and fire fighting system~

salam~ megat took us to hangar 06, to the oven galley check on the air-cond problem is a FCU, fan coil the process is a bit different from AHU.

and mr megat too had took us to the pump house, checking the pipe pressure~

schuzyy learn more about fire and water and air~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

i love weekend!


hoho..i just spent 45min in the car just now..doing nothing but berangan and listen to hot fm charts..well..main reason because i missed the charts today, and i have no radio in the fon is the one u can throw to anjing one la..huhu..its ok..i take all the hinaan with pride..this is my punishment for losing my other phone..huhu..its ok..i am considering buying camera, and phone..or maybe a camera phone with better pixels..hmmm..its ok schuzyy..sabar2~

so..what i did this weekend? on saturday

10am: i was so rushing..washed clothes, ate breakfast, tidy the house as i will be out for the weekend..hoho..then 10.30am, tuition at masjid

12pm: start my weekend plan, go to nurul's house at usj3, then went to rawang. condolences to my bestie in maresmart, miss ili nabila for her lost. i am touched how her family and her too are so strong facing the lost. from ili's story, i thing maybe they 'redha' he is gone now. because she said, her brother did achieve something that really make me thing, why having i change for the better? i can too die at any moment~

4pm: after saying our goodbyes, we are going to another mission, SHREK!! the movie! i actually had reserved our tickets at sunway pyramid but since we saw damansara's signage first, so we decided on going to one they we go..after checking at tgv, sadly they dont have we headed to gsc..thank God they have 3d..and it's rm3 cheaper than at sunway...phew..saving2..guess what..we watched the mignight..haha..gosh..i think the last time i watched midnight was during my GMI's now it was quite awkward..hahaha..funny that was so like nothing back then~

: notice what we wear? hehe :
: the effect is unintended..but cool rite?:

: my talian hayat :

: : S.H.R.E.K ::

: 2AM @ one utama :

: "jason..jason..where are u?", said nurul...hehe :

2.30am: arrived at nurul's place..and sleep like a baby~


9am: woke up because sun was super bright today..haha..what a reason~
11am: went out for breakfast+wash jason+trip to mydin~
4pm: arrived at uniten..phew~

like all other sundays in this practical period..i usually start the chores with ironing my weekly clothing, tidy the house a bit here and there, fold clothes, yada yada2..all the house wife works..

9pm: after news, checking other channels..nothing i went out for fuel..and ice lemon tea..gosh i miss that! and then i waited in the car till 10pm..checking the car..glad to see jason soo clean..haha..listen to radio..thinking what should i do with my life ahead..when am i going to get married..what will my life be 10years from now..gosh..last time i did that was again back in GMI's days..usually, i will spend 30min alone at the lake near our hostel..gosh how i miss that many things are coming back to my mind these days..i missed everyone..friends from asma, form maresmart, from GMI and those at uniten too..haha..most of all..i miss zira..looking at ili's family remind me of zira's. hope they too are fine by now..insyaallah~

so..tomorrow is working day again..time do fly fast these days..cant believe i already been there for 7 weeks..i really did enjoy my time there,,if and only if i can extend my stay..huhu~ i need to update my internship's blog..haihs~

opss..more time-wasters..hehe~

Your Happy Word is "Laughter"

You are happy because you are able to laugh at life. You believe that everything has a lighter side.

You try to take a broad perspective and keep everything in context. You can always make lemons out of lemonade.
You never take yourself too seriously, and you are able to laugh at any jokes at your expense.

You let yourself make mistakes, and because of that, you find it quite easy to be cheerful.

my words: yes..i do love to laugh..and the best place to laugh is in cinema..haha~

You Are Very Curious

It may be true that curiosity killed the cat, but you're betting on nine lives.

You would love to live as many lives as possible, because that way you could see the whole world.

Your relish new experiences, and novelty is a huge draw for you. You always have your eyes open for the latest thing.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? You'll always choose to take a risk!

yes! i love this!!! ^_^

You Are Most at Home in the Living Room

You're the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it's where you're at your best.

You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

There's nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.

You are proud of the home you've created, and you love to share it with others.

hmm...i think i prefer my bedroom..on my bed..with my pc..or a book~

Your Handwriting Says You Are Somewhat Traditional

You are highly energetic. You are a passionate, intense, vigorous person.

You are somewhat outgoing, but you're not a natural extrovert. You think first before you act. You tend to be independent, rational, and logical.

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You don't a lot of space, and you prefer to spend time with others. You are a little nosy and intrusive. You sometimes don't give people enough space.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

my word: yes..i am traditional..i am independent..and i love older people more..keep ur moms away from me..cause i might love them more than i love la..just kidding~ ;p

You Don't Hold a Grudge

You're willing to give almost anyone a second chance, even if they've really wronged you.

Incredibly forgiving and compassionate, you understand that people sometimes change for the better.

gosh! i do forgive..but i'll never bad~

You Are Grass Green

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You accept the world and people as they are. You don't try to change things.

You are also very comfortable with yourself, flaws and all.

Optimistic about the future, you feel like life is always getting better.

my words: i will learn to accept u the way u are..hope u can accept me as i am too~

love u always~

peace n out ^_^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

life lesson~


omg omg..gosh i regret my decision to go to the fmb sorry to say this..i cant help it..i am trying to be less talkative..or more like less talk about negative i need to say it here..huhu..yes i am this is the only way to say it out loud but without any voice..huhu~

abg megat said i can follow him and abg maswan to cargo today, but i said its ok..i will follow fiza to the fmb..thought i would learn something more there..but the fact is still true..see new things but the info is still doubtful~

so sorry..super sorry~

hope tomorrow will be better..lots better..amin~

peace n out T_T

Monday, May 17, 2010

hyper day~


last i had nescafe this week was on thursday..then today..the effect? wow! i was sooo hyper..haha..but what my friends said..i help them be more energetic..hoho..thank God i do some good today..haha~

so today..speak a lot..argue a lot.. questions a lot..haha..thanks mr zaflee, mr maswan, en din..hehe..u are the best! hoho..

omg..its already week 7..another 5 weeks and 4 days to go..huhu..ok2..i will definitely miss them more than they would miss if they would miss me..huhu..sad..all the eyes..the dirty jokes..the fights..the talk..the breakfast..the lepak..the guys..the kakaks..omg! how can i live without them..omg! i love doing practical!! oh Allah..can i really work there? please please please!

what i will remember most will definitely be the journey..the 1 hour journey..flashing my MAS pass at the main entrance..the sight of mr jamal car at the car park..checking en din's car whether he's in earlier than me or not..arriving at the 2nd floor..go to the washroom for some touch-up..hehe..then check whether en jamal is at his place or is weird why is always went missing these days..haha..then check who else are in before me..greet them good morning and salam..asking how their day yesterday..or their weekend..ask k ina whether the boss is in today..then k leha will say..jom! my favorite moment..breakfast! hehe..then go up to the office for some breakfast..then eat.then listens to some gossips...then greeting all the late comers..hehe..then all work and more play and best lepak buddy..abg jenal..he is my ultimate lepak buddy..everytime i felt sleepy or bored i will go to him if there are all abg zaflee and abg maswan..hoho..but if there are more people there i will go to k ina's place..hoho..thanks k ina for being patient with me all this while..hehe..thanks k leha, k shima, en din, en sahar, en azhar, en yusof, en jamal, abg zaflee..abg maswan, abg jenal, abg nazri, abg megat, abg moktar, wak dahari, alif, wan, mizi, awe, abe, and hj radzi..ok..that all i think..hoho..gosh i will miss definitely miss u guys after this~


if i were to work there..i hope nothing will change~ visiting lecturer will be dr yasmin hanum..and i am glad its her..because she knew about me and MAS since i was making the decision..haha..funny when she found out that i chose MAS over TNB..hehe..not regret there~ ^_^

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How 2 know if ur partner truly loves u~

You Are Optimistic

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First, the easiest way to know if your partner loves you is to watch how they treat you. If they put your feelings first more often than not, then they probably do love you or at least they care about you quite a bit. When the think about you first it is a good sign and when they do not want to upset you it is a good sign as well.

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Last, you can tell if someone loves you if they are willing to commit to you and only you. If you are unsure if your partner truly loves you, then start talking about marriage. This will either scare them away or excite them. Maybe they are not ready right this moment, but if they truly loves you, then they will be willing to talk about marriage without much hesitation.

my words: i am truly sorry..that was my biggest regret this week..huhu..hope that wont change us~

internship part 6

week6 day 1: money always matter much~


monday blues~

luckily the previous contract of the generator set at the main intake are today..i got the chance to see how they change the genset..beginning from the swithching off the supply..changing the switching on the power again~

now i know how generator really do help in these situation~

schuzyy is now more knowledgeable..*wink2~

week6 day 2: BCMS


what is BCMS? i have hearb bout this since the first today i got to see the 'thing'~

thanks to mr maswan..he brought me and fiza, the new trainee to the engineering complex for some close view on the BCMS..

BCMS, building control management system is the system used to help make things easier to monitor from one point, in this case from the maintenance office. now, with the system, they can monitor the air-cond system and the fire fighting system for the whole campus from one computer..super easy what tecnology can do for us nowadays~

but the problem today was actually, what can we do to decrease the temperature of the chilled water. so mr maswan said the least they can do is increase the frequency of the pump so that more chilled water are supplied to the users in hope of decreasing the temperature.

schuzyy know better about centralize air-cond system~

week6 day 3: golden lounges


today..begin at, fiza, k ina, k leha, and en azhar are going to the MTB, main terminal building which we called KLIA. what made i say these? because for those who work at the KLIA..klia is actually the whole thing..including that's is why the airport is called MTB..or the terminal in now u know..hehe

we are brought to the MTB under JUARA, some organization by MAS whom will organize this kind of event for the staff to get to know the company its our luck today to join them..hehe

the tour is about visiting 3 MAS golden lounges; domestic, regional and satellite..lucky us since there are only 6 of us..we got to eat at 2 places..domestic for breakfast and lunch at the regional golden lounge..nice2..i ate so much i cant eat anymore for dinner..haha~

schuzyy is thankful to JUARA for the day~

week6 day 4: fire-fighting system


so today, me as the senior trainee was given task to help the new trainee with her the day start with taking her to the security office for the Aviation safety briefing..during the 1 hour wait..i joined mr megat doing his daily visit to the pum house. the visit is mainly to check on the water pressure inside the pipes..the whole thing is quite complex..but to make it simple~

the fire-fighting system in MAS complex can be divide to 2 main part..the admin building and hangars..there are 2 hangars now..and they are using foam and water..the size was super huge! well for me there are..hehe..for the admin and another few buidings are the normal size..the pump house hold big responsible in case of fire since it will cover the whole area! gosh!

schuzyy understood more about the fire-fighting system~

week6 day 5: hotline system


so today..its office day again~

after i went to the visitor centre with fiza for her pass..then we went back to the today we decided to learn from the kindest officer in the zainal..or more known to us trainee as abg jenal..haha..he is the hotline guy..

for a maintenance department..hotline is the most crucial..we provide the we need the feedback..and the place they will contact if any problem occured is mr's either thru email or phone the complete process:

1. complaint from the user

2. mr zainal replied with the report number for future reference

3. complaints attend by officer or vendors

4. complaint report need to be endorsed and rated

5. report paper sent back to the office for filing and record's about 100 complaints in a please please be patient when u complaint later ok~

schuzyy love these kind of learning process~

internship part 5

week5 day1: wehooo..i am not afraid of height~


monday: DOSH officer came for the renewal for the tele-platforms licences..en azhar said i can follow him if i yes!! my chance! haha~

the officer came with the CTI System guy, Mr Kumaran..he was the one who is in-charge for all the machines..he need to be around daily to do the daily maintenance..such as greasing the cables and all..

so the inspection was schedule to take about 1 hour..but due to few reasons: hard to get cooperation from the Hangar can we do..just wait and wait~

so the inspection was done on few things..the hooks..the cables..the platforms..

the test end at went well..thanks to miss anizah~

later that evening..i spent in the office..reading the act book..omg~

schuzyy cant stand being in office too long..sleepy weh!!!
week5 day 2: the climb~


hehe..its not about the song by miley cyrus..but it's me doing the climb..hehe~

en din invited me to join the meeting with Siemens discussing bout the transformer's actually to negotiate the price again..i think they have made up their mind about the type and i think its the Siemens after to wait for another 10 weeks i guess~

then en sahar asked me to follow him with hj radzi to Cargo Agent A..they are planning on changing all the lightning arresters that was's kinda weird when looking at the security and assumption's done by the people working inside the complex itself..weird when people now don't mind taking others belongings just for money~

the process for a tender to be opened will involve:

1. visiting the site

2. estimation on the things to be done

3. calling min 3 contractors

4. 3 quotations

5. selection

6. request work order

7. request work approval from subang; with the budget approval

8. work done

9. report

that's what i understood..i will try to ask some example to put in the report later~

week5 day 3: major problem! yey!


like always..if one day i was out to the site..then the day after i will be kept at the office..its ok..

so today..en sahar told me to search on the lightning arrestors especially the technical specification for him to put on the i tried..its kinda hard to find thing when we want it..anyone agree? i keep on searching..

then around 4pm..the power went off..then i heard en sahar shout..azy! go fix it..omg~ haha..then i heard mr zaflee said..even the phone went in my it alien? haha..ok..its not..then phone went on again..and phones are turned out that the whole campus supplies are off..and when i text my friend at MAB..he said it from after 10 min..the power was on again..thank God! but the truth is still to be discovered~

schuzyy need more major problems~

week5 day 4: update~


i was so eager to get to the office today! i need to know what happen yesterday!

so i asked en din..he said..the problem is not from need to wait for GDC or TNB..

the story was actually IS from the MAB..they were doing some testing when the power went off..but when they tried to put it back on..GDC had the supply of 75% form GDC is left them with no now..we are using 100% supply from TNB..

and GDC said..their chillers too had the chilled water supplied will be slightly high than normal..

problem to us..complaints form LSG catering..they need chilled water for their IS big problem there..

ok..schuzyy really cant stay in office long~

week5 day 5: the climb again~


en sahar another contractor are i can follow him today..we climb another 2 buildings..cargo agent A and C..quite interesting view~

schuzyy is falling in love with airport~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Petua Cemerlang :-)

curi from jana's.. thanx dear! nk kn curi gak~ ^_^

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.
Anda inginkan petua-petua untuk menjadi muslim student yang cemerlang di mana-mana sahaja anda belajar?
Apa kata kita renungkan kembali tips kejayaan yang telah Allah titipkan di permulaan surah Al Mukminun, surah yang ke 23 di dalam lembaran Al Quran:

1. Keyakinan, kepercayaan and having faith in Allah, His Mercy and His Help.
"Sesungguhnya BERJAYALAH orang-orang yang beriman."[23:1]
Iman dan kejayaan disebut oleh Allah dalam ayat yang sama. Maka imanlah faktor utama kejayaan. Dan keyakinan yang tinggiinilah yang akan melahirkan attitude seterusnya yang bakal disebutkan dibawah.

2. Fokus, bersungguh-sungguh, sepenuh hati.
"iaitu orang-orang yang khusyuk dalam solatnya." [23:2]
Do one thing at a time. Jangan mencapah dan melayang fikiran ke sana ke mari. Be passionate in it. Bukan sambil lewa.

3. Prioritise
"dan orang-orang yang menjauhkan diri dari lagha(perbuatan dan perkataan yang tidak berguna)." [23:3]
Kebiasaannya dalam menghadapi musim peperiksaan yang penuh pressure, kita cenderung untuk berehat dan menenangkan minda dengan hiburan, movies, korean series, games, friendster dllsehinggakan selalu sahaja melebihi daripada masa rehat yang telah kita peruntukkan. Sebaik-baiknya kita mengoptimumkan penggunaan masa untuk belajar, dan mengisi masa rehat kita dengan perkara-perkara yang berfaedah seperti menyediakan makanan aka memasak (supaya tak makan maggie je selama 2minggu), membasuh, melipat atau menggosok baju, bersenam untuk melancarkan perjalanan darah di dalam badan dan bermacam-macam lagi yang anda sendiri lebih sedia maklum. However, the best thing to do during your break is to take wudhu', solat hajat or recite Quran so that we will be closer to Allah, therefore our hearts will be at peace and calm state no matter how hard is the exam.
plus, do avoid complaining, whining, mengumpat lecturer dsbg kerana perkara-perkara sebegini tidak mendatangkan faedah kepada masa depan anda, tidak menambahkan markah untuk kertas peperiksaan yang bakal/telah diduduki malah boleh mendatangkan dosa dan kemurkaan Allah nauzubillah.

4. Care about each other
"dan orang-orang yang menunaikan zakat." [23:4]
Walaupun sedang berada di saat-saat genting, janganlah kita bersikap terlalu mementingkan diri, dan mengabaikan kawan-kawan yang lebih susah di sekeliling kita. Kongsilah apa yang termampu, be it knowledge, past year papers, or even just food. Sharing is caring.

5. Jaga hubungan antara lelaki dan perempuan
"dan orang-orang yang menjaga kehormatannya. kecuali terhadap isteri-isteri mereka, atau hamba yang mereka miliki, maka mereka (isteri dan hamba) dalam hal ini tiada tercela. Sesiapa yang mencari dibalik itu, mereka itulah orang-orang yang melampaui batas." [23:5,6,7]
Janganlah kita menggunakan alasan belajar untuk melanggari batas-batas pergaulan antara lelaki dan perempuan ajnabi, misalnya dengan study berdua-duan, kemudian pulang ke rumah berpimpin tangan, atau asal tension je mesti nak bergayut atau berchatting dengan kawan lelaki/perempuan anda. Padahal Allah kan sentiasa ada, sentiasa melindungi, sentiasa menolong...jika kita mencari dan meminta padaNya.

6. Jujur, amanah
" dan orang-orang yang memelihara amanah-amanah dan janjinya." [23:8]
Bukankah kita telah berjanji dengan pihak sponsor dan dengan ibu bapa kita untuk belajar bersungguh-sungguh dan score well in our exam? Lebih penting lagi, bukankah kita telah berjanji dgn Allah untuk memanfaatkan peluang kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar yang telah dipinjamkanNya kepada kita sebagai medan untuk kita mengutip ilmu,pengalaman dan pahala buat bekalan di akhirat sana insyaAllah.
Please, no cheating in term of time, especially dalam dewan peperiksaan. Stop writing immediately when you are told to so. Instead, its time to say "Bismillahi tawakkaltu 'ala Allahi wala haula wala quwwata illa billahil 'azim."

7. Punctual, particular
"dan orang-orang yang memelihara solatnya." [23:9]
Konsep yang boleh diambil dalam konteks muslim student's life ialah supaya sentiasa belajar dengan berdisiplin, menepati masa, tidak berlengah-lengah, menjaga kualiti dan produktiviti harian kita. Jika sebelum ini kita diingatkan supaya berhenti menulis apabila tamat masa peperiksaan, kita juga perlu memulakan perjuanganan kita dalam pelajaran dan peperiksaan seawal yang mungkin. Memelihara solat lima kali sehari setiap hari juga mengajar kita untuk tidak berputus asa atau berpatah arang di pertengahan jalan, and to maintain keeping up with our effort continously, aka istiqamah.

Namun janganlah kita hanya mengaplikasikan konsep-konsep ini untuk academic semata-mata. Highlight utama dalam ayat tersebut supaya kita sangat menjaga hubungan kita dengan Allah kerana kita akan kembali mengadapNya dengan amal-amal kita, bukan dengan berapa gulung ijazah yang berjaya kita perolehi. Belajar dan ijazah hanyalah alatuntuk kita mencapai keredhaan Allah dan merebut peluang mewarisi syurgaNya.
" Mereka itulah orang-orang yang akan mewarisi. Iaitu yang akan mewarisi Syurga Firdaus. Mereka kekal didalamnya." [23:10,11]


Semoga berjaya dunia akhirat.

" ....Maka di antara manusia ada yang berdoa: 'Ya Tuhan kami, berilah kami (kebaikan) di dunia.' Dan tiadalah baginya bahagian di akhirat. " [2:200]

"Dan di antara mereka ada orang yang berdoa: Ya Tuhan kami, berilah kami kebaikan di dunia dan kebaikan di akhirat dan peliharalah kami dari seksa neraka." [2:201]

"Mereka itulah orang-orang yang mendapat bahagian dari apa yang mereka usahakan dan Allah sangat cepat perhitungannya. " [2:202]



this weekend..i did a lot of thinking..thoughts that didnt really lead to anything..anywhere..the topic..still the same..heart love and future..huhu..will i ever marry? do u really love me? u still didnt say anything..few said i am being so hard on other guys who wanna try..but..i am actually still waiting for u..huhu..haish..please say something~

I'll never break your heart
Baby, I know you're hurting
Right now you feel like you could never
Love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

From the first day
That I saw your smiling face
Honey, I knew that we would
Be together forever
Ooh when I asked you out
You said no but I found out
Darling that you'd been hurt
You felt like you'd never love again
I deserve a try honey just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in, you were so quick to judge
But honey he' s nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey, that's no lie

As time goes by
You will get to know me
A little more better
Girl that's the way love goes baby, baby
And I (I) know you're afraid (know you're afraid)
To let your feelings show (feelings show)
And I understand
Girl, it's time to let go (girl, it's time to let go because)
I deserve a try (try) honey
Just once (once)
Give me a chance (chance) and I'll prove this all wrong (wrong you walked)
You walked in, you were so quick to judge (quick to judge)
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see

No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)
I swear (Oh I, oh I, I swear)
No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)

words from the heart: this song has been my favorite since ever! and still is..especially at times like this~

another song that been making my heartache worst is this~

Break Your Heart ft. Ludacris
Now I may not be the worst or the best
But you gotta respect my honesty
And I may break your heart
But I don't really think theres anybody as bomb as me
So you can take this chance in the end
Everybodys gonna be wondering how you deal
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

Now listen to me baby
Before I love and leave you
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna decieve you

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. [x4]

There's not point trying to hide it
No point trying to evade it
I know I got a problem
By doing this behaving

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. [x4]

Thats all I'm gonna do woman
Listen now I'm only gonna break your heart
And shader and splater it all into little bitty pieces
Weather or not you get it all together
Then its finders keeps and losers weepers
See I'm not trying to lead you on
No I'm only trying to keep it real
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

And I know karma's gonna get me back for being so cold
Like a big bad wolf I'm born to be bad and bad to the bone
If you fall for me I'm only gonna tear you apart
Told ya from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. [x4]
Woah woah woah [x4]

words from the heart: gosh! how could someone say that to some other person..haish~

hope this heart-ache will gone by tomorrow..dont get worse please..can take it no more~ 

so..the time is here..the new girl is coming tomorrow..i was thinking bout this too much..i dreamt about it...hahaha..i really really hope she will be ok..dont kacau my abg comel ok! hahaha~

oh..yesterday i went to en azhar's kenduri aqiqah..omg! all their wives are beautiful! gosh gosh and gosh! i think it is true..any woman related to MAS need to be beautiful..even the wives..who am i to compare with? gosh..ok stop dreaming azy!! *sigh~

ok..i am starting to get lazy..updating my internship blog is sooooo hard now..why? not much different maybe~

huhu..ok2..need to update the other blog..

heart..please get better..please~

You Are Adventurous

You are quite adventurous and brave, but you are also reasonable about it. You don't have to be on an adventure 24/7.
You have good judgment and balance. You like to try new and exciting things, but you also pay attention to risk.

You're not the type of person who would throw your life away just to go on a new trip or have a new romantic partner.
You like your thrills in small, safe doses. You are gutsy in all aspects of your life from career to relationships.

You Are a Cool Person

You are calm and collected. You don't make much of a fuss - in fact, no one can tell when you're excited.
You are not very emotive and expressive. You tend to temper any feelings with logic and rationality.

You are steady and consistent. You are a person of your word, and you like to keep to a schedule.
Your energy tends to be at the same level throughout the day. You know how to pace yourself.

You Are Considerate
You are a truly loving person, and you do your best to love as many people as you can.
Some may call you a social butterfly, but it goes much deeper than that for you.

You tend to be a big influence on other people, but you don't try to be.
You just open your heart, and as a result, people are very receptive to what you have to say.

You Are Kind
You have a broad perspective on life. You are very understanding and forgiving.
You prefer a quiet, peaceful existence. You don't like noise in your head - or in the world around you.

For you, there's no such thing as too much calm. Having time to think is a gift that you treasure.

peace n out ^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

salam~ mood is fluctuating very easy these days..yes..i am unpredictable..but it is easy to handle unstable me if u know how..leaked the tips yesterday..haha..hmm..i am still thinking bout tmorow..should i or shouldnt i go tomorow? or should i go back? naaa...i will try asking mama if she will let me go back on the last week of the month..can have 3 it will be longer holiday for me..hoho..hmm..maybe will go to sentral tmorow seaching for train tickets..huhu~

lots happened to me this week..some are good and some are bad..but mostly good ones..but when it was alternating with the bad just make me feel worst than was why i have been sleeping at 8pm all these much thinking..planning and going with the flow thingy each day..just make me tired! huhu..

so next kid's dont know what to expect..will i made friend with her? will i hate her? will i be a good kakak to her? will they like her better? will i be abandon by them because she cuter? haha..why am i so worried? but i am worried..why oh why? with my mood like this..i hope next week will be fine..insyaallah~

please..i cant say it out loud..but when i suggest something..that means i want it..but if i detect any resistance in anything..even ur voice..ur face..anything..even an emm..i will take it as a no..and please note..that i will remember it forever..yes i do take revenge.yes..this is the bad part of me..hahaha~

ok..too much of revealing there azy! stop!! ok2~

Your Love Horoscope
You have been going through a period of reflection, Pisces, and maybe even some withdrawal when it comes to love. If there is anything unnecessary or outworn in your life, now is the time to pin point what that is and accomplish some out with the old housekeeping tasks with romance. You may have been clinging to an unhealthy romantic experience that is satisfying immediate needs and not progressing you anywhere in love. If you know the one that meets all of your needs, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and romantically, why are you letting them fall by the wayside. You don't need someone else to feel complete, but that someone else certainly does fill in a lot of blanks for you, so now may be the time to seek them out once again.

* it..want u but dont need u..just like what ne-yo said~

peace n out ^_^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

me is late~


i slept at 8pm last night..woke up 4.30am this morning..and i was surfing the net since then..huhu..and i was about to be late..azy!! mandi!!! huhu..malas~

i puasa from internet since not me~

what will today be like?~

Monday, May 3, 2010

hurt again~


yes..i am broken hearted..after reading ur status..why oh why?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

internship part 4~

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

week4 day 1: i love site visit!


monday blues..well..i thought i just as a trainee wont have those..but actually i do felt just the same..haha~

arrived at the office at 8.10am..shocked! the door was closed..even the roller shutter was down..what happened? i was about to call my friend to ask whether its a holiday..haha..then i remember..oh..the door can be opened with its for the switch..and hope its not locked..yea! 1st time ever using a roller yes! i'm the 1st to arrived today..then k leha..then cik din..then k shima..then..then..thats all? omg! it is monday blues for everyone..k leha siad..everyone was having mc, car stuck in traffic cant start..omg! in the end..left on 6 of us..and abg maswan the econ master need to come in to take the hotline..haha..lucky they didnt ask me..hoho~

then..around 10am..en din was preparing to go to cargo area..i was frustrated at 1st because i know en kamal wont take me as i dont have the apron pass..but then..when en din saw me...he asked.." kamu nk ikot ke? " without asking where to..i just answered yes! haha..gosh i am super eager to end the monday blues..then in the lift i asked en din..oh..there was a trip at the visitor field! so..he stopped there.and i saw wak dahari, the chargeman was there..yey..i am relieved..among 4 chargemen..only 2 seems to be ok with me following them here and there...wak dahari and mr today..i am wak's shadow..hohoho..along with mr megat, alif,mizi and other 4 guys..the case was kinda big..we were testing here and there..quite tiring..i didnt know troubleshooting would be that hard...well..ok..i know it's tedious but not that in the end..2 causes found..but they could be not it keep on tripping..they change the lighting of the signboard, change the ELCB, earth leakage circuit breaker and major problem..cable insulation of the gate at the entrance was they will put on tender for i was sent back to the office at 2.30pm..gosh! tired..but like always..i cant stay at the office for long..i need to move! so at 3pm..i heard en din was going to cargo again..taking a bunch of contractor for a site visit before they proceed with a new project of changing the fire fighting water sprinkler at theAdvance Cargo Center, ACC. so like in the morning..en din asked..kamu nk ikot ke? nak!! here i 1st visit to the ACC. actually en sahar has given me few assignments to complete that related to the now..i got a clearer idea on the assignments! yes!

the 1st part was meter measuring at the ACC since they just installed meter for electric i need to measure, compare and analyse..

2nd part: the level of illumination at the ACC to respond to complaint that they need more light..according to my supervisor, the lights are sufficient according to the lux level set by government spec~ day at the office today was not so thing i know its already 5.30pm..time to go home! yey!

schuzyy cant wait for tuesday~

week4 day 2: Advance Cargo Center


since yesterday was so hectic..i thought today will be i am well prepared for boredom..i was planning to start writing and doing research on my assignments..but then at 10am..en sahar told me..wak dahari, the chargeman was waiting for me to go to ACC for meter i went with him to almost all cargo agent's offices..gosh..what an experience..he said..i am lucky to get to each and every office there is..because if we didnt do the meter reading..on what purpose will i be allowed to set foot on every task was just to read the numbers on the meter then wak dahari will keep the record. then i followed them to Hgr 6 attending a complaint about wrong fix female socket..yes..socket has for today~

so i hope..tomorrow i can get to go somewhere else..just to keep me away from my desk..gosh i am made to be an engineer..i need a desk NOT! desk makes me wonder i felt sleepy when i study..hehe~

schuzyy need more work!

week4 day 3: electrician~


after having breakfast with k ina..en azhar n en yusof asked if i want to follow them to was a monthly check-up before they report back on their meeting. so i went with them along with a contractor..

main problem was the floor they are considering repainting..then suddenly the engineering staff of hangar6 came and told us that 4 of their jet socket dont have we went there to check. calling the chargeman and vendors, they checked and concluded that all 4 of the sockets need to be replaced. so we went back to the office because those socket need to be ordered from oversea..malaysia dont have any of those yet..sad~

then in the evening..i was planning to just concentrating on my assignment since en sahar asked me almost each then i made my move..i went to see abg zainal, he's the one keeping all the record on all bills that MAS complex need to pay..whoaaa..the bill is reaching took the values so that i can proceed with my electricity evaluation of the ACC. i need to compare the bill for the 2009 since they have installed new meter there. they assume the cargo area only uses 20% of the overall electric consumption. so i need to prove either they was right or wrong.

just before 5.30pm..en din called me..he said..i should follow the vendors so that i can learn better..doing real electrical i can learn them hands-on. at first i was rebellious..haha..then after some hard thinking..i think it is true..this is the time i got the chance to learn..without any i borrowed safety shoes from a today(thursday) i will be an electricial! hohoho..wish me luck!

schuzyy is ignoring other matter for real electrical jobs today!!! yosh!! ^_^

week4 day 4: vin diesel~


haha..the title state as if i meet my dream guy..haha..actually it was about me..getting a chance to ride a diesel lorry! the diesel was needed to fuel the generator at the substation.

: that was the lorry i was in with mr mokhtar :

: almost empty :

: full tank of diesel:

: tadaaa...after re-fuelling :

: after re-fuelling :

: the whole picture :

the morning was spent with reading about frequency..this was somewhat a challenge from en din..he said..if i want to be a good engineer..i should know what i need to know...the main purpose is to avoid any pijak kepala or tertipu by there i was..sitting..reading..and maybe later i will follow those guys doing the rough jobs..yosh!

schuzyy is ready for the real job! yosh!

week4 day 5: water flow meter


like other fridays..i was not expecting much i am preparing myself with more reading materials..but then, around 10am..en sahar told me that engineers from subang will come to look at the i should be joining i asked en zaflee when hj radzi will come..i need to follow him..but then en zaflee said..its just a normal visit..just to confirm the nothing much to see there..then hearing that..en sahar asked me..whether i want to follow them changing the water flow wasnt really related to power, but i followed still..haha..
: mr ganesh was checking the flow meter:
the others was people from MAHB

: the new meter :

: a small part of my

one thing i learn from that outing our home..they used analog meter..but here..they need to use this flow meter for easier getting all sort of details and reading..the data can even be downloaded and uses electronic..and it cost rm9000! yes..thousand! omg~

schuzyy is shocked with the price all those techy things can be~

end of week 4..gosh..cant believe a month passed already~

hmmm..what will be like after 12 weeks? wonder2~

there goes my weekend..happy! ^_^


wow! cant believe i can neglect my blog! haha..main reason..because i was upset! so i cant avoid me writing nasty words..hehe~

so..i am still thinking..where r u when i need u? nway..thanks for the night..i do miss u much..maybe i look like i didnt really appreciate u..but i do..only that i cant show it..haha..thanks for coming all the way from cheras to where i was each time dear~

oh..i was blog walking just now..i am happy for alia for the engagement..congratulations dear!and i am happy for another blogger for his discovery in foreign place which has teach him so me..i am glad i did chose to do my internship with MAS..eventho it's only for 3 months..but after 4 weeks..they have showed me so much that i never expected would an adults 4 weeks..i know..those things in malay dramas wasnt just a is real~ 

oh..thanks nurul for making my weekend fiiled with! finally! haha..i am considering on living in subang later..haha~

Fireworks Galore
Mars Conjunct Moon
Apr 29, 2010 to May 4, 2010
Anyone who triggers your feelings will receive a signal (and the transmission quality will be very loud and very clear) that their challenge has been accepted. Whether or not they intended this little emotional prod to be a dare of sorts won't matter. Your response will be the same. Duck!

Venus Opposition Saturn
May 2, 2010 to May 4, 2010
No, you never expected to actually be attracted to someone like him/her -- but it happened. Don't fight it. It's exhilarating, and such fun to see your loved ones squirm! much i want to put here that i forgot what i want to folks~ 

i wish u would come here to accompany me thru the night..alya blk umah till wednesday..huhu~

You Should Live in a Green House

You are a peaceful person who always seeks out quiet and solitude.
You love nothing better than a long walk, and you probably prefer to live near nature.

You are a good listener, but you always need down time to recharge after being around others.
You usually fit in anywhere. You blend well, and you're happy to sit back and observe.

peace n out ^_^