Friday, October 18, 2013

First entry from Glasgow ^_^


Here I the United be Scotland..the land of the Viking..well. not entirely sure about that.

I arrived here on 26 September 2013..and it has been 22 days. fast time flies. But did felt really fast here. Felt like weekend just passed by..and it is going to be another weekend in the next 24+7 hours..haha~


What has happened since the last 22 days?

25/9/2013: Wednesday
Got my visa on Monday..thanks to Eda for all the fuss n mess..then mama said i must fly ASAP. So i bought a one-way ticket for the next i leave Malaysia on 2am Wednesday..arriving in Dubai at 4.30am..and thanks to Mr Dubai for an-8-hours-fun-trip in Dubai..had a blast..thanks for the tour..thanks for the Cheese Cakes..thanks for the super-early pick-up. hehe. ok. enuff..then my flight to Glasgow airport was at 3pm and arriving at Glasgow Airport at 8pm..It all happened in 1 day..1 day..because of the time all happened in only ONE that was one great experience..that was my first ever looooongggg flights. And it was done ALONE! haha. it was really scary! i was crying from the departure gate until i stepped on the plane at KLIA. It was funny..even the airport police asked me why I was that sad. haha. pity this little girl travelling all by herself..if only he knew this little girl is actually a-27-year-old woman.(woman?haha)

26/9/201: Thursday
Registered at my uni..went to the department..showing my face to anyone who want to see me. haha. then I attend ONE class. meeting my fellow jetlag detected~

27/9/2013 Friday
Still being confused with the timetable and classes and building and getting around was super TIRING!
Jetlag still not detected..but fell asleep at 9pm..

28/9/2013 Saturday
Housemate brought me to town center..just for a is such a nice town..was a bit confused..but getting better..jetlag detected..fell asleep at 8.30pm. and woke up at 4.30am..hahaha.kental konon~

29/9/2013 Sunday
Walked to Blochairn Carboot was NICE!!! love it..everything was so cheap!

30/9/2013 Monday
I cant remember..haha~

5/10/2013 Saturday
Spent great time at Edinburgh..somehow..I discover that I was more afraid of dark n ghost even more now than before..haha. getting old..spent almost 100GBP..went to several only once..seriously I dont know what I did..haha~

12/10/2013 Saturday
Went to the Polmadie Car Boot Sale..super cheap too!!

and today
17/10/2013 Thursday
The tense is getting body want to mind want to study..but the problem is..I am struggling with my brain..trying to recall back everything I learned during forgot..forgotten..huhu~

hopefully I can remember back everything~

So schuzyy..please study~

Peace n out T_T

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stress? Let it go~


I am under so much stress these days. But mostly i think it is actually caused by me.

1. I can't tolerate people different from me.
 I know i should learn to accept people for who they are~

2. I hated this few people because they seem to be unkind to others~
Why should i bother? What i must do..ensuring i am being kind to everyone~

3. I am talking to much
Listen and think first!

4. I am letting people taking advantage of my weaknesses
I need to learn to say no and speak up my mind
Darn! this is hard!

5. I expressing my self to the wrong crowd~
I better keep this blog alive or better. a diary?

6. I have too much work in such little time~

Peace n out ^_^

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

welcome to the year 2013!!! haha~


Hello there again!!

haha. making greeting as if anyone would be reading this. haha.

Well..update. I quit my last job! And i started the new job on 26 Nov 2012! wehooo~

Much to learn. Much to digest. Much much things happening...
much love much hate much politics..
too much~

Why i made a come back here..blogging?

Because i hate myself making frequent statuses on fb. haha~
Because my English is getting rusty~
Because i will be sitting for IELTS. crap!
Because i still have feelings for English.
Because i want to further my studies in Masters dgree!! wehoo!

Do i hope anyone would be reading this? definitely not!

What will i update here?
about food
about job
about what happen around me

about what is it like to live a life of a Schuzyy~

so that's pretty much all for today..

i had a looong day today. but i'll keep it for a while..hehe~


peace n out! ^_^