Friday, March 5, 2010

smlm yg hampa~


hampa = anda = u = korg

but in above title, hampa means disappointed..i was disappointed big day wasnt so big after all..

big thing 1: perodua selection..was postponed till next week..and i only knew bout it after waited for 20min..and thanks to my new friend, david who brought his laptop and broadband..(thank God u brought them!) then there was THE email..telling that it was postponed..and the time the email was sent 8.34am..gosh..sabar azy sabar~

big thing 2: techcomm presentation..omg! she is racist!!! she hates malay! chinese too i think..and favorite is indian..omg!!! and there goes my techcomm in the drain~ hoh..mintak jauh2~

big thing3: test microp..omg! what have i learn this sem? seems like 0-knowledge..but i managed to goreng here and there..and my answer script was full with this and that..hahaha..just wait for the result.huhu~

omg..what a day..woke up at 5am yesterday..then curi2 5min nap at bn while studying..haha..then right after coe meeting then rite after that..alya and i went to mydin for some ilmu's shopping..haha..buying hamper's stuff for futsal on sunday..haha..buying hamper that 80% will be ours due to no it!

so i hope tomorror and days ahead will be better..and i hope the coe night and futsal will fun smoothly..and after wednesday..i will be free again..and time to focus2! ^_^

peace n out ^_^


n f y said...

perodua ape ni?
proton la,br best!

schuzyy said... perodua yg uniten tu..kalo dpt xyah g jejauh :D