Sunday, March 7, 2010

body aching~


yey! futsal for fun was really fun and funny!! haha..we were laughing like flying..kicking air..haha..thanx to all!! eventho only 15 of us came but..i think we all had fun! hehe..i am pretty sure even the referee was enjoying the the hamper..nway thanks guys for the day! luv u!! :D after all the bad stuff..think this was such a big success afterall! and my body is aching..sengal here and there..due to lack of stamina and no proper warm-up..i was running up and down the field just to kejar bola and kicking them slow..haha..i am so not a futballer~ ;p

:think i look no-so-fat in here ;p

with dearest adik2..and my 1st-attempt-hamper-wrapping ;p 

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here are do-and-paste stuff like i always do ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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