Wednesday, March 17, 2010



both eda n i woke up super early this morning.4am..last night we slept at 10pm..haha..and we just had our breakfast..scrambled egg abah's recipe ;p and it's only 5.30am..hoho..long day to go! yosh!!

plan for today:

10am: dr rosmiza for coe stuff
10.45am: itms maybe or bring lappie to library for hostel registration..but if there's no sharing so we would join the campaign of boycotting hostel price hike ^_^

then after that, i should be spending my day at library..planning to bring stock of nescafe, bread and water along so that i can stay there longer..till after asar hopefully..insyaAllah~ ^_^

heart: if and only if u read this..i'm hurt last night.i managed to ignore the feeling because i think its time to move on..i hope this new light will be made i am nothing to u..that's i think what u thought of me..sorry and thank you~

practical: still havent decide..but the moment fendi said he's going back later this month..i this the percentage of me going to tnb is 70-30..huhu~

i am a girl who like to run away from problems~

ir yeoh promised me to give me an A if i can score 100% in final..hoho..cabaran!!! yosh!!!

new moon: i hope u feel the same as i do ^_^

seriously i cant wait for next sem to begin..why? not sure~

peace n out ^_^

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