Wednesday, March 10, 2010

mas or tnb?


i just called en zainuddin who i will be reporting to next month..huhu..and why of why he sound like so kerek..huhu..sadly..omg omg..i hope he will be better when i meet him..huhu..scary..sad news..he said the place is way far from klia..and not reachable with erl..gosh..i wish i could just tumpang him to work..he live in bangi too..but but.and the fact that he said..i am the only intern they took this year..that scare me even more..huhu..the reason is..they didnt take 3 pointer and below..omg omg..why my butterflies so it because of this? huhu again~

ok2..skip that topic for another 2 weeks before i submit the form of confirming where i will be doing my internship..huhu..scary~

i went to gym this morning..haha..1st time ever to gym in uniten la..arrived at 9.10am out at 10.30am..hoho..not bad for beginners huh? ^_^ did 15min of cycling, few minutes on rowing and 20+15 min almost an hour..whoooaaa...believe it or not? and i am expecting whole body aching by tomorrow morning..haha~

last night i slept at kakak's house..thanks for having me..went there for finale of biggest loser asia..i didnt really  follow the series..but typical me..watching the finale is enough to know what happen since the i like Martha because she's cute. i like Aaron because he's Malaysian..but i wanted carlo to win because he need the money to buy a house..but the winner is David..and he was super wealthy ok! and he won 100 000 usd..omg~  but alya say he deserve it..true la.. he was skinny and he looks sick ok! still i would prefer Carlo to me Carlo is the winner~ ^_^ and my heart cant decide yet..MAS or TNB? huhu~

peace n out ^_^

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