Friday, March 26, 2010

1st day~


just came back from sitting my first exam..hahaha..5questions..i managed to goreng 4 of them nicely but the last part..gosh! cant find ideas anymore..huhu..sorry madam~ but tomy surprise..i laughed and smile like i can answer  and have a corfirm A..haha..funny!~

oh..ita gave me this link..and i love it so much..see what it did to me~

: the those tabs up there..hehe :

haha..luckily its evening..not time to study..hoho..mind go elsewhere..books? no-no~ 

but seriously..those websites ita them~

ok..lost words these few days..why oh why? dont know~

cant wait for these agony exams to end~

oh..i think it is me after all..when guys show that they might have liked me..i begin to feel scared..and i will then run..haha~

catch me if u can~

peace n out ^_^

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