Thursday, March 18, 2010

:: addiction ::


topic 1: final exams

26/3: friday power e
29/3: monday microP
31/3: wednesday pom and power sys..huhu~
2/4: friday techcomm

and 5/4 internship..and i havent decide yet..huhuhu~

topic 2: internship another week to think..i am practically avoiding thinking bout this because all i manage to do after thinking is just..having more head-ache than where should i go? again i will list every pro n cons..and sorry if u read this before..hehe..this is me..reconsidering over and over and over again..and tired of it..but still doing it..huhu..

tnb: can stay at home, all will be provided plus mama abah and family..wont need much effort because they say at tnb u will only get work if u ask..if u feel lazy..just sit down and enjoy the ride..haha..but..there's no allowance, plus maybe no experience..huhu..another but..i'm currently taking electrical power tnb is my long term should i just go and get it? why waste time? my lecturer said..tnb is sacking old people above 50 so that they can extract fresh juices from the young if i were to work with tnb..i should start young..ok..thats way beyond the topic..back on the yeoh said..i should consider both as internship is just an experience that i should have before getting into the real deal..haish..his word was somehow affected my decision but in a way that i cant see where its bsepah i am in this matter of making decision..huhu~

mas: love the name..but thinking bout how broad the field would be scares me a lot..i know i will be tired working there..even the journey is long..if i were to take MAS then i should consider where to hostel or at bandar baru salak tinggi? huhu..and come along money matters..renting, eating out, transportation..gosh..a lot to spend there..experience? maintenance thingy? i am electrical power should i go on the surface and see from the consumer perspective (thats what ir yeoh say) that..if i were to work with tnb later..then i will know how it is like from two different views..consumer and provider(hmm..yeoh didnt say provider..oh..forgot!!) hmm..

so..what will be the chosen one? by the time i'm writing this..its MAS with 60-40..but the difficulties to get there somewhat turn me hard to decide laaaa~

haish..azy make up your!

oh..the title? haha..i am now officially addicted to conditioner! haha..this week..i wake up at 5am just to shampoo and conditioner because eda will wake up at i will have an hour to play with the hair..hahaha..luving it..ok..weirdo..dont care..hahaha..u should try too ;p

ok..before i get any weirder..i better stop now..just had something that really made my day..thanks dear! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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