Friday, April 30, 2010

omg omg omg!


ok..i just did something that is sooooo not me! omg! and i really really really reaalllly hope this is happening for real! haha~

 Your Love Horoscope
Affection is at the forefront of all things romantic today, Pisces, and this will either please you or frustrate you. If you are attached, you may well just get the affection that you have been craving for some time. Or perhaps you have been wanting to express affection in an unconventional manner and your advances are not being well received. This will lead to some frustration on your part as you are not one who enjoys having creative impulses stifled. Is it possible that you need to reconsider this union and move on to someone who you know can meet your needs precisely the way they need to be met? Single? Try to revisit an old friendship. If there are any tensions in the past, leave them there, and start fresh as that someone is waiting for you to make the first move. always..time waster~

so..what i did today? continue from yesterday..still have my mood swing even not the time for moonny  yet..haha..its all because of men..again..and u know how i hate being waiting and do nothing! haish! i looked up to u..but when u show that u dont deserve my respect..i just wont today..i was being a bit off limit..i denied ur today..i proceed my my assignment..and followed en sahar..and spend precious time with them..its not related with electric but yes i do learn..yes i do! and they didnt make me wait like a stupid little girl u can tell to do everything u want! gosh i hate snobby adults!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

time waster~

You Are the Friendly One

You're a pretty ordinary guy or gal, and you can get along with almost anyone.
You are modest, hardworking, and an all around good person. You take an interest in the world around you.

You fit in with the crowd, and you're the type of friend everyone wishes they had.
You're happy being normal, but of course you're also unique in your own way. You just don't let your freak flag fly.

haha..yea rite~

yesterday was super pening day..and i end my day with a big mac! omg! there goes my diet..haha..but i'm loving it! haha~

peace n out ^_^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



work is ok today..but the side activities was kinda frustrating..not one but 2..haha..well..1 n a half maybe..haha..but the 1..yes..i think that s a big frustration..gosh..i am trying too hard i is last more after this..if there's a will..there's a way..note for the other side~

ok..still not fully recovered..still feeling weak..eventho the mouth is unaffected..haha..

oh..tmorrow i hope more works for me..because k leha is left me and k ina n k always felt too silent when one of them are missing..huhu..miss k leha already! she went to beijing for shopping..gosh! cant wait to earn my own money..and then i can go anywhere i want for shopping..hohoho..

note: i am not like other girls who dont mind spending their man's money..not me..and it upset me when i found out anyone who think that every girl are like that! seriously! not everyone the same!


peace n out ^_^

Sunday, April 25, 2010

mari belajar bahasa jawa~

makmak /embokmakciklek / bibik
mangga (kunci)gembokmarahnyeneni
menyala (cth api)murupmeniupnyebul
mendidih (jerang air)umupmengakuwaleh

this remind me of someone..haha..i heard them talk at the office on my first day there..and i was so curious what 'isin' means..and suddenly..about 30second ago..i remembered the word! funny..i wish i can understand what they we saying~ next language will be bahasa jawa..hohoho~

internship part 3~

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

week3 day 1: tired~


its a rainy n cloudy its practically lazy and sleepy day..but without my nescafe..i endured such a tiring day..

9.00am: mr kamal brought me to custom department to do the fcz pass..then rite after the business there settled..i almost missed mr mokhtar, the chargeman..then i asked him where he's heading..then he said..cargo!!! yey! en mokhtar.nk ikot boley? sy dh de fcznye pass! he said..boleh2! yes!!!

so mr mokhtar, his assistant, alif and i..headed to the cargo bilding..hehe..not as i expected.. i was expecting hi-tech humongous building..but to my was just buiding..with offices..they only handle the cargo from far..the cargo will be taken care somewhere else..where i have no access to..sad~ but then en mokhtar showed me the Animal picture..forgot to bring the camera again..huhu..sad..the hotel was not like human hotel..just the fact that it would cost people like me a pocket! haha..even the canine and cats rooms are called suite..with air-conditioner mind u! seriuosly! well..i am amaze how much a man can love its pet..claps for them~

then mr mokhtar received a call..there were few trips around the we attend it..few of the places was just  normal tripping..and the weird case office at cargo B building reported we went to the office to check..nothing on the we check the meter board..omg! the yellow phase cable burned..and mr mokhtar said..if the cable touches the body of the would definitely explode! omg! yes..i came to the i followed them alarming all office in the buiding..about 10 of them..telling then to switch off their computers so that later when we turn off the main data would be lost..i was so was not so amazing but to me it was somthing very at mokhtar told me to switch the main power i did.yes! haha..then they re-wire back the cable..ok..its wasnt so hard..think i can do it myself next mokhtar told his assistant to do most of the as a faithful after re-wiring mokhtar switched on the main power back..then we received another call from hanger we went was a complaint made a year ago..a repeating problem i mr mokhtar said..this is big..they need to open up each 12 lights which are 3 meters above he advised the reporter (erm..the guy did the report)  to email property department..because such case will need contracter to after that we headed back to the mokhtar asked k ina to do another letter for me allowing me to go in the apron area..yes u read correct..apron is the landasan for the plane..haha..airways maybe more known to next time..i need to pay rm1 if i want to follow them to the cargo that they dont have to send me first then drive way me spend another ringgit? huhu...even a ringgit sound big when in a financial crisis like this..huhu..cant wait for the allowance!!!

so here are some of the pictures from today~
: u can get this in MAS flight..but i get this for free in the office..hoho :

: this will allow me in the thought of letting plane run me over? can do~ :

: i will need to come here if i wanted the apron pass..with a ringgit..huhu :

: with these i am allowed in the cargo area..minus the apron..wuwuu :
i will receive my pass on wednesday..yes!

so thats all for today~

schuzyy need some sleep now..oink2 ^_^

week3 day 2: reading~


tuesday: nothing much done..i spend the day reading on how to do single line diagram for the 4th floor assignment by mr yusof..gosh its hard..hard for me who didnt really learn that in i need to flip my GMI's notes back..and with some help for my brother's notes..hehe~

i met mr md noor yesterday, chargeman for facilities maintenance building at the KLIA terminal. he told me to go to his place because its somewhat the same with the complex only in smaller today after getting my MAHB pass i will going there by shuttle..hope i will learn more there..yosh!!!

schuzyy is trying hard!! yosh!!!

week3 day 3: free commercial zone (FCZ)



en kamal promised to take me to the custom building to take my FCZ i waited for him..he was in early that day..but en din asked him to him for a round..just a monthly spot check i they goes..and i waited in the office..then en zaflee asked me to follow him to the Engineering Central Store o survey on the lighting system..i need to count and report back to en din bout the lights..and to our total of 102 lights only 8 are working finely..others..either they have blown bulbs or broken housing. so they decided to put the job on tender. i'm guessing a lot of work there..then..back to the office~

around 11am..they came back..and en kamal took me for the pass..and 2nd pass~
: again ignore the pic.. =_= :

: weehoo..but these will be surrender on 25th june..sad :

so after thanking en kamal for taking me there, supposedly i go to FMB, flight management building..but i told mr md noor i will go there the next i sat there..finishing my report on the lighting at ECS to submit to mr zaflee and en din. done..and i continue with my readings on i read on short circuit clearer now~

schuzyy cant wait for another adventure!

week3 day 4: flight management bulding, FMB



at 9am, i rushed downstairs for the feeder shuttle to FMB, yea! today..another adventure! finally~

arrived at FMB in 20min..gosh..didnt know klia and lcct quite far..then i search for Property department...after asking a cleaner lady, and she showed me gladly (still have my charms with cleaners like they say..haha~) so..there it department..i was told that they have on 3 MAS staff there plus 3 vendors whom will help with the complaints..and to my anxiousness..i was told that the only women is k ramlah..and she was on medical leave women around..thats scary..i thought..then as i entered..i saw 3 men..1st was mr md noor, the charge-man i met the other day..relieved~ and another 3..introduced as adnan, shah and sofaruddin..after some introduction with them, the building supervisor cum boss at Property FMB asked me to join him for i did..along with en md noor..summarized..there do everything there..from complaints to requests, from electrical works to i am amazed they have only 7 people working there..the area they handle includes the FMB, ticket conter, the link-bridge connecting FMB to terminal, 3 golden lounges and satellite which placed 1st class golden lounge which i am really really really looking forward to set foot in ^_^

then en md noor ask adnan to show me around..he took me to the HT,LV rooms, few others maintenance related rooms and the terminal..
: motor for the lifts:

: 2 transformer in HT room :

: schematic diagram of HT/LV in FMB :

: HT room :

: genset room :

: the genset :

: AHU room:

: link-bridge..only those with MAS pass can access..and yes i can get in thru here with my pass!! yea!! ^_^ :

: insulation tester to check if there are any leakage on wiring:

so thats basically all i learnt at FMB~
en shah of FMB has asked my supervisor, en sahar if i can extend my stay there at FMB..and he said..yes..if there are no project at the complex..hohoho..i'm flattered~

schuzyy cant wait for more and more challenging tasks~

week3 day 5: last day of week 3


most of the big guys at the admin building are going out for i am glad i am going to FMB again today..yey~

but md noor was on leave..but k ramlah was in..yey~

so i am left with adnan, shah and sofa. they took me around attending complaints~
1. request of extension at ticketing counter..gosh..many passengers were stranded there due to the ashes up in europe..
2. air-cond service..and carpet issue..need to add more glue..gosh~
3. i asked them to teach me how to dram the single line diagram of the assignment en yusof gave me last week..hehe..and i need to check with en zaflee and hj radhi bout that first~ thanks guys! ^_^

so at 4pm i took the shuttle back to the complex~

today was fikri's last day doing practical he treat all with nasi braini..thanks fikri..and also thanks for everything..nice to know u even for such a short time..and good luck with ur new path ahead! department will be getting another trainee next month..a girl electrical engineer-to-be from uitm..cant wait to meet her~

schuzyy is done with week 3..yey!! gosh time really flew fast these days~

Saturday, April 24, 2010



i just watched this movie.." did u hear about the morgans?" and now i felt like crying..and it was after the movie..not like always..during..haha..ok..if u know me..yes..i am a crier..i crier during every movie..oh2..except clash of the titans..very weird what makes me thinking this time age..and my what's about it? hmm..i think my closest friends would has been troubling my head very much this few weeks..not because there are choices..but because they keep on bf bf..truthly speaking..i am hoping i had the answer..the person didnt confirm anything if u are reading something..haha~

so..this very hectic! fun..flirt..sick..hope..tired..and most importantly..i did learn few lesson of life..apart from things i should learn educationally..k leha say..never trust a guy..k ina n k shima i wonder..what could that possibly mean? they are married..maybe they are referring to me..who are only trust ur husband? but there are cases when they do and in the end the husband left them for some other that means..we girls should not trust any men..forever? lesson~

today i had a fight with a friend..and i was half regret and half emotionless..i dont want this to continue..i am being half me..i usually put the silent mode in when i am upset..but if after 15min u continue with other topic..then i should be able to forget the problem..thats mistake there was both being silent for the entire i cant imagine how would this be on monday..huhu~

i cant stand waiting..especially when it's hot!

ok..i hate saturdays! it always been my most unlucky day..hope tomorrow student will turn up..and i got to get out to somewhere..i really need time off..entertainment please..i really want to watch some movie..huhu~

what does "did u hear about the morgans?" and "up in the air" have in common?

i wasnt really friendly with men..but doing internship really has changed me..well..not in that way..just i can interact with them more these 3 life revolves around only 5 females..alya,k ina,k leha and k shima and today k ramlah..and the other 20+ are men..and i am really surprise i can NOT be me! haha..good for more shy2 i can learn better..but en din statement (on..he's my supervisor aged 50+) he felt like telling those guys in the lift asking who i was..this is my bini muda..omg! thank god i can play my plastic face at that time..haha..funny and awkward!!! i am looking for singles un-married men en din! sorry! ^_^

i'm dead if he read this! haha..sorry en gurau je~ ^_^

em2..can i name all those 20+ here? of cos can..this is my blog! ok2..introduction upon appearance..ecewah..en din, en sahar, hj radhi, en azmi, abg jamal, en yusof, en azhar, abg maswan, abg zaflee, abg jenal, fikri( fellow trainee..ala fikri..dtg bangi gtau eh..xsmpat jmp was his last day), abg megat, abg mokhtar, abg nazree, wak dahari, alif, nan, en shah, sofa, and abg shah..haha..ok..that was a long list..cant believe i called them gegen my life principle ..but's all bout learning..nothing personal~

so after 3 weeks..i learn much..who knows life lessons has shocked me more that electric could..haha~
so i hope another 8 weeks ahead..more will come and teach me..i really really really appreciate these experience! and i am really really really glad i made it there in MAS ^_^

You Are an Archangel

You're so good, people have trouble believing it's not an act. You're practically a saint.
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You have to do things your own way. If you're given room to be yourself, you come up with amazing things.
You never stop making art, so you might as well get paid for doing something you love!


blimey..when i am typing this entry..i am pronouncing every word in my head in British accent..oh hugh grant influence ~

peace n out ^_^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Men, Women, and the Race to Lose Weight

Men seem to win the weight-loss race every time, but that doesn't mean women should get discouraged. There are some strategies you can use to level the dieting field.

Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH
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Last Updated: 04/06/2009
This section created and produced exclusively by the editorial staff of © 2010; all rights reserved.

Monday, April 19, 2010

tired super tired today~


ok today work work watched other people work..but just because i followed them..doesnt mean i did do anything..haha..up down the to smokes..haish..think that what made me tired even more..

i missed rite after i reached home..i ate like a oink2..omg! 3 gardenia breads..yesterday's mee..and lots of water..omg! and when i stepped on the scale..omg! i cant believe my eyes..i lost few grams! haha..yes! thats why i love working! haha..but eating like a oink2 wasnt a routine so i am not so worried bout that.,hehe..yes2! by the end of this practical i will lost few kg i hope..hehe..amin!! today..big issue arise..which really shocked me..i cant believe even adults who already has their own family..and seem to be so nice didnt pray..huhu..such a shocking deal for me..i asked my fellow practical mate..he said..missing prayers here n there was normal to them..omg! another shocking facts!!! huhu..ok..let them think for themselves..who am i to say more~

so..i hope tomorrow will give me more jobs..i cant stand sitting in the office..i got 3 weeks to get to know everyone..before the other girl come..haha..ok..i am being weird~

peace n out ^_^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

housewife? haha~


i love weekend~

but still dont like the nothing-to-do and plan-x-jadi..which really upset turn put to be good after all..wake up bit late..hehe..then make together with alya,my housmate..then watch melodi..then news at 1.30pm then nona..haha..yes..abah was my biggest influence..he is nona's biggest fan..but an 1.40pm i already felt sleepy..perut kenyang kan..haha..then suddenly rajin striked me! aiyayai! haha..i vacuumed the house and do bit furnitures rearrangement..then voila~ feel like alya said..haha..i am trying not to sleep because if i did then tomorrow i will need a nap..not good! plan for later..when sleepiness stike..i will iron a week-clothes..bathe and more tv maybe..haha~

is this life? well..i'm happy enough..i love weekend..especially the no-need-to study part..haha~

oh yesterday..saturday..after the running away drama..i reached hostel around 3pm..then nothing to i watched 3 movies..astro-boy (cried! but the ending was weird), percy jackson ( agreed with kisas, it is clash of the titans modern version) and cloudy with a chance of meatball ( this is funny..cos it was all voice at least i watched it already..ahaha~)

thats all..

peace n out ^_^

Saturday, April 17, 2010

frustrated again~


today frustrated so much..with the result..not talking bout it..ever! with plans that didnt happened..frust! with financial..frust! with the tuition..only 1 came..frust! maybe i'm just not meant to be a i will now going to the isolation~

membawa diri yang kuciwa~

where r u when u r needed? huhu~

peace n out *_*

Friday, April 16, 2010

internship part 2

week2 day 1: more drawings!


sorry again..i did it again~ so here what i did in these 2 days..

week2 day1: drawings~

more drawings for me since both managers and sv were busy with their i was given more monday was office day..

hmm..i think..they are purposely make me bored each 2 days..haha~

schuzyy was bored again~

week2 day 2: assignments!!!!


ok..morning i was bored like monday..then i went to en yusof..then suddenly he said..what if u try this..he assign me an was actually just a single line diagram..but since i havent learn the rite way to do i have so much trouble..which i think has jeopardize UNITEN's name sorry uniten..i am trying my best i ask mr raflee and hj radzi for i am now understand bit more on the process..thank God en yusof told me to do that...haha

then in the evening..en sahar gave my 12 weeks much excitements there!! hoho..cant wait for my MAHB's pass then i can go to the cargo area..hoho..cant wait to see animal hotel!!! haha~

but the surprise and scare are for assignments..they were all i fear i cant do them good..huhu..scared~

haish..go azy go!!! yosh!!! ^_^

schuzyy got assignments~

week2 day 3: meeting!!


omg! these few days..everyone was busy..leaving me at the office with tonnes of reading materials..and rite now..i dont want to read anything anymore!!! please..enough! like i told izat..i read but none was i read bout luminocity for my bout transformer for the problem..just as preparation before going into the meeting at 3pm..haha..yes! i did say meeting!! haha..omg! my 1st meeting ever!  it was a meeting between us, MAS and transformer agent..he was from TBEA, a company producing transformer from china..and it was not so en din decided to wait for ABB's before he decide on which transformer to take..gosh..1 33kV/415V transformer cost rm280K!!! omg!! and if they want to wait for the ABB's it would  cost them time..and mind them..the rent for the generator is rm15K a month! gosh! pity them but deep inside i would like to thank that transformer for bursting when i'm here..i can learn a lot there! hehe~


oh..time for some pictures scanning images..haha..miss my oly..when can i send him for repair..anyone..sponsor please~ ^_^

: my schedule for these 12 weeks :

: the logbook i carry everyday to work..not sure why i cant just leave it at if anyone would want to steal it..haha~ :

: they say i'm their employee!!! haha~ :
this is for MAHB's pass..this will allow me in the cargo area..yipee! ^_^
cant wait to see animal hotel~

: today's reading of them..huhu~ :

: reading material for my luminosity assignment :

: THE place :

: this is the guy we had meeting with today:

: this is the company he presented:

transformers in MAS campus, KLIA

: the drawing:

okies..thats all for today..thank Allah..i was bored but still i did learn something..i learn how it was like to be in a meeting with contractors and suppliers..and the way they look at me..trainee is also part of the team..yey!! love it!!! ^_^

schuzyy can't wait to work for MAS! ^_^

week2 day 4: hv lv


supposedly i do my MAHB pass today..but since everyone was busy so i just sat at my place completing my log book and wait if anyone calls~

then around 11am mr sahar called..i thought he was taking me to do the pass but then he took me to the HT room..where the transformer that burst last week thing to see was 2 generators rented from the Sepang circuit..its kinda new..then they took me back to admin building to see the LV room and there i get t know what riser looks is just a bus bar fixed from lower ground that received from the main intake to thing for me..before..i always see labels at the door.." riser"  but curiosity wasnt this great back then..haha~

then mr sahr took me to Hanger 6 to check on the air-cond problem i followed wasnt my area..but knowledge shouldnt be limited..hoho~

then around 1pm, our department had a farewell party for my fellow intern from MFI..alhamdullilah..end of intership for him..leaving me alone doing internship there before another girl form uitm come in mid mei~

so pass making should be tomorrow..or schuzyy need to wait patiently~

schuzyy was not so happy~

week2 day 5: trainee engineer~


funny isnt it when people address u as a trainee engineer when u urself know..u cant even design a 30 socket single line diagram..haish..but like my mom said..just except it as a doa..amin~ ^_^

so today..since its friday..nothing much can be done in the morning..everyone was busy..bosses was going here and there..they are all going for meeting here and the collapsed fence near the runway..everyone was out..leaving me and the rest of the clerks at the i fill my free time searching bout the transformer..reading on IP code..and before en din go to subang for his meeting..he told me to check the transformer plate later in the evening when the representative from ABB transformer come for hope was lifted..yes! site visit! so i waited for anyone who i can ask to send me i sit there patiently..reading this and that..completing my log book..and waited~

friday prayer~

then on the evening..i heard someone called mr azhar..this is the funny part..he told the person on the phone to come to the office to see the trainee engineer..omg! thats me! i waited who is coming to see me? haha..then it turn out to be the chargeman and hj radzi the contractor..they came to check on the previous test on transformer..after seaching the whole office..then searched the drawing library..they found it..luckily the chargeman, mr dahari said i can follow i did..yey! and here some picture form the visit to the main intake the incoming supply of 33kV from TNB were stepped down straight to 415V for few areas..but for other area and building..33kV are distributed to each..i asked the chargeman..why didnt they stepped the 33kV to 11kV first? he said, the designer think maybe in the future the complex would need more than 415V so they directly distribute the 33kV not advance the engineers back then? amazing~ the pictures~
: total km travelled each day..95.7km bangi-lcct-bangi :

: plate of the broken transformer:
its of the smallest tx..there are bigger tx..havent get the chance to see..yet~ ^_^

: high voltage side 33kV :

: low voltage side 415V :
the red phase's coil burn due to environment factor and maybe manufacturer's defects
still waiting for full report from ABB transformer

: main intake (33kV) from TNB; all are underground :

: 3 yellow blue :

: see the left orange cable? that was tapped to the bus bar form generator set substituting the broken transformer :

: 2 generators are used; 1 for back-up..they are alternating each genset in 12 are mr dahari, mr megat and mr maswan..switching the right genset on for another 12 hours resting the left one:

the procedure is quite easy..
1: check diesel and engine oil levels
2. on the 2nd genset; setting it to parallel 
3. set the 1st genset to parellel from current single..
4. after few second..let both genset synchronised
5. set the 2nd genset to single
6. set the 1st genset to single
7. off 1st genset
8. 2nd genset take over the system for another 12 hours 
9. after 12 hours these procedures will again repeated by switching on the 1st genset letting the 2nd genset rest.

its interesting indeed! ^_^
wish i could do it next time~

: mr dahari showed me the underground room which place these cables..thanks so much! :

: the testing device, DC test :

: diagnostic test device :

so that'll wrap-up week 2 activities..

schuzyy cant wait for monday to come! ^_^