Saturday, March 20, 2010

i love to be busy~


i just realized that i love being busy..staying at one place at a time wont do me any good..(being in front of pc is another story.. exception.hehe~ )

so today's plan..excluding study..hoho~

7.00am: putrajaya..for some balloon's action..hehe..
10.00am: masjid..tuition for the kids..hoho
12pm: rest for a while
8pm: putrajaya again..for night glow and fireworks..yey!! please dont disappoint me again this time~

yey! it will be balloon's day to join me anyone? ^_^

peace n out ^_^


syurga tinggi _(o'.'o)_ said...

shida n ko dua2 dah bg tuition kat masjid ni
teruskan usaha murni! :D

schuzyy said...

hehe..machih2..anda bila lg cik jana? :D