Thursday, March 25, 2010

let the game begin~


omg! i am addicted to games..and tomorrow is my 1st paper~

i think i am scared of guys now..why? fear of being hurt again~

omg!!! schumi joined F1 again!! yey!!! and unfortunately i didnt get to see him race next sunday..huhu..why oh why must i do LI this coming monday...huhu..or or..who knows i might catch him on board at klia? hahaha..azy..stop dreaming..hehe..omg omg.i am so happy..but i missed 1 race! how could i miss his race..ok2.this will never happen again!! gosh i wish zira is still here..(al-fatihah~)  last few years i lost interest in F1 because there's no more schumi..and now he's back! so i am back on the field! yey! now i feel alive again..having something to be passionate about..hehe~

:: yipeeee ::

ok azy focus2!! yosh! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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