Sunday, March 14, 2010



hehe hehe hehe..

not to say i'm super happy..but since shida is super semangat bout this..sudddenly i also feel semangat..haha..bout what? can tell..yet~ ^_^

super tired: yes..but i am learning..learning bout ways to communicate with people..but what matter most..i just realized..i can only look into someone eyes when i dont have any feeling what so ever for ke? not proven yet la..haha

disappointed: a bit..why? i'm avoiding this topic for now~

what's up with all the secretive sentence? hahaha..i hate it when i talk bout heart matter..still cant open up..still scared of the unknown~

hmm..english..i think my english is good enough..well..writting la..because my spm is a1 o-level b a-level b..haha..(b pon nk kecoh~)  my english tto at gmi said my english is good..or was..haha..remember how shocked i was when she ask me to debate? point oral english is still poor..i can speak in english..but fluently? hmm..still need to be improved~

so how? tonight..will be super busy..if i can go back to uniten by tonight..then next morning will be super busy for me..pom and techcom and power sys!! omg! and i am to be blame..padan muka~

oh..after 2 days..6 persons asked for my number..haha..funny..and my answer..sori gne public fon je ^_^

response: please show me some signs~

omg! my finals start on 26th! and i am doing part time work! omg! what am i thinking?

mr yeoh said..if i can get 100 for power sys...he'll give me A! haha..can i do it? yes i can!! (read with bob the builder style ;p)

LI dilemma? still avoiding to think bout it~

peace n out ^_^

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