Monday, February 1, 2010

target set!


today is the first day after holiday..i think this is the first time ever i felt so energetic after holiday..cos usually i would feel drag down..haha..maybe cos..i supposed to have a quiz an 2 test this week..but its like i am given a new life as those 2 tests are postponed till next week..haha..6 day to go! yey! so azy study!! jgn malas2!! so here the list of to do things this week starting now!

1) check mails only after asar n before magrib
2) ponzi n farmville others..after test bru ley main those downloaded ^_^

those are non-education list..ekeke~
1)power sys assignment: make sure understand!
2)microP: notes! 2 chapters only for test 2..u can do it!!
3) power E project n report

other 3 subjects seem less work..alhamdullillah~

heart? i dont mood can change from super happy to super down in a second i think the best thing to do is..let Allah do his work..i'll be me if u want leave me if u not..i wont mind..i'll try~

yesterday, i went with wani to kakak's house..visit org sakit..sian kakakku itu..get well soon ya kakak! and thanks to shera for the superb spaghetti..i went to mydin this evening and i bought all needed for spegati week..haha..thinking of having another week of no-rice and fast food :D

oh..i want to quote this ayat from kakak's present..i love this so much..i wish someone would dedicate this to me someday ^_^

" please know that i love u more than anything else in this world"

i think that's how it reading those after watching 'Coffee price episode 16 17" hahaha..please please please..i'm so in jiwang mood rite now ^_^

ok2..thats all..

i'll love u even when they say i should't~

peace n out ^_^

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