Monday, February 22, 2010

my last day~


today is my last day enjoying my favorite age..23..why i love 23? because my bday is on 23rd so that the only reason..hehe~

so reflecting the year of many ups and many fights so many new friendship made and broken and amend again ^_^

but the thing that i hates most..i discover that this year..i can get angry too very easily..and thankfully..i forget bout it easily too..just a reminder..if i am mad at u next time..just give me usually last overnight..the day after..i will be a new me..hehe..insyallah..i can promise u that..

so i hope..being 24 will make me realize that i am no longer a kid..haha..but still deep in my heart..i still want to be a kid for ever! by this time next year..i am in my final year..being bz with fyp and hope 24 will bring me more prosper and happiness ^_^

aha..i think i am celebrating new year..well it is very own NEW YEAR rite? instead of wishing me happy birthday..u can wish me happy new year then ;p

oh..great news today..microp postponed again!! yey! alhamdullilah..Allah really want me to study enough..hehe..insyallah~

ok..felt like listing my dream guy characteristic..haha..i wanted to do this ages ago..but felt like..ahaha..still young..whats the rush..but now..feel like i am ready for the real thing..just that..i dont find the real MAN yet~

1. mama say..i need to find a guy that have mountain of patience just like abah..because i can be calm at a time horricane the he can handle me well.

2. u dont need to have a model-face because i will only be looking at ur heart~ *i usha the good looking one..but i fall for somewhat else :D

3. u dont need a million.. because all i need is ur love~

4. u dont need a car to carry me around..because all i need is ur hand~

5. u dont need to have a charming voice..because all i need is u telling me that u sincerely love that i can love u with a full and sincere heart back~

6. u dont need to have a super-rich family because all i need is ur family bless and love..because i am a girl who will love u and ur family just the same like my own~

7. all i need from u is a guidance in life..for both of us to have a happy life, a blissful, full of love, and what most important..bless from Allah.

that's all i the favorite number of Allah~

ok..i am being so sentimental today..its my last day as a 23-year-old hopefully 24 is better for me ^_^


peace n out..from a 23-year-old schuzyy ^_^

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