Wednesday, February 3, 2010

happy day~


hehe..b4 8pm day was full of gud things or maybe its just me..i am happy today..alhamdullillah..yesterday was bad and today He gave me a happy day..techcom was cancelled..but we went to the career fair..and the best booth i went was Schlumberger..and he told me to drop a CV i will..hehe..then went to buy ayam percik for lunch..but still cant fine the time to eat it (even till now..its 9.15pm already) hmm..bile la nak makan ni? ok.continue..haha..then syafiq blanje 1 slice pizza..thanx syafiq..then going for class..which i first thought of skipping..haha..then farah called that she will fetch me...what a lucky day..hehe..thanx farah n syafiq! then at class..i chup to be in yuva's group for microP..which is such a big relief..microp is super hard when it comes to programming..the theory think still manageable..then power E class..i was afraid when mdm ask us to answer the question on the spot..she even said that she should have make it as a quiz..and to my relief again..i can answer it correctly! omg! i know it was kinda easy one..but since i found power e quite hard too..i am happy la when i can answer it..hehe..alhamdullilah..then..after class..went to shell talk..and there i got so energized! felt so semangat want to be an engineer there..even they say they need more females engineer..hoho..will definitely apply there! hehe..heard that internship at shell got paid..hoho..this is better! hoho..then reached home..all the sorrow came..huhu..remember the report...i texted my group members..and they havent replied..even til now..i called..they didnt pick now..i am pissed! haish...why can't i have this whole day happy? hish..i called him..didnt pick up..texted yesterday..didnt replied..haha..ok..deleted ur number already! i wont call anymore! wateve~ then i called get recharged..not enough..i called umi..ask her bout k oyah's new baby hidayah..hehe..nice name..cant wait to see her..still dont feel here i am letting all my happy and sorrow in my blog..hehe..thanx for reading this..think u might be sick of reading my thoughts by now..thanks anyway ^_^

but listening to the shell guys..really made my day..i think i am really made to be an engineer..if i still cant find the LOVE maybe i if i be an engineer..then i wont have time to spend time for that is good news for me..the people in oil and gas say that themselves..ok..i'm heading to oil n gas's company! yey! now i have a target! can i make it a 5 years goal? hmm ^_^

ok..lets start working! readers! thanx again for spending time reading this! love u..yes i really love u! xoxo~ can i forgot..i was in yesterday's paper!! i was in kosmo!! was actually bout uniten pc fair..and alya came back last night with a kosmo newspaper that topek and her collect under the table at upten..and there it picture..hehe

i hate those who dont pick up my call..but i love them back when they text me explain why they didnt least they explain..thanks for that! ^_^

yes..i think i am changing..being almost 24 really make me feel like an adult..i can speak my mind out..letting people listen to me..being unreasonable..but it is done for reasons..believe me..haha..easy say..i am being a new azy! love me or hate's up to u~ ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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