Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy new year to me!!!


hospital besar alor setar


24 years ago~

a 33-year-old mother gave birth to a baby girl named azy~

thanks mama for giving me life, love and everything that a child would want in life..i am sorry for all the trouble i caused u and abah all this years..

i love u both mama n abah~

happy birthday to me ^_^

ps: funny, wishing for my own birthday..hehe~


arch-t said...

happy birthday azyy
may Allah bless u always
bile nk blanje aku nih?
ahaks! :P

schuzyy said...

machih aceed! belanje? em em em..awal bulan dpn..tp ko kn ikot turn r..hahaha~

alya said...

had a blast last nite!! happy that u're happy too!

Golden Villa said...

hehe..all thanks goes to miss mastermind! ^_^