Saturday, February 6, 2010

should i or shouldn't i?


its true..they say dont sleep after asar..i got night mare! and it was scary! but i made me think..why and was it a sign? but it was a dream during asar it shouldnt mean anything..

today i attended 1st national student conference on women organized by murni..i attend it because i was cert-hunger..hehe..but i am very glad i went there..the experience shared with us was priceless..even we had to pay rm10 because it includes 3 meals a lip gloss, 3 sweets, 1 pack of shampoo and priceless knowledge..think i would join any conferences there is in future :D

there was 11 presenters and 2 key speakers..the key speakers were mr hafiz..he was a accountacy graduate from uniten..he graduated in 2004 if i not mistaken..and in 6 years time..he did achieve so much..he was sent all over the globe..envy him..the speech was ok..the input was inspiring..i opened my eyes a bit there..there's nothing women cant do..then 2nd key speaker..dr irma..she talked bout care for our own was informative..then 1st faridah..i was so upset during her speech..she told us that she was married when she was 23..and that is my age! and yet i am single..thats why i am so disturbed..then she was all the way emphasizing the need of a guy in women's life..and i was like so..wth and all..dlm ati je la kan..huhu..then i realized..she got her point there..even if i am a working women to be..i would also want to be a mother be a mother..i would need a man for that..and i am targeting a bunch of i need to have them starting before 30..huhu..i dont want my children's life to be like mine..not to say mine was bad..but it is too quite~

i realized the pro and cons of being an engineer..i like to quote miss sara..a quotation from her colleague " u choose this job, so live with it" it sound harsh..but it is true..thats why i was being all konon-hard this sem..just to gain more confident..i was kinda tired of being the nice one..because all i had was people taking advantage of me..and i am really tired of it~

so i am still thinking..should i or shouldnt i go confronting my problems? oh shahida..i need u! mana ko? huhu~

okies..need to focus..but it's all coming back..and i hate it~

peace n out ^_^

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