Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i love daisy~


i skipped techcomm again..haha..along with all members of the group..and suddenly kakak text-ed me telling that we need to submit the progress report tomorrow..haha..why i laugh? because then after i suddenly text 2 of my classmates who i never talk to..then they told me that it is due week after chinese new procrastinate is again take place..but kakak say..proceed..yes boss! :D

i am happier today..because..again..someone said i look like 19..lalala..thanx darling! u made my day..hehe~
then i told eda..then she said she told someone..haha..which made me even happier..lalala..and she remind me of another story..that, eda and rijal went to kajang..then rijal belanja my fav new york cheese cake..ahaha..and to my surpise..the secret recipe guy asked us..adik bru abes upsr ke? haha..because at that time upsr just i look like 12 year-old? haha..anyway..i love it! haha..thanx to all who think that i dont look my age..hehe..u really made my day! xoxoxo~

oh..received power e test paper back..yey! i thought i did bad..but it turn out not so bad..actually i was bad for me..but ok la..still above average..alhamdullilah~

lab today: like i said..i am ignoring those who try to cari pasal with u ask for it guys..ahaha..but because i am professional..i did talked to them when it came to proud of myself~ *clap2*

i am proud of everything i am doing and done..eventho this sem is not as good as last few sem but i enjoy each and every moment..including those bad ones..its is all part of the learning process and part of my study i love all of u friends and not~ :D

People Think You're Very Happy

People don't just think you're happy - they know you're happy. And it's true. You are one of the happiest people around.
You may or may not have a lot to be happy for, but that's irrelevant. You make sure you're happy no matter what.

You know how to prioritize in your life. You put yourself and your relationships first.
By knowing what truly makes you content, you are able to stay positive. You bring a lot of happiness into other people's lives.

so thats all for today..again..waaa..i posted 2 entries today..hehe..if u are reading this..thanx again :D

peace and out ^_^

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