Sunday, February 21, 2010

what will happen next?


happy morning!!! i woke up early today..woke up and bathe early its a wonderful morning!! so plan for today..finish microp, then power e then start on microp again!! going out: with k onny n k tik for breakfast..hehe..thats all i hope~ planning of cooking cabonara today..nyum2~

my heart still aching..i hope i am taking the right path here..i wanted to change u..but will u ever change because of Him truly..insyallah i will try~

this is a song by owl city: hot air balloon..dedicated by ita since i was frustrated not seeing any at wow carnival@putrajaya today...hehe..thanks ita :D

another songs i have been listening to since past 3 days are these by charlie winston

there's another 2..but i cant find the official video clips so..later la if i found them ^_^
i love it when i got to hear songs that havent reach malaysia because of friends who are studying abroad..thanks all~

thats all from this amending broken heart..i;m not it me who are breaking my own heart???~

peace n out ^_^

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