Wednesday, February 10, 2010

still making me wonder~


my goal this month is posting 1 entry that eda dont have to listen to esah and everyhing that happen in my life..haa..sorry eda eh..sp soh ko tadah telinga...hehe..machih!!! :D

heart: still in the same conditon..even i did something to improve this..if its just a 1 way wont work u know~

life: life is peace for now..this past 2 days..i been spending time watching movies and series and surfing..haha..thats is why i forgot to post here..hehe

study: i am being average this sem..and i hate next week..i will only have techcomm but still i am not going i supposed..i should finished everything by thursay..hopefully~

friends: love all of u..for u..i miss u..i wanted things to be better..but i am still afraid~

so thats all~

peace n out ^_^

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