Thursday, February 25, 2010


great morning everyone! i started my day today with i am all awake now..^_^

i was blog walking just now..and i come across jana's blog and i found this~ made me is true isnt it.the proof is all there..just for us to see it and believe it..god is there..ALLAH is is amazing how people still refuse to see and believe~

i see u~

ok..thats a start..i know today is a good day..i am having all this emotions..happy..flattered..nervous..excited..oh..maybe because of nescafe..hehe..or maybe because i am supposedly should be working on my assignment instead of blogging..hahaaha~

i was all about being bad yesterday..i told u..dont ever mess with me..dont even try..this cute kitty (erk..perasan~)  can turn into tiger if u dare mess with her! so the story is..well..are..because i know..people are taking advantage of me..they think i am ok when being used like that..i am not that stupid ok..i am not too smart either..haha..but well..i do have brain to think of my life..

story 1: i had this 3 'friends'..why had? because i only befriended with them in lab..haha..why so? because they choose to be it la kan..maybe it was my fault..bit..haha..because i told them i was to do my bit the 2nd lab..but i i ask for help..turn out..they totally stabbed me in the back..huhu..leaving me and other 4 terkontang kanting..deym (softer r shida? ;p) they sent theirs without even telling us? wt~ it was group lets work in group..why did u send urs with ours? because we didnt do anything? i dont u got the answer from ur senior..hahaha..u think we dont know that..omg..i am never pissed off like this just because of a 3 sessions relationship..hope god will helo u..and this guy from that 3 musketeers was in my class..another subject..and he was like being all nice when come to test day..because he know i got senior's answer..well hello..what make u think i ever going to help u again this time? after what u put me tru? haha..suit ur self..what i cant believe was..they even have gut to call and ask if i got the paper? hahaha..i felt like showering her..yes her..with my words of wisdom..but i think..i am better than put myself way below like that..haha..but yet..i am pouring this here..huhu..sadly..i need to put this to a that i can forgive and forget..hahah..forgive maybe..forget? never..this is too much..i hate when i realized i was being used~

story 2: i am befriended with this girl..because i thought she is nice like what her look shows? get me? no? ok la..she told me..she need to i am not that smart but we can work it together if she ok..we seat together and all..then i realized again..i am being used..quiz day..well..maybe i skip few classes..hehe..and sometimes i do refer to her notes..but i also have my not so much needed of the facts that she admit that she usually fell asleep in class..omg! shock of my life again! looks do lie~
but its all about give and take..and accepting the person as they ok..going with the flow..then..again..she copied assignments and last bit..she actually ask for my answer for the take home quiz..omg! and it was rite before submitting..omg omg! i am so sorry if u read this..but girl..i love u..i respect ur way of studying..but please..stop doing that..try to work it on ur own first..the answer is rite in the book..i copied to..but i have the effort to go and look for the answer before coming to i would consider that as effort too..ekekeke~ but still..they are few of my other friends who do the same..but they called and ask for the answer before i still consider that as an effort to do the thing..better that u..coming to class..lecturer is already in the class..then u ask for answer to copied..wth~ omg omg..really cant work like that la darling..and yesterday was my bad i was being all annoyed..i tried and failed..but then when another friend told me clues..i managed to do it by my own and i came to class and compare answer..and alhamdullilah i'm correct! yey! then u came..and u ask for MY paper? then u gave them to ur friend too..speaking bout doing good deed huh? omg! then u disturb me during class..taking to me about something topic dear..i can entertain question about the chapter being taught only! other? its either after class or write it on a kakak and i usually do in emf's..hahaha..well..the lecturer maybe noticed us passing on papers and erasing our writing on the desk..but we dont disturb others..and mostly..we still can focus on what the lecturer are saying..because the focus on what u r saying is less because its all written..hish..sorry again..but i am annoyed with people taking to me during class..or even u are talking gossiping with ur friend and i can hear them..i have small ears but they can pick on study-unrelated thing better..deym on that..huhu~ ok..demn n f word is frequently used..but only inside i still trying hard to keep it bad to match on the image i have..haha..yes i am hypocrite.ustazah is ok for girls to be hypocrite as long as it suit what religion says~ haish..too much~

ok..2 stories..think that would be sufficient for now..i am jeopardizing my reputation as cute little kitty here..hahaaha..continuously perasaan ;p the part of making me look like a jerk~

felt bad already~

ok2..tutup weekend i will be going to ampang pecah with the robotic building..but i am feeling uneasy bout this..but but. actually i am considering to go back home..since i am feeling home sick this week..seeing everybody else going back everyweek..huhu..depressed~

i was surveying flight ticket..and if i go back will cost me rm200++ be it air asia, mas and firefly..huhu..dont think bus tix still available..huhu..wannna go back~

or should i go back next week? hmm...please please give me some sign dear God~

haha..omg..i am so much drama yesterday isnt it? haha..told ya..dont mess with me~ what i did this morning..haha..and i am somewhat agreed with it..hahaha~

You Should Smell Like a Cherry

You are not as you seem. Most people think that you're sweeter and more innocent than you actually are.
In truth, you are a total wild child. You just keep it all on the down low for appearance's sake.

You are happiest when you're plotting and scheming a bit. You can't help it, you have a devious mind!
You are good at charming people and getting what you want. You are naturally popular, and people just always seem to love you.

so enough bad me..azy be good!! enough2!! positive2!!! yosh!

peace n out ^_^


diza said...

azy, maher zain lagu thank you allah pun sedap gileeeeeeee.

schuzyy said...

btol3! suka jugaaaa~ ^_^