Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'm sorry but i will do it again~


i know it sound somewhat weird..the title..but is our norm..human is like that..we are sorry now..later we do me..being a normal person..normal human..admit that i am too being sorry now..but i am sorry again if i do the same mistake later..

so here..i, azyyati apologizing for all my harsh words bout this is to en shahrul zakri..hehe..he said..i am wrong..yes..i admit..there are few men out there who value women, girls, females..thanx for making me realize that facts..thanx for loving her and show me that real love do exist in this world..but there are still some who i dedicate all those nasty words for those who dont..i hate to say this...i confessed once..bout loving a guy..but the respond i get..was somewhat unexpected..yes..i am again...falling apart because the uncertainties..uncertain about life uncertain about love..they said..confession sometimes works. but i dont think it works with me..

 Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts. And we've got to find other ways to make it alone. Or keep a straight face. And I've always lived like this keeping a comfortable distance. And up until I sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness.

yes..this words hurt me..even if its not even for me..

guys...if a girl confess their love to u..the answer is only yes or no..dont make her is an agony to wait..if u like her..tell..if u dont also tell..cause then u will have a free life..if u make those kind of will only cause her to think...and being me..the thought is negative..and i am starting to hate guys again..but thank to shida..and en shahrul..i am balanced..and the hate is less..and i will open my eyes a little but wider..i am hurt..but hate wont help with the healing process...huhu

"You need to so right by yourself today -- it's easier than ever, thanks to your great energy! It may be a good time for you to step up and make a bold move that you've been waiting for."

huhu..this week..supposed to be a long holiday..but i choosed to stay here alone..i hope this decision wont be affected by my feeling..i need to get myself busy to keep this head thinking bout be gone love..come her power sys..oh's my final exam's schedule:

26/3 friday: power elecronics
29/3 monday : microp
31/3 wed : pom and power sys 
2/4 friday: techcomm

5/4: industrial training!! yipee..erk..nervous~

ok..thats the main reason i am staying here this holiday..promised ir yeoh this with all those assignments and projects 

my fav song still miss independent by me lame..but its true..everytime i listen to that heart felt stronger..i know i can live by my own..along with my parents..i will only let Allah work His miracle~

ok..enough talking bout heart~

yesterday: thanx to eda nad family for having me..such a wonderful day!! nasi kerabu yg best!! thanx so much!! ^_^

and to break the news..yesterday too..was my 1st time rempitting all the way to puchong..its a 30min journey..i am proud of myself..cant believe myself..haha..all this while..furthest i get was alamanda and bangi..or hentian thanks to eda..i am now..up to a new extend ^_^

so what will i do all this week?

1: kemas umah
2: study
3: spegati!!! ^_^
4: jog (maybe..hehe)
5: valentine movie with ita
6: outing with k onny n hubby ;p
7: sleeeeeeeepppp~ :D #7

okies..need to be positive!! yosh!!! pray for me dear readers!! thanks!!! ^_^

~great heart-broken post i made on V-day..alhamdullilah..

peace and out ^_^

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