Wednesday, February 24, 2010

thanks to all!! u gave me most wonderful present of all..friendship and LOVE! ^_^


its 24th february and i am 24 years old and a day..hehe..and today is also another big day..its mama and abah's 33rd wedding anniversary!! yey! congrats to them!! :D

yesterday..started from midnight..showered with texts always..i love to put their name here (b4 i got blog..i put ur names in my diary ^_^) started at 11.41pm..fikri was the first..haha..dak kecik dont have watch..hehe..nway..adik..thanks! then lyza, afiza, k onny. idalia, nadiyah, ajoy, mia, celcom (telling that i have a week free for upax friends..haha) nurul and mirul..thanks all! love u all! ^_^

then wishes from fb? it was flooding..i'm flattered! thanks guys! i know its because of the reminder of cause..haha..its least u remember..thanks so much!

class: yesterday i only had 2 classes..emd lab and power sys..lab finished super early..round 12pm after starting at 11am..which i arrived at 11.10..haha..then bruch with kakak..then waited at our meeting room ^_^ then went to class..haha..even power sys finished early..then rite after class..fatehah wished me..hehe..thanks dear! then to my surprise they kinda wished me loudly before i walk out the class...haha..thanks again..i was malu2 kucing..hehe..then i walk out of the class and k zana told me she wanted to blanja me birthday'treat she we headed to fadz cafe for a slice of choc cake and lemonade..thanks k zana!! luv u! 1st bday treat of the day! :D

then..going back to my room..fatehah called..she said she wanted to borrow my cd..but i forgot to bring them..but they came...that was weird i think..haha..but then they gave me this! hehe..thanks fat2, shima and ika!!! love u!! ^_^

then..the night of my life..cewah..haha..if to reflect back on the whole was so funny..eda was telling me that she's going to bh again tonight..i do believe because she and her group got few projects that need her to go to bh since few days no surprise there..but then when i told her i wanted to make magi for dinner then she said..em em..alya ckp pas dia exam alya nk ajak that point i was suspecting..but still not to put much hope..haha..hoping for a surpise party? haha..what if there's none? i would die or disappointment..haha..then at 9pm eda went there left me all alone..on my birthday..but thinking that it was a fine day..nothing fancy..wishes and love..thats all i i just loving my bday this year..then around 9.30pm..alya called..she said she's coming back from upm..but not to rush cause she'll drive slow..hehe..funny when now i know the reason of the slowness..hehe..thanks alya for all the hussles!  ^_^ then alya arrived at ilmu..picking me up..i was kinda surprise because there was no eda..oh..alya said..eda will be going with rijal..oo ok..then at upten..we went straight to having my favorite kewteaw kerang! nyum2.. then..there were eda and rijal..but there's more..its k onny! but k onny's face..i believed her because i thought k onny came because maybe eda told her that they were having dinner with me..haha..apeke lurus beno den nih..hehe..then after ordering..alya went way back..i was alya eda rijal and k onny..thats just why not seat at the 6-seat's? then we went way back..ahaa..then i knew..i saw fifi and nad..and a red box..then i cant stop smiling! haha..senyum smpai ke telinga..yes i did..hahaha..omg! cant believe they planned all that! thanks my dearest friends! love u all!! i am flattered! i whole secret recipe choc indulgence! omg omg! that was the first time ever! first time ever anyone bought me a SR cake for MY birthday..hehe..thank you all so much!! terharu2! *sobs* ^_^

my big 24-written 1st-ever-secret recipe-choc indulgence cake ^_^

my special birthday kewteaw kerang from izzat bought by rijal...hehe~

~ the sisters: k onny, alya the kiddo: eda n me ^_^

: thanks alya!!! u r the best mastermind ever!!! luv u!! ^_^ 

so thats basically all that happened on my details i think..haha..but the most cherished moment was mama calling me at 6.20am..wishing me hepi bday..hehe..she didnt remember she gave birth to me at 6.21am..haha..and she laughed when i told her wait for a minute!! u mama! eventho my life wasnt so great..but with ur and abah's love life is great!! and happy anniversary!!! ^_^

thanks mama abah and friends!!! 


peace n out ^_^

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