Tuesday, February 2, 2010

me myself and i~


today is 'frust' day..again and again..so to avoid talking negative.like people say..spread the love..so since i am so full of love..yea rite..haha..so today i felt like revealing bit of myself..yes..i am open to everything..i dont have anything to hide..i dont mind telling my darkest histories since it is part of the learning process..part of my life..i am proud of those even it was dark..not so dark la..grey maybe ;p

so i am nur azyyati ishak..until today..i cant have anyone call me other than azy..and i am very particular with the spelling..its A-Z-Y! not azzy or azie or azi or any other..my parents gave azy| yati so its azy..yes..i used to spell it with double y azyy..haha..since its looks cuter..but since people tend to spell it with double z.. i got pissed and i accept my name as it is..azy is enough..azyyati is better..nur azyyati is the best la if u want to call me by full..it means "cahaya kesabaran" light of patience..haha..but after i knew the meaning..i am likely to lose my sabar lot easier..haha..try me..and u know how i will be when i lost it ^_^ they say i look cute..haha..thanks..i know they mean i look fat..haha..its ok..i know i am bit over size..mama said i should be looking like mila af6 winner..since we have same height..147cm..4 feet 10..haha..so even the fat is neglected..so i am always called the small one..kecik or watever they want to call me..i dont mind..at least i know what it means..haha..yes i am being emotional..this is what i am lately..i think too much of things that are not certain..haha..typical females attitude i guess..i hope after this confession i can think more clearly and focus..haha..oh..the haha hohoho ekekeke..that are things that i love to put in all sort of writing done by me..be it texting, IMing, blogging, chatting-on paper or on the desk..huhu is only used when i am really sad or upset but i cant really say that i am...so if u caught me using huhu..that is meant to be there..i am expressing my feeling..and if u used huhu in a happy msg..i would interpret it likewise..so think before u text me..haha..think this would make less people want to text me after this..its ok..like i said..i wont mind..or i will try not to mind...

yes..i love to write..but my writing is doctor-like..so the technology is such a miracle to me..i can type my thoughts out...i use blog as a medium to write because i dont do diary..and if i blogs..it is up to u to read it or not..like it read it..dont like it..leave it..grammar? i am trying to make it as perfect as i can..feel free to tell if there's mistake..i an still learning~ :D

i love to express my feelings but if it is related to another living human being..it would be a big problem to me..i still cant find way to express my feeling by confrontation..i hate confrontation...i think thats why i am loosing ability to speak like a bullet train..haha..i used to have that ability..i love it so much back then! haha..thats why i love sheryl samad..but i think even to talk in normal speed is a problem now..i spend too much time alone with my lappie..haha..shida..bkn ko je..aku lg dh mcm freak..ekeke~

i love my eyes..not because its beautiful or anything..haha..but because i can observe my surrounding..so if u were my target..i am soooo sorry..that is a habit that i cant stop..observing is best when the object being observed dont know that they were being observed..haha..cos if they do..it is no fun anymore..mission failed..akaka..not to call it a mission..nothing to accomplish.. so i just observe u because there's something interesting bout u..so be normal if u dont want me to observe u...usually my observation took weeks..and as soon as there knew it..i would stop..immediately..malu la kan..kang igt minat lak..oh and girls and women are also targeted..and that doesnt mean i am songsang ok..i still fall for guys~ *wink2*

hm..what else..now..my fav thing to do ARE blogging, ponzi the game, checking my emails, ym (but decreasing slowly since fb works better), also fb..and the worst..crying when listening to sad songs..haish..this is a disease! and my eyes are affected too easily..haish~

my fav singer now are ne-yo(because of the concert..hehe), rihanna (because of the postponed concert too..haha) and all time fav..avril lavigne..haha..but if u ask me any of their latest songs..please ask me months after the songs are out..cause i am a bit slow with entertainment's updates ^_^

my love life? hmm..this is the only thing that i dont want to say much..this is the topic that i can never be sure..if u love me..please tell..i am too dumb in this matter..i like people easily..so if u love me..tell..i will hate u at first..but eventually..i will fall for u and forgetting u will be tremendous pain for me..so please..dont play with my heart..just that..simple rite? this works even for girls...i hate u today but tomorrow i will love u again..i love all my friends..even we started just by talking at the corridor waiting for class to begin..u are my friend already...forgive me if i hate u..my habit of hating people easily is unavoidable..but trust me..it is only for few hours..after sharing with my blog or a friend or two..it will be gone forever..i forgive and forget..but if for repeated times..the healing will take longer..

i love music..i love movies..i like series..but i would try to see less because once i start..i cant stop following till the end..and i would prefer to watch it one shot..episode 1 till the end in one shot..even if it takes hours..huhu..thats why i only LIKE series.. Japanese are my fav! :D

i love IKEA..please take me if u are looking for company! i can go there everyday! and now..cold storage..haha..ita brought me once there..just because we dont know where else to go..haha~

i am studying electrical power engineering..but sometimes..i felt like i should have taken language..or to be specific..english..i know my english is not that good..but i love languages..and english is the easiest so far..(we learn english since kindergarten kot~) mandarin is hard with its characters..deutsch was hard..i still remember the vocabulary but to form a sentence...hahaha..no can do..sigh~ Malay is my language..but when my niece ask me to teach BM..i tried to recall..and i decided to teach her english and math instead..haha..i remember my bm teacher said that even herself, a BM teacher sometimes got confused..bahasa melayu? bahasa malaysia? the grammar? its evolution will never end~

aha..so that's basic knowledge bout me..scared? love me more? no? hate me more? its ok..at least u know a bit more bout me rite? :D

feel free to judge me..i am me..i love being me..and i love my parents! ^_^


peace n out ^_^

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