Friday, February 19, 2010

hahaha..funny email~

i very want to find my love‏
Von:V.N. (
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Privet, gentleman

Now I know why we are here. I know why we live. It's because once 
you find someone you love and care for so dearly, where you would 
give up anything and everything for them, you found purpose in your 
life that makes it worth living. You are my purpose and I do not 
know what to do without you. That is where I wish I could stay 
forever, in your arms. My heart beats for you now and forever. 
You will always have a permanent place in my heart. I need you more 
than anything. You will be my life support. You will be 
my soul mate, my best-friend, my lover, my hero, the person who 
defends me, my one and only, my confidant, my true love, my heart.
I am waiting for you here

See you
Viktori N
ps: just sharing..wat on earth is this? hahaha~

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