Monday, February 15, 2010



ok..i take back my words..hehe..i cant live without internet..shame on me..maybe i really dont have life..haha..wateva..nerdy dont need a life..yes..i want to be a nerdy..lalala~

ok..i got all excited today..because yuva told me he got slb interview..actually he told me this few days back..but today he told me that it was the final stage for was still on 1st stage..huhu..but its ok..i am still praying!! hope i can work there..i do some google-ing..they said slb is real life and all..but the pay is super good! near million i me..since i have no relationship what so is a ok for me to head on there..yea!!! so i am setting my goal..field engineer!!! insyallah! so i am more goal oriented now..finally i have a target company that i cant work hard towards ;p thing i want to write about..this vids..en shahrul told me to watch them..i love them! thanks!! yes..u should watched this years before..hehe..but its ok now for me..the vids are good! superb for indie production like the story line..its about this guy, nick who falls into 'nice guy' category..his friend said girls always falls for jerks..hmm..quite true..but us malays..think not so true..but the fact that popular guys will always be popular because everyone want a bot of him..i think thats true..i always felt that boyfriends of my friends are more attractive than they are before..haha..but luckily i snap out fairy tales land fast..i am also a nice girl that wont take any guy take were girlfriends..dont worry! ur bfs are safe if u take me on ur date..hahaha..and thanks for taking me with u guys..i always take it as a lesson for my own love conclusion..please watch these..its good! go philip wang!! go wongfu productions!! ^_^

so..nice guys? nice girls? if nice guys weren't attracted to nice who would? hmm..this is one of the big Q that wonders me...haha..yes..i think i was a nice girl..but i am changing..evolving i think..age is is getting do teaches me so much..and this year..everything seems clearer..the fact that i am falling for someone that i think to self-centered..u r making me wait..wrong step darling..i was waiting..but not anymore..moving on..but i know..i am too soft..i might take this back too..but not to worry..i deleted every evidences i have bout u r practically out of my life now..yes..i know..this will definitely sound stupid when i take these back..haha..but i hope this is for real! insyallah..i saw the pic..and i was shocked! truth does hurt~

i got my positive mood already!!! thanx dearest friends! :D

peace n out ^_^

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