Tuesday, June 29, 2010

can i not be a lecturer?

when i was just a little girl..
i asked my mother what will i be..
will i be pretty..
will i be rich..
here's what she said to me..

que sera sera..what ever will be will be..
the future's not ours to see..
que sera sera
what will be will be~


till today, there are few people saying that i should consider being a lecturer later..not that i hate the idea..just that  i dont think i can be a good one..well for now maybe..i cant really stand doing the same thing over and over again everyday..thats one..plus i dont think i can be kind enough too kids and not to 'tenyeh' them..hahaha..enough said~

en azmi said, being lecturer can earn better money with not so much stress..but my own lecturer said otherwise..then today i met my uncle, whose 3 daughters are lecturers..gosh..and he was saying to me that i should too be a lecturer..then like i used to tell en azmi back at the office.insyallah sy xakan jd lecturer kot..hehe..but only Allah know best what am I going to be in later future..so what will be will be~

gosh i miss them at the office soooo much!! thanks fiza, abg jenal and abg maswan for all the calls and text~ ^_^

here are time waster again! hoho~

Adventure is in Your Big Picture

Right now you're going where no person has gone before. There isn't a well paved path to your destination.
You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.*so true~

You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.
You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.*redah je~

Your Vision is Bold

More than anything else, you'd like people to follow their passions and dreams.
It's minds like yours that have encouraged others to do what they love and make their lives count.

You have always lived big and acted impulsively. You don't like to overthink anything.
You feel most alive right before you make a big change. It's probably why you make so many of them.

peace n out ^_^

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