Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day abah!!


today Sunday is the day to celebrate all fathers in the world..some might say..this is not ours to celebrate but for is true..but since it is our own father..what's wrong with it rite? Valentine is another that's why i am against well..back to the topic again..

my abah, ishak bin othman is a retired man with a grandson..and a wife and 2 sons and me..the only think..what he do everyday..breakfast with mama at the kopitiam..lunch at different kedai each day..and kebun in the evening..haha..oh..and masjid..thanks God he still got those activities to make him busy all days..i am quite wory he wont have anything to do..because mama i know..she know what to do to keep her brain working..thinking bout everything even if it wasnt really important..haha..thats my mama..

after the accident in 1999..i was so worried if abah my take-off leaving mama or anything..yes..that was drama's drama, the husband would leave his sick wife at home..lucky i got abah as my father..but come to think of it..mama used to take care of him when he was in the hospital few years back..and plus..the fact that they were married for 33 years and 4 months (24021977) is the main reason why they can still be together till today..after all those ups and downs..they know each other too good to do any stupid things..abah is a super patient person i ever met..i remember mama told me to find a husband like sweet~

ok..drama review :
cerekarama 19062010
title: sutera dselabalik wajah
stared by rosyam nor, few good actors that i think have played their role good..and new faces too..whom pretty much should be there..haish

the story was about how sufian(rosham) raised his son and daughter after his wife death. with the help of his mother, mariani to take care of his children..he was punishing himself with work work work..because he doesnt want his children to suffer like him..he work with alamflora, taking trash, kutip tin and kotak to sell..all to fulfill what he could for his children. lucky, his daughter understood his situation..his mother was kind enough to help..the problem here is..the son..he befriended with all rich kids in school..but mind me..i think they act so kayu..hehe..sorry..and sometimes overreact too..oh..i think the boy only la..the rich boy who got jealous with kimi, the son...sorry..i am a hard critic..the moral of the story is how a kid should be told of the family financial that he understand better..lucky the father didnt die in that i hope kimi will be better after that incident..

with all those good actors..i think the drama should give better impact..

so i rate it as 2/5..sorry miss director..good luck next time~

gosh..i wish there will be more drama like last week's.

there's something that is on my mind hurt me again n again..but still i just seem not to learn the now on..i am avoiding looking for it..everytime i heart would end-up i can do just..healing this pain with the word "whateva!" the good will come when Allah want it to i will wait..and i hope i wont make the same mistake over n over n over again..cause i am done with this pain~

happy father's day abah..funny when mama siad abah terkejut when i wished him just now..haha..lupa lg la tu.nway..i love u abah~

peace n out ^_^

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